All Hands October 11th, 2021

All Hands October 11th, 2021

Our Harmony All Hands meeting yesterday was an update on the following topics:

There was a heavy emphasis on the 1wallet in this All Hands meeting. We are working hard on bringing everyONE the 1wallet fully updated as soon as we can. Read what was in the All Hands call:

Giv - Gnosis safe with 1wallet has been integrated and Davinci NFT purchases are working. We are on track!

Leo - There is a bounty in progress for the Cross-Chain NFT and there has been a lot of interest in this so far. Everything is up on Github for your viewing.

Decentralized nodes - there is a hard fork. We have increased the node number from 800 to 900. Working on a plan to whitelist the leader to have 100% external voting power. Engineering work is to support the whitelist of the external leaders. We will be asking people to nominate themselves as the external leaders of the nodes for the next update.

Yuriy - Deployed wallet client for the Bitcoin Bridge. This week we will finish the security client. Should be able to share this testnet version next week.

RJ - Cross shard transaction. Working on the proposal specification, this is in progress but should take a few weeks.

Boris - Cross chain api. All of the changes from beta testers are being implemented. Some are big changes so it is taking more time, but will be ready soon. Boris is already working on the UI, basing this UI on the Horizon bridge.

20% fixed income on 1wallet. 1wallet has the deposit interface and is working. If you put any amount of ONE it will automatically swap into wrapped UST using sushi. Integrating now with Anchor, this will take some time but is the last step in this process.

Jacky - API fix is done. Discovery protocol might be the cause of the increasing cpu and memory resources. Jacky has launched a customized node and customized code to look into this issue. Next step is to look into the memory issue and look into the stress net which was reported in the last testnet launch.

Li - Transak is ready to work with us. ONE is natively on Transak. This will help 1wallet with Apple Pay and Bank Wire.

Don’t forget about where you can apply for a grant from our ecosystem fund. Read about what projects are needed and then apply at Funding Proposals - Harmony Community Forum by filling out the new topic form. Harmony will reply to your proposal directly on this page. Thank you for all of your proposals thus far.