Ukrainian DAO - a community type of a DAO for the Ukrainian-speaking region

Name of Project / DAO / Company

Ukrainian DAO

Mission and vision

Ukrainian DAO was founded to strengthen the brand of Ukraine in the crypto environment and will become part of the global ecosystem of regional Harmony DAOs. Each day we can see more and more startups in the blockchain space, where Ukrainians are part of the teams as developers, designers, or even top managers.

Ukrainian software developers have been recognized among the 5th strongest IT professionals globally thanks to their solid technical expertise and are recognized as the top choice in various rankings, local IT specialists often win in competitions that concern programming or software development. This serves as evidence of Ukrainian programmers’ top performance and high expertise.

Our goal is to create a communicative and educational multi-way bridge between builders, artists, enthusiasts, and Harmony ecosystems. On the one hand, we’ll link experienced builders with best matching grant programs, share DAO’s network and advise on all stages of product development. On the other hand, newcomers will be guided to all sorts of information and educational material to dive deep into this blue ocean.

The backbone of the DAO will be its members. In the Ukrainian DAO, every member has the right to be visible, have their say, and contribute in any way they can. We are already working on a business model that in the future will allow us to operate as a decentralized, self-sustaining DAO, where everyone can take the credit for their contribution to the development of the organization.


Growth: Onboard users on missions and culture, pollinate values across communities.
Engagement: Amplify content of roadmap and milestones, creative campaigns of products and projects.
Diversity: Solicit voices and votes in forums, reinforce strong governance participation.

What Do We Aim To Do?

A few words about our Governing Candidacies

The main principle we followed, when we were organizing together, is to build a decentralized Council of Governors for our DAO that will consist of 6 main contributors and 3 representatives from the Ukrainian DAO community. All 6 main contributors are from Ukraine. We will elect only Ukrainian representatives from our DAO who have a passion to build the strong and growing Ukrainian crypto community.

  • Ukrainian DAO governors rotate on a 3-month basis organized by election on The re-election of governors will be voted by all Ukrainian DAO Community members.

  • The top 6 Governors will be retained and 3 Governors’ positions will be opened for election for the community members. The previous Governors can be re-elected.

We were inspired by the idea of holding such a procedure for Governors’ rotation/election taken from Harmony Philippines DAO. We think that in such a way we will save the main direction and idea of developing our Ukrainian DAO following our main mission and vision stated above in the proposal.

The initial Top 6 Governors are:

@Punchhero - Highly experienced community lead, who is leading a community growth in a unicorn web3 project on Solana blockchain, 1/9 governor of Initial Council of ONEruDAO, lead contributor, and co-founder of Ukrainian DAO.

@Steverogers - Fund Manager and Investment Associate at venture capital, ex-core team member of a2dao, DeFi degen, and NFT enthusiast.

@Harry_Bo - Aviation engineering background, in crypto since 2017. Participated in a lot of testnets and ambassador programs, providing competent technical feedback. Layer1 enthusiast.

@Yoel_Romero_1 - Active Harmony Community member and contributor, 1/9 Governor of Initial Council of ONEruDAO/, 1/9 Governor of Tower of Babel. Experienced Web Developer. Crypto Enthusiast.

@Ivan1 - QA lead in USA-based unicorn security-focused company. Bought his first bitcoin for 1000$ and since then started his path in crypto-trading. 1/9 governor Tower of Babel.

@inozemtsev- Business analyst in Ukrainian Tier 1 HighTech company, NFT enthusiast.

Course of Action

Ukrainian DAO takes on obligations and responsibilities to carry on different types of community activities to implement the Mandates.

As the community type of a DAO we will definitely focus on growing and diversifying the Ukrainian speaking community around Harmony and its ecosystem to implement objectives for a regional type of Harmony DAOs 4 as follows:

  1. Elect 3 Governors for open positions. We will use Governance - Harmony Community Forum for the filing of candidacy. The candidates will be able to post their proposals in our thread to describe themselves. All candidates who successfully submitted their candidacy through can campaign for themselves through social media.
    Qualifications to become Governors:
  • Governor should be a Ukrainian Citizen
  • Fluent in Ukrainian and English
  • One Thousand (1000) ONE in their designated wallet throughout their whole term as governor (can be staked in a validator)

Community members who hold 100 ONE on their Harmony wallet will be able to vote for candidacies on

