Validator DAO Council Cadidate: [frwrdslosh/FarmonyONE]

Hello, fellow Harmonauts, this is frwrdslosh, operator of the Farmony One validator node.

I am honored and humbled to announce candidacy for the Validator DAO’s second term. I would like to thank the 5 founding members of the VDAO for working so tirelessly and diligently to bring the VDAO to this point., @Maffaz, @slugo_slugom_crypto, @Babylonode, and @Wenneson.

Decentralization is the cornerstone to what I believe makes a blockchain. And I believe one of the principles of the VDAO is to promote decentralization of the Harmony Protocol. From the moment I discovered Harmony Protocol back in January, I have been enthralled with the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. Until Harmony I was only familiar with Proof of Work, i.e. ethereum, bitcoin. I became obsessed with the duties of a “validator” and the roles they play and immediately injected myself into crypto twitter and the harmony community to promote the validator ecosystem. Then, a couple months later I started Farmony One. These were small steps, but with each small step I’ve traveled further down this path. And now my path has led me here.

1,000 Validators for the Harmony ecosystem is what Stephen Tse has envisioned. That’s a goal he’s set for us. And, elected or not, I will see to it that it becomes a reality.

Thank you for your consideration.


And another $one :relaxed:
Let’s go!


Yessssss! Let’s do this!!


This farmer’s good. :v:

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Great! I enjoyed reading your app and everything sounds awesome.


Thank you @HankTheCrank. Hopefully we get to work together soon.

Great to see your nomination :call_me_hand:t3:

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go there and implement all the listed in the intro!