All Hands January 17th, 2022

The Harmony All Hands meeting on January 17th, 2022 was all about the upcoming ETHdenver and product updates. Please read the following notes or stay tuned on YouTube for the uploaded video.

Adrian - Getting a billboard for ETHdenver. If you have any great ideas let Adrian know. We want to go big in Denver.
14 of February we are throwing a Women in Blockchain event to highlight this amazing group of women. If you want to get involved in this please contact Matt or Adrian.
You can see the entire finalized schedule here.
Get snow boots and warm clothes because it is cold!

Dates to know:
events start on the 11th
Arrive on the 10th to help set up
Events end the 21st
Breckinridge is from 21st to 24th
If you are booking your own flights and going to Breckinridge please book a flight later evening just to be sure due to travel time and possible storms.

Sam - Please communicate with Essa for your hotel accommodations. We need to make sure that everyONE has confirmed their dates and hotels, so please reach out.
Every project that is built on Harmony should come out to ETHdenver. Please let us know if you need help with getting there. We want you there!

Li - ETHdenver - This will be the only event that the entire team will be at. So we will be going all out on Hiring, Grants, and Investments (3 core team members for multisig)

Matt - Bringing on 10 paid contributors to help with the events and stationed at different events to help be there for Harmony. If you would like to be one please ping Matt and he can get you started.

Daniel - Recent outage - Within 5 minutes of noticing it was priority ONE and no one slept until that was fixed. The team was dedicated to fixing the problem.
Community moderators, validations, and everyONE that was helping in the community, we want to thank you so much for your time and effort during that time.
The post-Mortem is being written up to share with the community. This will include our next steps in the process and how we can improve.

Ganesha - BTC Bridge - Working on finalizing the BTC vault program. We want many external validations to run these. There will require of collateral, so we will be providing incentives for staking rewards and bridge fees to help with this requirement.

RJ - The cross shard smart contracts - we are making progress on the design iterations. Not finalized, but getting close.
Great progress on the staking derivatives. Delegate, undelegate, and collect rewards are the 3 areas in testing for staking on any wallet using smart contracts. Planning to push it to Testnet within 2 days. Mainnet release is expected in January if all goes well with this testing.

Mikey - New contributor brought on to the Harmony team to help scale DAO formation. Here to help all DAOs become successful.

Sam - Shortly everyONE will receive a copy of the Manifest DAO from Sam. Let’s think about the individual themselves. They need a job, a friend, and to participate. We need a fellowship team in all DAOs that will help with inclusion.

Leo - Harmony sponsored an NFT global hackathon last week. There were some great projects that participated and we should invite them to ETHdenver and look at giving them grants to build on Harmony.