ArchiDAO Launch

Name of Project


Our scope is to transform the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry into one that is more productive, integrated and resilient. We will do this by building ArchiDAO, the first decentralized web3 design and educational studio for physical-digital product solutions and experiences.

Proposal overview

ArchiDAO experiments with integration between blockchain protocols, physical reality, metaverses and architectural design. Architects and design professionals are excellent in developing environments that are functional, resilient and beautiful; our ambition is to combine these strengths with the decentralization and peer-to-peer inclusive development of the blockchain space.

We will use the Harmony DAO funds to advance three objectives within our general roadmap:

  1. Scale onboarding of architects into the DAO, and thus the wider blockchain ecosystem

  2. Create educational material for architects and 3d designers in regards to blockchain protocols and integration with the tools they already use

  3. Develop blockchain / smart contract infrastructure for architects to enable:

  4. physical spaces connected with metaverse virtual spaces

  5. AEC projects integrated with smart contracts

  6. stigmergic collaboration between AEC professionals

  7. digital infrastructure for a circular economy in the built environment

  8. AEC projects integrated with cryptoeconomics

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry is fragmented, unproductive, and resistant to innovation. With a slow rate of return, the AEC industry rarely invests in digital innovation. Through earlier research, we developed prototypes for the AEC industry that integrated AEC’s main platform today–Building Information Modeling (BIM)–with blockchain protocols. This work also explored how an architecture DAO would operate. Our earlier, peer reviewed research showed that many AEC processes are conducted ineffectively and would benefit from the automation that smart contracts introduce. Our vision is that blockchain-based tools and modes of operation will transcend the whole lifecycle of the AEC industry, from design to construction, operations and decommissioning. We believe that our model of smart contracts will transform the industry into a more productive, integrated and resilient industry.

We want to expand and develop our already existing framework for using blockchain technologies in architecture by onboarding and scaling a broader community of architects, researchers and engineers. We will do this by developing educational content to make it accessible while also providing a platform to apply learnings to real life projects. Our goals are to spread knowledge of blockchain technologies within the AEC industry, find solutions to connect physical objects with their digital counterparts across metaverses, and to inspire the creation of valuable and enjoyable spaces in the metaverse.

Blockchain technologies and web3 will bring transformational change not just to the AEC industry, but all people who experience spatial structures– whether physical or virtual. For example, coupling blockchain primitives with architectural design could facilitate new models of collective authorship for buildings. We could embed desirable economic behaviors into spatial design to transform the use and maintenance of space. We could also incentivize sustainability in the industry: tokens could incentivize design strategies that reduce carbon emissions, or non fungible tokens for building components could enable a new circular economy. (Buildings are responsible for over 40% of global carbon emissions, after all.)

Our ambition is that ArchiDAO’s physical-digital solutions and metaverse educational content will be the gateway that brings current and future practitioners into the new realm of web3.

How we will use the funds to advance the three aforementioned objectives:

As stated earlier, we will use funds to advance three key objectives: Onboarding, Education, and Infrastructure development

Onboarding: Scale community

  • Create marketing and communication material to allow 1000 more architects, engineers, and built environment professionals to join the ArchiDAO
  • Create an onboarding guide (written and video)
  • Conduct several marketing campaigns
  • Host multiple onboarding parties and community calls (at least two per month)

Education: Blockchain guide for architects, designers, and built environment professionals

  • 1000 architects should be able to connect to their Metamask or other wallet, explain what blockchain is, and create their own NFT
  • Metaverse workshop covering assets, interoperability and physical-digital bridge
  • Hold the Smart Contracts: Developer Crash Course for Architects workshop

Infrastructure: Bridge the digital and physical, i.e. develop crypto-twin infrastructure

  • Scripts from arduino to smart contracts
  • Scripts from raspberry Pi to smart contracts
  • Dashboard showing state of affairs
  • Written guide on how to set up a crypto-bridge
  • Video guide on how to set up a crypto-bridge
  • Functional prototype connecting ArchiDAO Decentraland Parcel-IoT Bridge

9 Governors:

  1. Theo Dounas - Architect Engineer, smart contracts developer, researcher
  2. Mayur - Web3 Developer and Design Technologist
  3. Ĺ imon Prokop - Architect and Generative modeling specialist
  4. Jiri - Architect and 3D printing specialist
  5. Daniel - Entrepreneur and CreativeAI Designer
  6. Richa - Architect, UI/UX Designer and Design Technologist
  7. Liz - Engineer and Consultant
  8. Babi - Architect and DAO Researcher
  9. Shree - Graphic Designer and Community Manager(PR)

