Tucsac DAO - The social network

I am so honored and proud to conditionally approve funding for the Tucsac DAO. Looking forward to watching their SM platform grow utilizing the Harmony Protocol and the Harmony community.

It is “conditional” because there are a few things I want to make sure is understood and agreed upon :blue_heart:

Harmony encourages rotating signatories via elections every 3 months to show shared responsibility amongst the DAO.

The only other thing I’d like to touch on is Harmony’s updated DAO Funding Guidelines that you can find, here.

Specifically, how we’ve adjusted how Harmony pays out the DAO grant:

The Minimally Viable DAO - Milestone Payments:

As we have learned in the Launch Grant program, it is best to create milestone payments. In that spirit, we have studied the DAOs that have been successful both in Harmony and on other chains and have determined three vital components for success. We refer to this as a “ Minimally Viable DAO ” and will pay out the bootstrap grant according to the following:

  1. Create a Multisig Contract ($15K) : This milestone is covered in step 5 of the “Mighty Six” above. This is required as all assets of a DAO are shared amongst the community. Without a multisig, this would be impossible. All withdrawals from the DAO multisig should have a matching community vote to approve that withdrawal. This is how a DAO Shares Assets .
  2. Hold a Community Vote for Multisig Signatories ($20K): 9 signatories will be selected out of a field of 12 candidates. Over 100 community members vote. The role of the signatory is to approve transactions out of the DAO multisig wallet in accordance with the community vote. These signatories rotate every 3 months based on a community vote. The responsibility for the success and failure of the DAO is a shared responsibility for all of the members and this is the milestone we look for as proof.
  3. Social Token ($15K): All DAOs need to share a common interest, something that binds them together. By issuing a social token, you can identify your community, your tribe, your teammates and co-conspirators. A social token and an NFT are not the same thing. Social tokens are similar to membership cards, but they operate on-chain. They are fungible so that one is the same as another and - if the DAO wishes to sell them, rather than issue them - they all are at the same price. By deploying a social token, the DAO has shown it has a Shared Interest .

The total bootstrap grant is $50,000 and a DAO that qualifies for this grant will have the minimal attributes. The grant will be paid out as the DAO satisfies each of the MVD milestones.

Looking forward to your thoughts! Thank you so much :blue_heart:

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Thank you very much for the trust placed in our project, we have come to contribute great things to the ecosystem and we are going to prove it. :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:

Greetings community.

Here we attach the Multisig so that you can pay us the $15k of the first Milestone.

Multisig Tucsac DAO: 0x5DcFB976dC77395a3b4380F1F85DA27e82aA1070

Currently there are the 9 signatories who were chosen by the community at first, but as Harmony informed us, we must make another vote so that after the vote those who are not selected will be removed and replaced by the new signers. If someone wants to apply, we would like to receive their application and see what they can contribute to the project to achieve the proposed goals. Next week will be the vote, we will publish it here so that everyone can vote, apart from in Tucsac.

@frwrdslosh @lij

:blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:


Hello @Daaviis and the Tucsac team!

A quick update from Harmony:

We have paused funding until May, 1st. Tucsac DAO has already been approved and we are excited to see the updates coming in. Your multisig creation is noted! Thank you so much. I would also like to loop in @ElixirofLife and I would encourage you and other signatories of the Tucsac DAO to DM her to get involved with our weekly DAO All Hands calls!

I recognize that most of your team is native Spanish speakers, but would still like to extend the invitation :blue_heart:


Here we complete our second milestone of creating a social token so we ask for the payment of the $ 15k.

Here we leave the address of the social token, TuCoinSocial: 0xb6c031d3450a28cc5e71501c79d43db3e46d0350

And multising for payment: 0x5DcFB976dC77395a3b4380F1F85DA27e82aA1070

We want to take this opportunity to announce that we are going to integrate the social token within the event that we are going to hold in Madrid. Soon we will publish weekly updates in our Notion.
@frwrdslosh @lij
:blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:

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Awesome @Daaviis and the tucsac DAO! Thank you for the updates. Unfortunately, the only update I can provide at this time is that funding is still temporarily paused.

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Hello Harmony community, as we indicated before, we already have the Tucsac DAO social token online, our TuCoinSocial, this token will have several uses, first I would like to start by saying that the first time we will distribute the social token will be in the event that we are organizing of blockchain in Madrid, all users who attend the event and have the Harmony wallet will receive a token, we will also have staff who will help anyone to create their wallet and be able to receive the token. In the same event, the token can be exchanged for exclusive merchandising that can only be obtained with the token. They will also have another series of benefits within the event yet to be detailed.
The next objective of the token is to distribute it among the Tucsac platform community. For those who use the platform, they will know that they are currently accumulating a series of points for interactions, because once the event is over, those points can be exchanged for the social token.
We will add exclusive access to the nft game we are developing through a social token payment. The token for the DAO votes is filled. We will give a series of utilities and benefits to the holders who will have the social token, in such a way that we will generate more transactions in the network. Currently only 10TCS has been allocated to a signer’s wallet to check that everything is working properly.