  1. Set up one of the governance platforms for Ukrainian DAO such as Aragon, DAOhaus, or Coordinape;
  2. Set up a 5-of-9 Gnosis Safe 3 wallet after filling 3 Governors’ positions;
  3. Set up an organization with Governors’ email addresses to share documents.
  4. Set up Discord with roles, public/private 1 channels, with MEE6 anti-spam bots;
  5. Assign admin roles to elected Governors in the Telegram channel. Continue growing our community.
  6. Set up a News channel in Telegram for Harmony ecosystem updates in internal Ukrainian DAO updates and news.
  7. Use Twitter handles setup with teams delegated to governors via Tweetdeck;
  8. Start developing the Ukrainian DAO website
  9. Start preparing educational materials on Ukrainian based on the Harmony Documentation and organizing them using Web3 DAO tools such as


To be sustainable is a huge challenge to any DAO now and we were thinking about how to make ourselves self-sufficient and more autonomous.

As the Ukrainian DAO, we’re definitely a Gateway to the vast Ukrainian-speaking community of users. As we are going to build a communicative and educational multi-way bridge between builders, artists, enthusiasts, and all kinds of ecosystems in crypto, we may bring new contributors to the Harmony ecosystem. This position puts our Ukrainian DAO at the top of the marketing funnel for any Launches, Ports, Partners, already running projects on Harmony in terms of providing marketing and BD.

We, the Ukrainian DAO, are open to cooperation with the projects and DAOs launched in a Harmony manner and ready to discuss how we can provide our services to the growing Ukrainian-speaking community of users, reaching marketing objectives and KPIs for projects.

Our Multisig Wallet

ETH Format: 0xDc933b66b589f9bDF3bb444E7cC62A6bcB0389d7

ONE Format: one1mjfnke4438ummuamg388e332d09s8zwhju2d8t

Our social links:



Proposal Ask

$50,000 USD worth of ONE tokens

  • $10k for translating
  • $10k for hosting 2 meetups for 50 people each or 1 meetup for 100-300 people.
  • $10k for conducting the artist competition to create a recognizable brand kit or co-hosting a regional hackathon of 100 developers.
  • $10k for sourcing 5 approved grantees from the Ukrainian region.
  • $10k for growing a public community to 1000 active members on Twitter.

I am proud to be part of such a talented and dedicated team that seeks to influence the strengthening of the Ukrainian brand in the crypto environment in which we operate!


Hi all! Congratulations to the Ukrainian community for creating a branch in the Harmony community forum.

As an active member of the Ukrainian community, I think this suggestion is published early for the Harmony team to consider. The team proposed the initial 6 governors without discussion in the Ukrainian section of the forum. The telegram channel in which the initial discussions were held for no apparent reason removes active community members, this calls into question the transparency of the selection of gubernatorial candidates for the regional DAO.

Therefore, I propose to hold a public discussion of the program of the regional Ukrainian DAO in the Ukrainian branch of the forum and together with the community to approve the program and the initial candidates.


I think that this is a good idea about the initial 6 governors - to start the development of our DAO, this will be the right choice, since at the start there will be experienced and most ideological people who will do everything for the development of Ukrainian DAO! :blue_heart:


Yeah! :metal:
Great team which consists of talented people who have a great experience at crypto, IT sphere and old members of Harmony!
This DAO have all needed to improve blockchain Harmony and move it to a new level’s!
Wish luck! :partying_face:


One simple question. How do you plan to determine the citizenship of a candidate for Governor? Does it take into account whether the candidate resides in Ukraine or lives permanently abroad? I suggest that before considering this application, we hold a discussion in the Ukrainian section of the forum and work out all the voting mechanisms in an open and visible way to the entire community.


KYC :person_shrugging:

= decentralization? :thinking:

UPD. How can the community make sure that the “Top 6 Governors” are Ukrainians?


Or that this even benefits the ecosystem?

Hi @lij @frwrdslosh @nickv @dpagan-harmony

I’ve been interested in DAO direction for a long time, I’m a long-time follower of Harmony project and one of the active participants of Ukrainian community.

In conversations with my colleagues, I always cite Harmony as one of the most innovative and open blockchain projects in the world!

I am encouraged by the phrase of the founders of Harmony:

Harmony aims for open governance and vibrant participation of our ecosystem. Toward radical transparency, we aim to disclose the funding and the deliverables of the projects.

But today I’ve read two interesting documents, which question the very idea of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations in Harmony!

The first document - Ukrainian DAO - a community type of a DAO for the Ukrainian-speaking region, the second document - Ukrainian DAO - community elections for 3 governor positions Ukrainian DAO - Community elections for 3 Governor positions

What surprised me?

In the program of the future DAO it is written:

The backbone of the DAO will be its members. In the Ukrainian DAO, every member has the right to be visible, have their say, and contribute in any way they can.

