Validator DAO Council Q2 2022 Candidate: Affinity Shard

Hello everyone! This is Tim from Affinity Shard. After some time and consideration, and a little push from friends and family, I am announcing my candidacy for Validator DAO Council Term 4 Q2 2022.

My validator is the current pod for Harmoforce and with their help and the help of others in the community the validator is now elected! When I started my journey as an unelected validator around 5 months ago I was new to the community and did not fully understand the way everything worked at the time. I spent many long hours reading, watching, listening and learning as much as possible until I felt more accustomed to things. Along my journey and getting to know all of you I found out that one of Harmony’s most valuable resources for help and information is its community.

One of my most valuable resources through my journey has been all of you, large and small. I have learned from many of you, read your guides and listened to you speak. I have gained an extreme amount of respect for you all, what you have done for Harmony and for me. I have had kind things said to me as well as done for me that I can only aspire to pay forward in the near future and I will work towards that goal every day until I make it a reality.

More recently I have noticed that there has been some disconnect from the original excitement and camaraderie that I felt in the community not long ago. There are many reasons for this but I feel that the time has come again for us to start working together and come up with solutions for the betterment of the future of Harmony. In order to achieve this we need to start communicating and participating again. We need to voice our opinions and listen to the opinions of others. That is why I believe that participation is an extremely important mandate and goal for all of us to strive towards.

Our first step is to do our due diligence in making sure we get everyone to vote on a governance flag proposal so that we can remove the CEX validators and any others who do not wish to vote. We also need to work together so that all of us fully understand quadratic voting for HIP-27 and dissect it as deeply as possible to find problems and solutions so that we can get everyone to agree to vote on and pass it. The bootstrap program is also very important to everyone and leads into the other mandates which are decentralization and security.

One of the clearest methods to help decentralize is the bootstrap program which I hope the VDAO can make happen sooner rather than later. The Master classes and other guides and teachings will be important in the growth of knowledge on security and the best practices for all of us moving forward. I believe that both of these can be achieved if we work together to get more quality validators online and more people active in the community. We can achieve more of our goals by allowing community members to participate in projects and get paid for that participation.

We as the community are the heart of Harmony and as validators we are the backbone. We must do our best to help each other achieve greatness, even though we won’t always get compensation or recognition for our great actions. Together we are building something greater than each one of us alone but as part of something so great we have the opportunity for all of us to change our stars.

Be kind, be great, be ONE!


Affinity Shard


Yes! Thank you for running!


In all your posts you are nothing but constructive and offer insight and collaboration with others - no matter how much of a wall of text you write. It’s something we need. Nobody is perfect for the job at hand, the best we can do is try and learn.


Great to see another active community member throw their hat in. Good luck sir!


Great post @AffinityShard! Glad to see you running and I hope you get a spot in the VDAO because you are exactly the type of person we need there. Diversity is what makes a great team and you along with the rest of the candidates here would all work great together and make one of the best VDAO Governor teams that Harmony will ever see :blue_heart:

Thank you everyone for the support! :blue_heart: