What is it like to develop on Harmony?

We plan to be EVM compatible and will move to WebAssembly. Check out these slides while we get this up and running. :slight_smile:


day in day out, making progress every day and night, running test locally and nightly on AWS for 10k nodes.


If you know solidiy language and flowchart thinking is in your veins, then it is the best network to develop in the crypto space !
even if u never coded in sol but u are familiar whit c++ and c then u can easily do complex d-apps with more or less 3 days of researches.
the network is fast, fees are more than affordable (at the point that i run test directly on the main net)
i think that if the project is well managed it can become the global chain when the world will be fully decentralised !

Building on Harmony is a lot harder than others. Even the testnet goes down a lot.