Undelegated Tokens Dissapeared for the past 3 weeks

I have had tokens staked for the past two to three years, About three weeks ago, i unstaked my harmony one tokens , a large amount. The tokens did not show up in my Harmony – Open Consensus for 10B dashboard.

Guys. I have been a supporter of your project for three years now, getting behind the " a better world narrative " of harmony one. This growing list of problems with delegation and undelegation is not a good look for you guys. I do not believe my tokens are lost, though I have waited for three weeks to see if whatever you have going on will auto correct. What if l had a weak heart and collapsed at the disappearance of my tokens!

You should put it out there if your project is only for egg heads and not for regular every day crypto enthusiasts if that is the case. The fact that you do not have a clear path to reach support or help is also disheartening. Wy do i have to come here to put my business out here in the community section to get attention and help?? Why do i need to get creative to get help??

What do i need to do to recover my 2 million harmony one tokens!


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