All Hands January 3rd, 2022

Happy New Year to all! Harmony is ready for an incredible 2022. Here are the notes from our All Hands meeting on January 3rd, 2022 to start off the new year.

Bitcoin Bridge
Ganesha - Still planning to have the launch this month. It should be an external launch so onboarding externals for running vaults. Some minor details to take care of still, but the launch is still planned for this month.

Trustless Ethereum bridge
Ganesha - Expecting a month of work, but hoping to finish everything by the end of this month.

Streaming sync and fast sync
RJ - Fixing last problem before launch on Testnet. No update currently.

Cross Shard Transactions
RJ - Needs a few more rounds of iteration and feedback on designs. A few more weeks until start of implementation.

Polygon Bridge
Ganesha - The team is working on this currently. More updates will come on this including date of launch in a few weeks.

Staking Derivatives
Boris - Currently working on the consistency of the bots and this is taking longer than expected. Once this is stable, we can then work on a technical plan for updates and final dates.
RJ - Smart contract staking we can allow metamask users to stake. Some code has been written by a bounty hunter, now RJ has to follow up with them.

Cross Chain API
Boris - It is as far as it can go before the bots and bridge are out. Once these are up and running, it should be a generic solution and finished shortly after.

Cosmos Bridge
Ganesha - An external team is currently working on this. There should be a progress update sometime next week. The end goal is to launch in February.

Decentralized Nodes
Leo -

Secure Resharding
RJ - Working with the Research DAO. Waiting on the write up adn finalizing design.

1 second finality
RJ - The feature is a major change so it is still under review. Increasing the gas fees slightly will help grow the block time and help with spam attacks as well, while still keeping the fees small for users.

Decentralized RPC
Jack - Bringing in more partners to help with this. Should be done by the end of January. Currently working on new ways to continue becoming more decentralized.

Decentralized Ops
Jack - This is used for onboarding teams to help with ops. Used to introduce a new Devnet.

Ambassador DAO
Daniel - goal for 2022 is 100 meetups per month around the world. The first meeting meeting will take place this month. Establishing a way to pay governors currently.

Also, we have a new team member. Please welcome Matt to the team! He will be helping to scale events and ops.


Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Looks like 2022 will be a great year for harmony