Where can I get Harmony's data for visuals?

Is there any data dump available for devs/analysts? I would like to grab and explore Harmony’s data to create some visuals that can be useful for the community.

There is the Harmony’s API but I will have to do multiple/loop calls. Is there any alternatives like data dump or guidance on how to pull the whole harmony data and in what format it is?



Run an archieval node then you can fetch all the data from the network.


What @xiaoyu2006 says is by far the best way but you can also contact the chain via RPC / API

and there is also a Promethues & Grafana API for other data:

I would suggest that if you get stuck with anything to post here what you need and the community can assist :slight_smile:

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I have an example of Prometheus here from metrics we use in the Validator Dao info.

It is for specific needs but the connection to the api etc should help…

Json Example of response: