xSpaces.io – a metaverse (VR) -as-a-service platform provided ready-to-use VR scenarios (such as conferences, art shows, working spaces, etc.)

xSpaces.io a MAAS (Metaverse (vr) -As-A-Service)

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About us:

xSpaces.io enables any business/organization/DAO with multi-user interactive XR (VR/AR) capabilities. Our platform provides 50+ VR scenarios for a variety of customer needs (such as conferences, art shows, working spaces, school, etc.). With our service, the customers can quickly equip themselves with XR capability in a few days, rather than hiring a slew of engineers to build in house. xSpace was born in Australia and has served 20+ large scale events, including Beijing Winter Olympics Metaverse Pavilion, London Fashion Week, AliceLand NFT Art Spaces (UK), etc.


The evolution of the internet ecosystem is advancing rapidly. Moving from 2D mediums towards a 3D space into the metaverse where users can interact with objects and other users in a shared virtual space.

What can xSpaces.io do

With those core functionality listed below, xSpaces.io creates a way to metaverse spaces, in where parallel to the real physical world, in where our blockchain users would be able to expend their life with a fully immersive experience:

  • 360 panorama and 3D shared spaces that allow instantaneous real-time communication and collaboration with multiple users, teleportation and movement synchronisation
  • 3D XR multifunction platform for
    • Events
    • Conference
    • Forums
    • Lectures
    • Workshops
    • Meetings
    • and more
  • Dimensional display and experience
    • Adjustable 2D Display that supports HD images and videos, artworks, PDF; Adjustable display screen size & curvature
    • 3D Spatial Audio & Segregated sound fields with an Immersive audio experiences
    • 360 Panoramic Display supports 360 images and videos and
    • 3D Model Display support interactivity and import of 3D models
  • Connect to the real world!
    • Multi-media playback support Live-streams access to web browser
    • Cloud-based Resource Management System that allows upload or change content instantaneously, scene and content encryption, support private server deployment, back-end admin controls
    • Multi-function Management for front-end admin and user controls, smart incognito settings
  • Cross-platform Support
    • Connecting the 2D and 3D world regardless off mainstream or VR devices.
    • Hardware barrier to entry removed to allow for interactivity in metaverse spaces, just like in the real world.

What xSpaces.io has achieved (highlights of market adoptions since December 2019)

  • The Australian Chinese Art Gallery (Aust)
  • The Global SinoPhoto Awards (UK)
  • Xiaoying Li’s Oil Painting Exhibition (CN)
  • Euterpe NFT Art Gallery (Aust)
  • New South Wales Wine Export Trade Exhibition (Aust)
  • Lowe Family Wine Co. (Aust)
  • Twin Creek Golf Club House (Aust)
  • AliceLand NFT Art Spaces (UK)
  • Australian Private School - Knox Grammar xClassroom (Aust)
  • SSI MetaCampus (Aust)
  • xUrban RPL Group (Aust)
  • 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Metaverse Pavilion (CN)
  • 2022 First Metaverse Lantern Festival (Worldwide)
  • 2022 London Fashion Week 18-22 Feb (UK)

Benefits for the blockchain ecosystem

As a mature technology, xSpaces.io can provide fast and barrier-free VR onboarding to each company in the Harmony ecosystem who wish to provide VR interaction for their users.

xSpaces’ VR solutions bring web3 users virtually together globally from almost any common devices (e.g. VR headsets, laptop, android, ios, tablets, etc.). It enables our users to display, showcase and interact within the web3 vibe.

Why xSpaces.io?

The Competitive Advantage are:

  • Mature platform and ready-to-adopt VR scenarios
  • Low cost
  • Personalisation to meet business needs
  • Infrastructure & services to start your metaverse journey
  • Open technology architecture
  • Rich API interface, easy to provide integrated services for enterprises
  • Support team that has extensive cross-industry application experience.
  • Provide rich authentic experience for the education, training, and business industry
  • Versatile and scalable with cross-platform support.

Proposal ask

[Funding amount requested]

We are keen to seek support from HarmonyOne, as a partner to reach the next milestone:
USD 5m,to be used on web3 infra development, community growth, including:
o Cloud rendering
o Web-based support
o AI voice development
o eCommerce functions
o connecting crypto wallets

Metrics for success

[Milestones, number of users/transactions]

In the next 1.5 years, xSpaces.io aims to serve at least 2.5 millions of users via 100+ customers. We believe we will lower the bar to onboard more individuals to Harmony and its ecosystem.

External links

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https://www.xSpaces.io/ (feel free to download our app via app store and try our product via VR headsets, ios, android, etc.)

a ready-made platform for block chain community to present, communicate and interact in an immersive virtual reality world.

2022 London Fashion Week

more videos are on the way…

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