But despite the beautiful words of the organizers, I have many questions:

  1. Ukrainian DAO is a community type of a DAO for the Ukrainian-speaking region, but from the beginning of its activity this project team did not hold an open discussion of the program and election mechanisms with the Ukrainian Harmony community in the Ukrainian section of the forum.

  2. Many of the top 6 governors (who are not elected by the community, but are appointed by default) I have never seen in the discussions on this forum (or 1-2 times).

  3. In the description of the competencies of the top 6 governors of the Ukrainian regional DAO, there are no links to media resources confirming their competencies and to their accounts in social networks. Ukrainian community has to take the word of strangers.

  4. The principle of self-appointment of Top 6 Governors contradicts the principles of decentralized management of the regional DAO, which consists of many active participants whose rights were not taken into account initially.

  5. The paragraph “The top 6 Governors will be retained and 3 Governors’ positions will be opened for election for the community members. The previous Governors can be re-elected” allows me to assume that these Governors have chosen themselves forever, regardless of their effectiveness and the results of their contribution to the development of the Ukrainian community in the future.

  6. The mechanism of citizenship verification in the clause “Governor should be a Ukrainian Citizen” is not disclosed.

More insolent and unprofessional proposal I have not met yet in any honest blockchain project.

How can Ukrainian community trust the development of the whole community and the treasury of the regional DAO to people who appointed themselves as governors and violated all possible rules for the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Regional Organization?

It is possible to leave my post unchallenged and hold these elections, but in this case the idea of Harmony DAO will be forever compromised and these elections will create a dangerous precedent for an unfair proposal, self-appointed governors and an example for many dishonest projects.

I believe that the Ukrainian DAO proposal requires serious revision and detailed open discussion with the Ukrainian community in the Ukrainian section of this forum, otherwise this proposal can not be considered as a regional Harmony DAO.

Best Regards!


Thank you @punchhero

Apologies if this comes across insensitive or too personal. Is the timing right for this proposal? I would love to hear how you and the other suggested governors are doing :blue_heart:

All approvals and funding for DAO bootstrap grants has been paused. It is a temporary measure as the Harmony DAO Ops team, community, and DAOists amend the approval and funding processes.

Will provide more updates within the next few days. :blue_heart:

As suggested by community members on this thread, I would also suggest posting this in the Ukranian section of the talk forum and asking for feedback.


Thank you for caring, @frwrdslosh :yellow_heart::blue_heart:
Thank God, all our team members and DAO members who are in Ukraine are alive and particularly in safety. Moreover, most of them do not stop and remain strong and continue doing their best.

As it was mentioned in our proposal, we’re convinced that it is the crucial moment to start Ukrainian DAO, as on the one hand, we’ll make a statement about Ukraine as a sovereign country with its national attributes and highly professional community of builders, artists, learners, and enthusiasts.

On the other hand, Web3 and Harmony in particular could be this mental safety heaven for lots of Ukrainians, to occupy their minds with all sorts of information and educational material to dive deep into the blue ocean of Web3.

Moreover, it will open up new opportunities for community members, both in Ukraine and abroad who were forced to leave their homes.

Btw, despite the fact that DAO bootstrap grants have been paused our DAO still keeps working. Yesterday was the end of elections for the remaining governors. You can see the results on our Snapshot.

Regarding your other suggestion, thank you, we will consider it and will discuss it inside of our community.

Pardon my insensitiveness but I think this is just taking advantage of the ongoing war to grab $50k , there’s questionables facts about the governos as stated above by a fellow harmonaut , about the citizenship , etc … Again pardon my insensitiveness but I think in the current state there’s a lack (probably 0) of possible ROI / KPI , and as nice as funding Ukraine might sound , Harmony isn’t a charity.


My opinion would be different if you told me there was already a community around it but you clearly see this isn’t the case where you have 15 twitter followers and an average of 3/4 likes per tweet …


We are here for business , we can’t be funding everything that might seem like a nice gesture , specially where we stand in the bear market we can’t be giving away money just like it’s candy.


There’s 2 competing Ukraine DAO applications. Both are attempts at charity with no way of self-sustainability.


Hello, @punchhero

The Harmony DAO Ops team has decided to decline this proposal without prejudice. Please visit our Q3 and Q4 Execution Plan for more information.

I apologize that this process has been lengthy and drawn-out and I appreciate yours and the DAOs patience. Harmony and the DAO Ops team wanted to exhaust every option before responding with a declination.

Do not let this dissuade you or your DAOs passion to build on Harmony. I’m looking forward to your success.

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