Soon we will add a series of updates through Notion so that the Harmony community can be more up to date with Tucsac DAO, meanwhile we continue to work within Tucsac to improve everyone to join us, most users are speaking Hispanic but we hope in the second quarter to expand to English.

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Hello @frwrdslosh and @lij , we do not understand how the payment of the milestones achieved is being delayed so much, we are going to do 1 month without receiving it, we had to postpone the event that we had scheduled due to lack of funds, and it seems that if we continue in the same way we will have to postpone the next date, since the event we organize is going to be very big and many companies and investors will attend, which we are interested in, it suits them, both for the Tucsac DAO and for Harmony, remember that we are working to also ensure that the Community of Madrid uses the Harmony network in the bridge they are creating between Europe and Latin America.

Hey @Daaviis

Yesterday we were given the green light to resume proposal approvals and funding.

The Tucsac DAO proposal was approved before the funding was paused and the guidelines were restructured. The DAO Ops team will review and verify your completed milestones.

In the meantime, can you please tell the Harmony community more about the events you’ve been organizing? What are the companies and investors that will be attending your events? And what are the steps to ensure that Madrid uses the Harmony Network in the bridge?

Please provide any relevant links and docs :slight_smile:

Hi @frwrdslosh
Of course I am delighted to tell the community how we have planned the event in Madrid. We start with the date, we plan to be between 1 and 2 days at the end of June. We have seen different places, some provided by the media, we have not yet decided the exact location as it is very important and we are finishing talking with the team to decide. We will have a section where companies, teams or entrepreneurs can present their projects, we will have a section for Harmony to present, we speak with José Couto who is also from Madrid so that he can come and talk about Harmony, we take the opportunity to invite anyone from Harmony to come and expose more about Blockchain. We will have a main place where we will give talks about Blockchain technology, NFT’s, cryptocurrencies, DAO, etc… We have invited several personalities from the Madrid community to come and present. We will have an area where our team will talk about Tucsac and help new users create a wallet with the Harmony network. We plan to give away the social token to those who come with the wallet or create it on the spot. We will put up for sale NFTs to be purchased with the Token and paying ONE of gas. This would be a summary of the event we are organizing.
Regarding the question about which companies will attend the event, we hope to receive executives from some Banks of Spain such as Santander and BBVA, representatives of the community of Madrid with high positions within the community, the media, investors from the Madrid area, we have an invitation to Crypto Plaza that we already discussed in Denver with the CEO who will be invited to the event.
The theme of the bridge that Madrid is creating, we will highlight these 3 articles that talk about what they are creating, they will need a Blockchain to work on all this and they have not yet chosen it, our idea due to the proximity of our work team team and the organization of our event is to demonstrate that Harmony is in a good position and committed to giving the best performance and the greatest communication so that they can develop projects on the network.

I would ask, and I think the Harmony community should vote on, that this DAO follow the new rules of funding. Here’s a few issues that they’ll have under the new funding rules:

Their “social” token is not a social token for reputation. According to their own website it is used for voting internally in the DAO for things related to their nft project.


Above is the address for it. It’s not been used.

Most importantly, under the new guidelines a DAO should be self sustaining. According to their own website, they had to stop in their roadmap because Harmony had not paid a milestone. This means that this DAO is reliant on Harmony funding. Not only that, but it is reliant on Harmony funding of what is essentially an nft project that does events.

Worse still, they asked in their original proposal for 50k USD in salaries for 3 months of work. This is in no way sustainable if they are completely dependent on Harmony funding. This request should either resubmit under the new guidelines to prove sustainability, or file a new proposal under the investments category.


Thanks, George.

This proposal was conditionally approved before the funding pause under the previous Funding Guidelines.

Personally, I believe Harmony DAO Ops should honor the first milestone (multisig for $10K). My initial thoughts (and mine alone) were to work with Tucsac DAO with the new Guidelines in mind moving forward.

I, personally, would dispute the social token milestone. The purpose of this milestone was to show a “Shared Interest” and not having any wallets holding the social token isn’t too appetizing. I understand that @Daaviis and the Tucsac DAO planned to distribute the social token during upcoming blockchain events in Madrid, but I don’t believe it currently satisfies the social token milestone.

These are my initial thoughts and is not a final decision. I will discuss with the DAO Ops team and the 1DAO Alliance.

“According to their own website, they had to stop in their roadmap because Harmony had not paid a milestone. This means that this DAO is reliant on Harmony funding. Not only that, but it is reliant on Harmony funding of what is essentially an nft project that does events.”

100% agree.


I would like you to tell me where it says that our project is NFT?
Tucsac is a web 3.0 social network, in which among other things it has its nfts yes, useful nfts, not works of art without any value, but it is not an nft project, we use its technology since we believe in mass adoption, but not we are dedicated to that.

Regarding the reason why the social token has not been used yet, it is clearly explained in a previous comment, we decided that by strategy the moment in which the social token would be distributed to the wallets would be from the day we organize a event. in Madrid. The users of the platform are already generating the token daily, only they don’t receive it until that day, I think that according to what you say you are a user, then you should know it and see how you are generating a series of points. within your profile.

