Validator DAO Council Candidate:

Hello everyONE,

ChainFi is a less than 2 months old Validator on Harmony. After having wrapped our head around the technology and value offering, my brother and I made the decision to hop on the Harmony ONE decentralization train by setting up our own validator node, and we haven’t looked back ever since.

During this short period, we have managed to gather a considerable amount of delegates and social following, we have been increasingly active in getting the word out to the wider community about Harmony ONE.

A very important thing to note in this context is the support we have received from older and more experienced validators in our journey to set up our node and troubleshoot technical problems, and if the opportunity presents itself, our role as council members on the Validator DAO will be focused on pushing this collaboration culture even further to cover not only technical but also educational and cultural aspects of decentralization and blockchain technology.

We have devised a quick list of our focus points inspired by the Validator DAO announcement paper and the Brand strategy and voice tone (Not an exhaustive list):

  • Educating new validators on how to communicate to their audience/delegates about Harmony ONE based on the foundation’s communication strategy and tone and in alignment with the crypto culture.

  • Producing visual content to educate and shift the perspective of new community members and token holders towards Harmony ONE’s vision of decentralized and open economy rather than the traditional transactional profit mindset of new crypto adoption.

  • Engaging with the validator community to attract, identify and collectively support newborn initiatives that may lead to wider adoption (think community driven Dapps similar to existing ones like viper, mochi, openswap…)

  • Extracting data on the unique ways existing validators have overcome validator related challenges to include in the process of supporting new and upcoming ones (Includes: technical, marketing/validator promotion, handling delegates concerns, communication strategies)

Based on the above, we are announcing ChainFi’s candidacy to fill an initial seat in the Validator DAO council. We are excited to work with everyone else to bring Harmony’s vision to fruition!

We are available to respond to any questions or suggestions on Twitter and Reddit!