All Hands January 10th, 2022

Here are the notes from the All Hands meeting on January 10th, 2022. We focused on the upcoming EthDenver and on product updates.

Sam - EthDenver - there is a schedule for community members. EveryONE is invited to EthDenver. We are funding a ton of scholars to come. 16th we will have an event/party. The main event for EthDenver starts on the 17th. Workshops and conferences will go through the 20th. Essa is in charge of hotel rooms and verifying those who are going, she needs to know what dates you will be there.

There are 3 main things to focus on for how to treat scholars and builders:

  1. Taught
  2. Mentored
  3. Empowered

Bring your Party Hats and Business Hats! This is going to be huge. We are there to build, meet community members, and for outreach, not just to part!

Jack - Status of the Network - In the update we have expanded the nodes on the cloud by 50%. We are also going multi-cloud. If one goes down we will have a backup so that it can run even if one has an issue. Over the last 2 weeks, the engineering team has been working to catch up quicker with the network when it is behind and to have a resiliency that will be rate limited. Testing the new release and that release will go public tomorrow. Chainstack is tuning the setup.
If any node operators want to download the chain, we are in beta with a partner and once that is ready we will release that to the public.

Leo - This release is mainly targeting the RPC fix. Possibly create a special release that will only include the validators.

Jacky - Every 6 seconds all nodes will send a request. This is potentially a bug fix and it should be deployed.

Ganesha - BTC Bridge there is great progress. Right now they are finalizing some incentives and sometime this week they will be reaching out to some that are interested in using the walls. We are meeting regularly and this Thursday the team will start work with marketing to come up with a program for the launch.
Ethereum trustless bridge - not much progress past what was spoken about last week. Some tasks just need the resources to begin.

RJ - Cross shard transaction - There are important design questions that need to be answered. Design should be finalized in next 1-2 weeks.
1 second finality - there is no new update, the same from last weeks update.

Li - Push partnerships this month. A lot of the partners from last year we just have to bump up in their queue. Li went through the last 30 days of telegram channels. We need to respond to all channels even if we’re just encouraging them to launch. Biz team get to inbox 0 on all your channels. Encourage everyONE to launch so that there is no more backlog when EthDenver hits.
Peter will begin a weekly call to go over all partners and backlog to make sure we are up to date and on top of all partnerships. Peter will create a doc for the team to keep track of the partnership pipeline and keep it updated for the entire team. We need to be strict about prioritization and really go after the top ones. Each partner should have an owner so that someone is always on top of each partnership.

Giv - There is a backlog with the grant process. Thank you for your patience. The team is quickly working through them now. The team has created a DAO operations team so that there is no wait time for that once it’s up and running.

Sam - Has been putting together a paper about all of the information Harmony has learned about DAOs in the past 6 months. We have done a lot right but there is a few things we aren’t doing Great yet. This is going to fix that and our main purpose is making these DAOs truly Autonomous organizations and not just clubs (sometimes that’s all they are).

Abhi - Some of the highlights from December were Day ONE. Africa DAO got funded. Harmony careers was opened. ZKU ONE was created and you can sign up for this. 2021 was a huge year for Harmony!

RJ - We need to ramp up more on engineering hiring. RJ is talking to an agency that specializes in blockchain talent hiring. We are looking for more engineering leads for interviews. They don’t just cover engineers, it can be marketing or other community management roles.


Thanks for the update and I hope you have both a productive and fun time in Denver. I would love to be going. Another year hopefully.

I have a partnership proposal in, not too sure if @lij or @giv will be reviewing this. But based on the proposal and what we want to do, it would be awesome to work with @Sam on the DAO findings and maybe prepare some training for DAO participants. let me know if this is something you would be interested in getting help with?

As for ramping up the engineering hiring, there is such a shortage of blockchain peeps from developers to other professionals, I wish you look with your search. Devs are in such high demand.