Validator DAO Council Candidate:

I am nominating the validator for the Validator DAO Council so we can effect positive change. This is an opportunity to not only increase decentralization but also increase the selfless culture within our validator community. I’ve seen great validators set examples for the community to follow and I hope to continue what they started.

I have consistently supported new and unelected validators through mentorship, and direct delegation. Sometimes with great success and other times not. The opportunity to serve on the council if elected gives me greater weight in helping new validators attain stable election. I am just one person with a small wallet trying as hard as I can to help. Serving on this council would greatly amplify the assistance I can provide. This of course will not alleviate my responsibility to mentor new validators.

As far as available time to dedicate to this cause, I will be retiring in 14 months. I can transfer some of the current marketing time I spend helping new validators to the DAO as it will have significantly stronger impact. Once retired, my time is “all in”. I am in this for as long as Harmony Protocol is.

“in aliorum servitium”



Thank you for your work in and on the community.

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You have my vote brother. Your work and dedication to helping people in need has not gone unnoticed. Wish you major luck bro!

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Jimbo is doing a incredible job helping small validators, he is definitively a great candidate!


Definitely got my vote, appreciate all youve done for the community Jimbo!


@Paston @BrotherOne @OneDream @ONE4All huge thanks for the support! I appreciate you guys!