zkGames: Platform for Zero Knowledge Games


zkGames is a platform that allows users to play zk (zero knowledge) games and mint an NFT as proof that they have won.

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Proposal Overview

zkGames has 3 games so far: Futoshiki, Skyscrapers and Sudoku. When users solve a game, they can verify if it is a valid solution. If the answer is successfully verified, they can mint an NFT as proof of victory.

Use Cases

  • Entertainment: To play games for entertainment and earn an NFT to show off to friends (on social media).
  • Tournaments: Holding competitions to see who can win certain games. People can prove that they have won a certain game, using their NFT earned after solving the game.
  • Learning purposes: To show real projects to people interested in zk. In this project, it is easy to see the flow of zk and how it works.

Competitive Landscape

There are some zero knowledge games such as Dark Forest, but zkGames integrates several zero knowledge games for users to enjoy on the same platform.

Proposal Ask

zkGames will be established to be community-driven and self-funded by its DAO. To get this up and running, we will be requesting the $15k/year stable basic income to take care of initial development, welfare, and operations costs.

This ask will be in line with the laid down milestones as detailed below:

  1. launching a feature-complete product on our testnet
  2. forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig
  3. launching on mainnet with audit
  4. attracting 1k daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion)
  5. attracting 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process)

Road Map

zkGames is currently on Harmony Mainnet.

Objective Date Status
Testnet Launch April 25, 2022 Done
Beta Testing and Fixes May 1, 2022 Done
Mainnet Launch May 1, 2022 Done
Smart Contract Audit June 15, 2022 Pending
  • zkGames will be expanded with more games and the existing ones will be improved with more board sizes.

External links

  1. zkGames Application
  2. zkGames GitHub Repository
  3. zkGames Demo Video

Screenshots of the current application

Initial page

Futoshiki Game

Skyscrapers Game

Sudoku Game

Yes from me as a zkDAO governor, also confirming that the 1st milestone is met.

But one worry I have about this project, in the long run, is the need to audit AND do a trusted setup ceremony for every game built. Any idea how you would approach that?

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There is enormous potential here in attracting open source zk developers to build various games in zk. A yes from me as well and confirmation that the 1st milestone has been met. Well done

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In the long run, I am planning to try different ideas and one of them is to use Plonk instead of Groth16 to avoid a trusted ceremony for each game.

Amazing UI and games!
But I also agree with Cathie, hope the switch to plonk can be done before mainnet launch.
Please also include the contract address in the post.

Approved as zkdao governor. (First milestone - testnet lanch is met as well)

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Looks fun. A yes vote from as a zkdao governor and 1st milestone confirmed!

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Good looking UI and interesting idea. Yes from me a zkDAO governor. Agree that the plonk is a nice solution here.

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I also agree that updating circuit to use plonk would probably be a better idea than having a cerimony for each circuit. Aside from that first milestone has been reached. Yes for me as zkDao governor

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1st milestone is confirmed!

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