Unchain_Ukraine - stop war, stop violation of freedom

hey Harmonauts,

you know, there’s WAR in Ukraine now!

We are #Unchain_Ukraine

Unchain_Ukraine is a charity project created by blockchain activists.

Our big goal is to help Ukraine become the country it deserves to be: peaceful, successful, substantive, friendly, educated, and free. Let’s unchain the real power of blockchain for the good.


Now our goal is to break the chain of war and scatter its links far away from each other. So that they could never meet again.

Our main fundraising tool is NFT. You can buy any of the artworks below or make a simple donation.

Important! We don’t raise money for weapons. We raise money for medicine, evacuation and repair needs, food and clothes. Our priority is to help civilians.

Let’s break these chains together!

You can support us by funding to our multisig: Harmony Multisig Wallet


  1. @ilblackdragon - Co-Founder NEAR Protocol
  2. @olegkurchenko - Founder http://Binaryx.com
  3. @revrfg - Founder
  4. https://twitter.com/avelykyy @avelykyy - Founder of http://allbridge.io
  5. @AlexeyBobok - Co-Founder of MoneyWeld
  6. @nickv - https://twitter.com/vasilich_nick

Sent the first donation of what I have liquid. More coming as I free up funds.


Thank you! I’ve been trying to find a trustworthy source to donate to for the last few days; not trusting fiat/banks to handle the transfers safely! :pray:

Please update us if there is anything we can do from the @harmony_dev_dao :bowing_man:


we appreciate the support you guys give us! thanks


Thank you for unchaining Ukraine. I will help when I can.


anytime you can will help us to protect the principal of freedom!


Currently Unchained_Ukraine ONE wallet is sitting at over 9.4k USD raised!

29079.4614 $ONE ( Currently ~$4124.63 USD )
5300 1USDC

@nickv Any ideas about where the funds might be put to use?
Perhaps documenting using the funds in some way could be an effective way to renew support for the fundraiser!

With even some details about where the funds are planned to go, we might organize a fundraising campaign! and funding target :blue_heart: :pray:

Praying for the sovereignty of #Ukraine :ukraine: ! and for PEACE! :dove:


ONEMOONers sending their love to #Ukraine :ukraine:

Transaction on Explorer:


first of all i’d like to say thank you for everyone supporting ukraine. you guys are amazing brothers and friends!

in unchain_ukraine we stated and always will follow the narrative that funds won’t be spent for lethal weapon, only to humanitarian aid

yesterday I provided funds for medical evacuation needs (medivac) - we have dead bodies in the battle area and by filling up fuel we help to deliver heroes to their homes https://twitter.com/vasilich_nick/status/1498306636347281411?s=20&t=m9KvQzye2QJsxUxtJn0DQg

detailed reports will be posted via https://unchain.fund/

ukraine would appreciate this a lot :blue_heart: :pray:


@HarmonyCommunityDAO may be able to send some from it’s treasury, thank you all for organizing this and i look forward to hearing more about this, whether anyONE from this project is available or not we will be speaking about this and helping outreach at the Harmony Event tomorrow


thanks for supporting us

i’ll be at your event tmr, invited by @ONEBullValidator (thanks)


Is there a way for you to post videos of what your doing with donations and some verification. Sending love to all the lives involved in this sad situation. Stay safe


Nick, TillyONE is with you! HoundONE and some of the other validators already on this thread are giving and appreciate you doing this!

Give them heck Ukraine. We are with you!!! :dog2::bone::dog2:

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Thanks Tilly, Indeed @nickv we’re with the cause!!!

Also Nick, are you interested to join this Saturday’s Validator DAO Twitter Spaces at 9 AM PST and talk about Unchain Ukraine?


I’d love to

let’s coordinate closer to the time


true love !!!

we haven’t started spending ONE chain based donations yet (BSC and ETH now), but your support makes us feel warmer everyday

thanks fam!


HYPE TV is going to make a donation. we support the Ukraine 100.

thank you for doing this, will tweet it out!

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