Validator DAO Council Q1 2022 Candidate: PeaceLoveHarmony.ONE

Hello everyone!

My name is Rob Dawson (PeaceLoveHarmony.ONE) and I decided to nominate myself for Validator DAO. I’m a newly elected validator that has been in the community since Feb. 2021. Ever since I joined the community, I have taken a passion in helping out new users. I really enjoy being part of the community and want to contribute more.

VDAO Mandates
Helping to reach 1,000 diverse validators is the long term goal. Diverse means having validators from across the globe, also making sure cloud servers are spread out with the different host and locations. This increases security of the network and helps onboard more users. We’re still working on our goal to reach 200 validators at the moment. We’ll be happy to get past that and keep moving forward with the momentum.
Support high staking rates by encouraging delegates to delegate to community validators. Promote security practices to validators, make sure everyone keeps their nodes secure, updated and shards in sync. Delegators should be encouraged to delegate to a few different validators per harmony’s recommendations to protect against slashing. They also need to be aware of secure staking methods and protecting seed phrases.
Finally, it’s our job to facilitate/write proposals. To encourage discussion and participation in governance. The more participation we get the easier it is to think 10 steps ahead from collective thoughts from different perspectives to cover all the bases, also to get something passed.

If elected
I would add diversity to the DAO because I’m not a computer programmer, I’ve learned how to manage my node from reading and instruction from the help of fellow validators. I’ve been staking ONE for quite some time and have watched validators go from not-elected to some of the most successful validators. I feel like I have a good understanding of what it takes. When you’re new, it’s easy to look at the big validators and get discouraged but when you go behind the scenes you find that most of them are very helpful and want to help you succeed. Success comes from hard work and dedication. You really have to put yourself out there to help and educate people, don’t just expect people to delegate to you because of your name or numbers. There is a lot of helpful spotlights and advantages for the new validators like 0% commission for 100 epochs. If you’re not out there making relationships with your delegators, you’re more likely to lose them when you go to 5%.
I’m excited for the bootstrap program and believe I’d be good at helping to determine eligible validators. I understand the value of starting out on testnet. There is so many moving pieces to keep up with to understand that I’ve seen people with a lot of computer knowledge struggle if they don’t stay informed on updates and what’s happening. It’s important to stay informed from all channels, which requires a lot of time and effort that a lot of new validators aren’t aware of.
I want to help promote security and make it easier for someone to become a validator. I’d like to help put together a branding/promotion guide to help out new validators that lack in social media skills by conducting interviews with validators that have had success. We have a lot of guides on how to setup nodes but I believe we’re lacking in the other aspects that help gain delegates. I also believe it’s important to teach new validators on how to understand the harmony network so they can answer potential questions that they would get from new delegates. I’ve always been easy to get along with and easy going. I work well in a team to add my strengths and listen to ideas to collaborate on solutions. I’ve always been available to help anyone out in any way I can and will continue to do so. I may not know all of the answers, but I know where to find most of them.
I believe I’d be good at getting more participation from my social media presence. I’m the Admin of a Facebook group with 14.5K harmonauts from over 100 countries. Facebook automatically translates posts and comments so it’s easier to get a wider reach. As a governor you don’t have power but you represent harmony and are considered an ambassador. As my group grew, I realized that I became an ambassador as members pointed it out to me. I know the importance of always being respectful, truthful, and sincere.

What does DAO’s mean to me, and why is participating in governance of the validator community important to me
DAO’s are decentralized autonomous organizations. It allows the community/holders to shape the future of the organization instead of a CEO. Smart contracts allow harmony to be trustless, self-sustainable and autonomous. It’s the DAO’s duty to serve the community.
Participating in the VDAO is important to me because I’m a community member and a newly elected validator. Harmony Protocol is my passion. I enjoy communicating with people and helping in any way that I can. I really love the community a lot.

Please reach out if you have any questions

Website- Harmony (

Facebook Group- Harmony One Crypto

Facebook Page- [ | Facebook]

Telegram Chat- Telegram: Join Group Chat

Twitter- @PeaceLoveONE1

Discord- OR1ON 🌌

Thank you for reading and considering voting for me. I wish the best of luck to all candidates!


@PeaceLoveHarmony has been my favorite Validator, by far. Super helpful and 100% committed to his goals! I met Rob from his FB group: Harmony One Crypto and this is the most helpful social media group, that Im a member of. Also, a kick-ass website: Harmony

Ill support the PeaceLoveHarmony Team… Long Term :blue_heart: :call_me_hand:


Thank you very much @Doggynelson, I really appreciate the kind words and your continued support! :pray: :blue_heart:


Great to see you put forward your candidacy for the VDAO!


Thank you @Maffaz I appreciate it!


Best luck for us ;). I hope had more places so, could be more diverse!


Great to read your app! Best wishes for the election!


Hey bud! Happy to see you apply! Met you on FB and you have been a great help to the community. Looking forward to your work!


Thank you @CryptoTech, good to see your name in there too. best of luck to everyone :blue_heart:


Thank you @HankTheCrank and @BrotherOne, much appreciated! The past VDAO’s have been great, and accomplished a lot. I’m honored to get the opportunity to do more and be more involved.


Awesome guy, a perfect representative for the harmony network


Thank you @Waisuddin_Ansari, I really appreciate your support and kind words :blue_heart:

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