Africa DAO Candidate: Hellen Musyoka

Hey all!

I’m very excited to submit my application as a Community Manager on Harmony Africa DAO.

Here is a bit of quick info about me:

My name is Hellen Musyoka, based in Nairobi.

My forum username is: Elle (hellenstans.eth)

And my twitter is: hellenstans

My background is in banking and finance. I have worked across traditional finance companies and fintechs in the blockchain space. In the last two years, I helped start a Kenyan community group where a few friends and I started educating people curious about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The community grew and it was hard to manage, so what we did was ask the ones we taught to pay forward and teach others. The concept of coordination has therefore been always in my mind.

In general, I am an open-source enthusiast on all things public goods, social coordination games, and failures.

I have:

  • Actively contributed to the ENS DAO. I helped request for a subgroup on the ENS DAO that would be a point of contact for .eth websites and helped get a budget to fund the subgroup.
  • Contributed to Gitcoin DAO as a public goods librarian.

But beyond my credentials why do I want to be part of the Harmony Africa DAO as a Community Manager?

I believe that the Harmony Africa DAO is the best infrastructure to onboard people to web3. To achieve this, it’s to completely change how we coordinate in value addition around the digital infrastructure.

Allowing communities to participate in value creation, we allow them to create their own currencies and a voice to articulate what’s important to them. I want to nourish and grow our network of talented Africans in the DAO ecosystem with incentives to build and learn. An environment where they are eager to participate and collaborate with others to test and promote new ideas and opportunities for the community.

By helping govern the DAO, I commit to being a service to the community,to be transparent and accountable alongside any and all ecosystem governors and partners. My dedicated time, knowledge and skills in public goods and social coordination failures will grow the ecosystem.

Together we can build a collaborative network of creatives. Let’s vibe and make this fun.


Good to know.

The role of a community manager in the DAO only requires submission of your CV on discord.

But if its for governorship election then there is no indication on your post stating that.
Please explain .

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Hello Frances. Thank you for pointing this out. I will make the necessary edits.



Submitting my candidacy for the Africa DAO governor position.

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