World wide platform in combination with Harmony

So I’m in a very early stage of development. Still working on functionalities and how they should work, or not. But the idea is to develop a worldwide platform for people to meet. Will be in roughly 7 languages and 3 currencies (Dollar, Euro, Yen) with a monthly paid membership.

The main USP are: Privacy protection, Trust and Security

I have been thinking about how the blockchain and Harmony can play a vital role in this project.

So my questions are as follows:
Members on my platform need to give their information. Like address, age, country, etc.

How can I secure that data using Harmony’s blockchain? Is it possible that only the owner of that data and an admin can see, review or edit that data? My idea is that this way the data is not stored on the server but on the blockchain making it almost impossible for hackers to steal private data.

Another feature I would like to add is a tip system. Members can buy and sell ONE and tip other members if they wish to choose so. The tip function should work with a push on a button and a confirmation to continue.

So at the registration, the members will be asked to create a unique nickname. This username will be used in their ONE address. I was thinking something like PLATFORM_uniqueusername (the name platform is a placeholder for now).

After successful choosing their unique username they will be given their private key phrase with a confirmation, right after to check if they properly stored that key phrase.

Once the confirmation is successful the member gets a password presented that will be used for logging in and possibly other things that need a password. This will also be a unique password.

That takes us to the login form. This should not search the server database for accounts and their passwords but the blockchain to see is a user exists with the unique password.

So what do you guys think and where can I find some documentation that will get my developers in the right direction.

If there are any suggestion please let me know.


secure data :


It all needs to be built out look at They have some funding with Harmony Investment: zCloak Network.

My team is also working on an Idea for zcloak and harmony we will be posting it soon.