Africa DAO Candidate: Irene

Hello Harmonauts!!
I’m Irene, an Educationist, Economist and a Community Manager with core skills in social media management, marketing and partnership building.

I’m very enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and community building especially Blockchain communities and Tech in general. I am also a great team player who is result-oriented and passionate about meeting set milestones in a timely fashion.

Currently, I’m part of the HarmonyNaijaDAO community. My role in the DAO cuts across Community Engagement, Improved Documentation and General onboarding of Members. In the past months, the team and I have been able to grow the Harmony Naija DAO to a substantial level surpassing the given milestones as a regional DAO.
Prior to joining the Harmony Community fully online, I Interned with a crypto trading firm where we focused on professional crypto trading and blockchain evangelisation in universities.

Asides talking tech and blockchain, I enjoy watching comedy skits over a bowl of ice cream with nut toppings :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

I’d like to bring this experience I’ve got to the AfricaDAO by running for the position of governor in the HarmonyAfricaDAO.
I believe my skills and expertise will be relevant seeing as the DAO needs more community interactions and Technical support.

It would be a delight to contribute the most I can and learn as well.


Another lady throws in the Garvel.

And one with strong community management and technical knowledge.

So happy with the amount of women contesting and becoming active within this DAO.

Great work you have done in the past Irene and I am confident that Africa DAO will have a better representation with your caliber as a Governor. Congratulations Irene.

You have my vote.

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Thank you Symphony.One

Irene, is an amazing team player, communicate manager, event host and so much more. I have worked with her on several projects and she has always contributed so much value to the team. She is hardworking, smart, effective and committed. I know she would be a great addition to the Africa DAO Team.

With Irene i am sure the community would grow to greater heights.


Thank you for your kind words, Ebuka.

Now this is what is needed for this Dao to be steered on the right path. Capable, competent & experienced governors on what & how Dao operations ought to be run. Rooting for you gurl!!!

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Nice one Irene
Good work you have done, you fully have my support. Success

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Thanks a lot Phranny :hugs::hugs:

Thank you for the commendation, Jo3huat!

Ahhh… Irene its good having you…:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

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Totally a crypto bosslady. Rooting for you all the way @Irene . Your impact is well received.


Thank you for your comment, Mpunkiller!

Moe! Oshey… you’re doing well.