Africa DAO Candidate: BrodaGreen

“I am because we are”- Ubuntu

Hello everyone, my name is brodaGreen and I am running for the position of Governor of the Africa DAO.

I hold a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, and have been involved in early stage Brand Strategy and Communications over the past few years. I am a crypto enthusiast, web3.0 evangelist and strong advocate for Blockchain adoption here in Africa. I believe in communities, and that we can achieve so much more together.

As a pioneer Governor of the Harmony Naija DAO (Nigeria), I have been actively involved in community growth, onboarding new members, driving engagement education, and helpful conversations. In the last couple of months, I, along with my fellow governors, have grown our Naija DAO by about 812%, and skyrocketing engagements across all our Social Media. A poll taken in the community showed that 25% of people got their first cryptocurrency ($ONE) or digital asset via our outreaches, most of which I was forerunning along with my team members. Also, most recently, we have educated our community on participation and involvement. A good number of them have interacted with the Harmony Blockchain and have $ONE staked. I am big on community participation and involvement in driving growth, decentralisation, education, diversity, and mass adoption.

My roles in the DAO spanned across:

  • Technical Training organisation and onboarding future blockchain builders
  • Social Media & Community Management
  • Hosting weekly Twitter Spaces
  • Curating of learning materials and Teaching for our Blockchain Beginner Class, called #CryptoLikeImFive.
  • Offline advocacy and outreach
  • Strategy and brand growth.
  • I was also part of the Facilitators of Harmony’s first Meet-up in Nigeria. It was a huge success in Benin City, and we had a little short of 100 attendees.

Technical Profile
I have been actively involved in curating resources for technical training and programs, and communicating web2 and web3 technical knowledge to people. For us to achieve mass adoption of Blockchain technology in Africa, people need support and guidance.

During my time with Muzzlab Technologies, I was actively involved in technical meetups, programs and internships. We had several educative programs and initiatives, and our aim was to reduce entry barrier for people going into tech.

The most recent 6-month internship for web2 beginners saw us train six new developers, and there is currently a new cohort undergoing training. This was to help onboard African Tech enthusiasts and beginners into web2. Beneficiaries of this initiative have gone on to build solid web2 development skill and land good remote jobs across the globe. The future of web3 is very bright, and there is so much value Africans bring to the space. I want to help drive technical growth and education in the Africa DAO, even as we work towards achieving our core mandates.

Most recently, my work centres around helping web2.0 developers break into web3.0. This includes developer trainings, connecting established web3.0 developers with newbies, designing learning roadmaps, curating technical courses and guides, and making them readily available to African web3.0 enthusiasts. Currently, I am a key member of the committee planning Nigeria DAO’s Blockchain Hackathon directed at social change. I want to replicate more of this across Africa. I want to feed the curiosity of Africans who want to break into this space, and I am sure of achieving this as Governor of Africa DAO.

No African-based Validator on Harmony: Changing The Narrative
Currently, on Harmony, there are no validators based in Africa, and I have taken it upon myself to change this. As our adoption of Blockchain Technology, and Harmony, increases, I want my brothers and sisters to begin to look at owning blockchain infrastructure, driving ecosystem growth, and become key decision makers and value providers in this ecosystem.

I have been working with validators to document their experience and share helpful guides for Africans interested in becoming Harmony validators. I have also started working with Harmony Validators to begin my validator journey, and I want to help Africa DAO bring more validators on board.

We need many more Africans on the space to grow the Harmony Ecosystem, and I want to show my fellow Africans that opportunities abound for them in this space.

I am impact-driven and bring great value to the Harmony Africa DAO team. I want to drive forward-moving conversations, and make the Blockchain experience of every member of the Africa DAO community a smooth and seamless one.

You can reach out to me via any of these Social Media platforms:


Telegram: Telegram: Contact @brodaGreen



Really nice proposal @brodaGreen rooting for you all the wayyy


Great manifesto, brodaGreen. Best wishes!

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Awesome Manifesto you have here @brodaGreen and this is not your first time, so yes…

You are Capable💪🏾

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Working with you has been a great honor @brodaGreen your technical skills and ability to grasp topics and activities around Web3, Web2 and even starting your validator journey on Harmony is very commendable.

I am confident that with you among the Governors, areas such as blockchain training, Hackathons, gaming and technical knowhow will have a capable hand at execution.

You will always have my vote and support.

Capable, experienced, passionate infact tested & trusted. Africa Dao would be lucky having you regarding the Dao needs at the moment. 100% behinde you all the way.

This is for sure best fit for you in AFRICA DAO, you demonstrate proven prudence and competency to growth. Let’s go

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THE MAN FOR THE JOB. best wishes!


Great one bro, I love the proposal!

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