Under the new guidelines, does a DAO have to be self-sufficient? My question to your question would be, at what point has a DAO not been sought to be sustainable within the Harmony financing program? I think I understand that Harmony separated it from the beginning in different phases so that a DAO would be sustainable and we also worked with that.

We stopped our roadmap when it was made public on our platform due to the fact that many important things needed to run on a blockchain, we used the bsc chain, we had our token, nfts, our transactions, etc.
People accepted that we stopped and moved to Harmony since in our live shows we explained the benefits of using this network.

  • Not only that, but it depends on funding from Harmony what is necessary for an nft project that does events.
    It seems to me that your comment, like the majority that I have seen from you in other parts of the talk, is uninformed and criticized without any sense. Where or in what place do you say that we are dedicated to holding Events? You have not really read the project, you have not used the social network, you have not been informed of this project, it does not even seem that you have read this proposal well when you make those types of comments.

  • They asked in their original proposal 50k USD in wages for 3 months of work.
    From requesting to granting are two very different things, considering that the job of those 9 governors will be to work more than the 10 hours per week that Harmony requested to build the DAO with the aim of reaching the second quarter with all the goals and being able to show that we started to be self-sufficient so that in the second quarter the following governors would have the work done and anyone could fulfill that function since everything would already be arranged. I think Harmony’s idea from the beginning was to start helping out so that they could then walk on their own.

Harmony funds will be used to complete the goals set and make the DAO and the platform itself self-sustaining.

All of this was not present at the ETHDenver event, the entire harmony team that I met in person throughout the week reviewed our TUCSAC project and they were all excited by the idea, for some reason I get it right?

I can provide a screenshot of it. In case he takes it down.

I invite you to read the answer I just gave. And I would like to know what you base your answer on? In a comment from a third party from what I can see, because more activity than that in this proposal I did not see you before.

“Not only that, but it depends on funding from Harmony what is necessary for an nft project that does events.”

You shouldn’t rely on Harmony’s funding to have a successful NFT project. I would advise you to do your own marketing and build up your community. The grant for creating a DAO has rules and objectives… all of which are clearly listed in the new funding guidelines. For one, this includes a clear contribution to Harmony and its ecosystem. In your case, a “social token” and this social token should benefit the Harmony ecosystem. Evidence of this is not yet forthcoming. You claim you’re making a social network. Where is the basic evidence of this? Either through use of this token on BSC network, or some development of a similar dApp.

You are really doubling down that you haven’t yet executed key elements of your roadmap because the milestones haven’t reached you yet. But, you have had months of time to show some evidence that this project can be both A) independently financed B) can contribute to the Harmony ecosystem with developers/community leaders who can build up a project from the ground up without outside support. In both cases, you have chosen instead to wait.

Waiting for funding is not a way to get funding.


Hi Mike.
You know that our proposal was presented with the first conditions of Harmony and they accepted us with the second ones, with which we adapted to the change already on one occasion.

You say they should hit the first milestone for $10k when it’s actually $15k, I don’t get it.

I would like to know why the Token is not actually completed, at what time, when we are presented with that milestone, were we asked to create it and distribute it with a date? I think that the best thing to decide when to distribute is the Tucsac DAO since we are based on a strategy, we are not drifting.

My honest opinion on this is that Harmony’s behavior in handling these kinds of things is not being entirely correct, so you want us to present Harmony as a perfect network in all aspects for the government and investors of a country decide. choose this chain and not another for important projects?

PS: In the last comment about the bridge I forgot to attach the articles, here I leave them:

I think your argument is somewhat questionable. You’re saying, if you do not get the funding… then Harmony’s behaviour is not correct? Because, you have special access to investors/governments and you if you do not get funding, you cannot be an advocate for Harmony to them?

Most people in this community (and I can name them) have contributed to Harmony and talked to investors/governments and many others, for free, as volunteers, because they think Harmony has a lot of potential. It is fast, it has a great ecosystem of dApps, and so on. You do not need funding for that.

Now, your original project was to get funding for a social network.

So, are you both an advocate for Harmony requesting funding to start advocating on behalf of Harmony? And, also a founder of a social network? I am bit confused here.

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Hello again.
You insist on branding us as an nft project, which has no argument with which to offend, insisting on that aspect, especially me, who is the person who created this entire project and I know that it is not an nft project nor is it presented as such.

Our platform is already working very well without the need for Harmony, at the time we went to meet Harmony at the ETHDenver event it was because Boris invited us, who is an active part of Harmony.

While working on ETHDenver, our DAO did not have to focus on Harmony, as the Harmony team we worked with on their HUB made it known. Transactions, nft market and others running on Harmony would already make profits for them indirectly. It is true that we have not yet moved the token, which has already given you the argument that it is the reason.

What more proof do you want that we are working on a social network than the social network itself?

You do not know what our project about Tucsac is about, I invite you to inform yourself first, I insist, inform yourself and then comment on a sustainable argument.