Validator DAO Council Q2 2022 Candidate: HoundOne

Hey there!! Hound here, barking again!!

As I’ve said everytime, I hope all of you and your families to be fine! I again wanna put my candidacy in for the VDAO Term4. :dog2:

Personally speaking, Term3 was awesome in terms of learning and creating bonds within the community. I fully believe Term4 will reach higher grounds and want to be part of it if you allow me to.

What? You want my Term3 credentials? Sure!

With @PeaceLoveHarmony , @BrotherOne and @CoinChowder we tried to change the Validator Spotlight format while also we did the Validator Elected Series , that aimed for both delegators and Validator community to get to know who’s behind the Validator Node.

Also, before being governors of Term3, @PeaceLoveHarmony had an idea regarding Senior Validators who would give advice to new Validators. The idea evolved when both became governors of VDAO Term3 with all the great ideas from the DAO members and it evolved into the Master Classes that all of you will be able to get to know soon.

The 3 mandates of the validator DAO are :

  • Decentralization : bootstrap thousands of elected validators, grow diverse validator profiles.
  • Security : support high staking rate, promote security practices and tooling.
  • Participation : facilitate protocol upgrade proposals, recruit votes for improvements

Decentralization, Security and Participation :

I still fully advocate and won’t give up the Bootstrap Initiative; from my point of view, the 3 mandates are totally related to it, and to be 100% honest, this Initiative or any other that could come up, can only be possible with the participation of almost all the Validator’s community, without your help and support we’re only an ideal waiting to become real.

About me:

For those that still don’t know this about me, I have a Business Administration Degree and in my last role, I worked as Marketing & Communications Operations for Latinamerica, in an IT company.

Thank you for reading me!! :eyes:


“Who let the dogs out!”, Can´t say enough about this guy. Had an amazing oportunity to meet him behind the scenes and it´s ALL passion about Harmony. If there´s someone that trully believe in Harmony, despite everything and anything, is Hound. Thanks for all good work that was done at the previous VDAO term, and I really desire that you keep doing this wonderfull and hard job that you dedicate yourself and most of the times, go all in.


I enjoy working with you, my friend! Glad to see you run again!

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Glad to see you run again bro. Looking forward to working with you Insha Allah.

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The big dog is running again! It’s a shame they don’t allow gif replies here…

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You can send me the GIF in twitter or telegram if you want!!! Wof!!! :dog2:

I wanted to run Term3 with you, I hope to be blessed by run Term4 working with you!

My friend, thank you for your kind words. You’re also en excelent member of the community and I wish this time we to be able to work side by side!