Validator DAO Council Candidate: HoundOne

Hello EveryONE!

While many of you refer to me as “Hound”, (I hope not the GOT Character), my name is Héctor and here is my candidacy for the Validator DAO and to replace our friend Abraham.

The 3 mandates of the validator DAO are :

-Decentralization: bootstrap thousands of elected validators, grow diverse validator profiles.

-Security: support high staking rate, promote security practices and tooling.

-Participation: facilitate protocol upgrade proposals, recruit votes for improvements


There is still so much that can be done in this topic. We fully advocate to the DAO’s goal of having 200 Validator Nodes before year. This means to support and advice to anyone who is interested in becoming a Validator, but also to help them by promoting their node. I may not be an IT expert, but we can figure out together how to solve any doubt they could have.


The best way to make sure Harmony Network is by increasing the number of elected validators. While this happen we want to improve Harmony Docs in terms of increasing security, I think to make an easier guide, step by step would help the whole Validators and Harmony Network safety.


More than a mandate I think as our Delegator’s voice, we must be active participants of the Network, and I will encourage everyONE to vote, most of new Validators (I was included) don’t know they can vote even if unelected, every vote matters!

I’ll be always open to anyONE who want to reach me, and will happily receive their concerns, feedback, or whatever they want to talk about. As a member of the DAO we would be their voice too.

About me:

I have a Business Administration Degree and in my last role, I worked as a Marketing & Communications Professional for Latinamerica, in an IT company.

Thank you for reading my candidacy and please VOTE!!


Awesome! Really happy you are applying! :grin:

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Great to see you participating!!

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I’m really happy to have the chance to be more helpful to both Harmony and the DAO

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Thanks a lot!! Really glad to be here!!

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