Viperswap / comfy money / scam

Please remove from Harmony Website ( Snapshot) Scam Swaps:
Comfy Money.
They close DAO in one day!
Peps lost a lots. In one day Viper and Comfy went to Zero.

We’ve got the Viper front end online for anyone who wants an easy way to break lp or remove funds at

how did you make this happen?

It’s a public repo front end, anyone can fire it up.

Smart contracts live on chain, they never go away.

Not a scam. I suppose you would have rather had a long term soft rug rather than a fully communicated wind down?

I’d suggest you reserve that label for people who actually scam, and not ones who return $20 million USDC to the community.

All you do here is encourage and incentivize rugs by calling 0xViper a scammer.