Proposal ask


| activity - task description | funds |
| ----------------------------------------- |
| Funds for hardware, IoT and XR devices | $5000|
| Organize Metaverse and Blockchain Education Workshops/Design Hackathons (Virtual and/or in person: Peru, Brazil, India, Europe and US) | $5000|
| Task-based bounties for DAO Operations | $10000 |
| Project-based bounties for proposals and development of product prototypes for AEC | $10000|
| Governors - task based incentives | $10000|
|Marketing, Communication, dissemination, Content production| $10000|

Metrics for success

  • 1000 Discord members (Q2)
  • 5 Educational Workshops (Q2, Q3)
  • 7 Mentions in the Press (Q4)
  • 1500 Social Media Supporters (Q4)
  • Passive Income using Content Model (Courses) (Q4)
  • 3 Research papers in International Peer Reviewed Conference and Journal (Q4)
  • Physical - Digital Functional Prototype (Q4)
  • Organize a Blockchain for AEC & Metaverse Conference (Q3)

External links

Website :


Multi-Sig Wallet on Matic: 0x2679368b9b80A48bAEF44d821C5b23670eF2EeeF

Roadmap - General

Q1 2022

  • Discord Group (Season 1 Onboarding)
  • Crypto Barista Project Initiation
  • imnotArt Project Initiation
  • CryptoTwin Project Initiation
  • Education Workshop (Metaverse)
  • Web3 Consultancy Projects
  • NFT Skills Smart Contract Research Initiation
  • Study Group Initiation (Network State)
  • Newsletter
  • Blog
  • Season 1 Onboarding Ends
  • Tokenomics Initiation

Q2 2022

  • NFT Skills Smart Contract Launch
  • Internal Training and Development
  • Consultancy Projects
  • External Educational Workshop (Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain-AEC)
  • Online Course Launch
  • Revised Whitepaper Draft
  • Podcast / Guest Interviews Launch

Q3 2022

  • Season 2 Onboarding Launch (July 1st)
  • NFT Skills Integration
  • Tokenomics Launch
  • In Person Local Meetups
  • ArchiDAO’s own Blockchain-AEC Hybrid Conference
  • ArchiDAO Merchandise
  • Season 2 Onboarding Ends

Q4 2022

  • University and Architectural Organizations Engagement
  • Socials Ambassadors Initiative Launch
  • Annual Review (Projects, Finance and Future Plans)
  • Submit an innovative design proposal for developing a community initiated architecture project that will have an impact by using blockchain technologies, architecture sustainable design achieved thru net zero energy approach, construction process done through robotics and other contemporary technologies that will push the cutting edge on what can be built. Project shall aim to be an example of how to deliver a fully integrated design and build project using contemporary technologies and distributed global expertise.

Q1 2023

  • Start construction process.


  • Organized free 2-week Crypto Voxel Metaverse Workshop in Jan 2022
    It financially rewarded 6 final teams (3 members each) by getting industry enthusiasts as collaborators and building a real parcel on Cryptovoxels. (ImnotArt)
  • eCAADe 2021 conference workshop - Smart Contracts for Configurable Designs
  • Decentralised Building information modeling prototypes, GitHub - bimblockchain/dbim: decentralised Building Information Modelling
  • ETH Denver 2022- Do or DAOn’t Hackathon idea development which won Harmony’s DAO Tooling category; hackathon idea was developed by one of the Governors

Excited and looking forward to bring a change in AEC industry with ArchiDAO.


Looking forward to rethink how we can develop effective solutions to the built environment. We know where the world can go. Lets take it there.


The journey so far is so exciting at ArchiDAO. Looking forward for more thrilling and extraordinary community experiments. In love with diversity of people and ideas. The radicle change in Architecture is coming.:boom::pushpin:


As a member of ArchiDAO I really enjoy community engagement that grows on the discord. Members are presenting and helping each other with their own projects. :slight_smile:


I just read all your proposal, your white paper and looked at a couple of your videos.
WOW what an amazing job.

Things that excite me the most are:
Crypto/Web3/Harmony, Defi and financial services, space exploration and Architecture Design and Construction.

My idea of tokenisation of construction materials so they can be reused or spares from a site can be sold to another site now has a home!!!.

My professional advice to the Harmony core team after your KYC just fund this yesterday don’t even ask any questions! Let them do what they are doing best.

How can I possibly be involved at some point? friend me on tweeter @drspinosa if you wish

I also pencilled you in for an International event in London that I will be proposing to Harmony soon. Part of the proposal will be including estate agent’s, property developers and Architects/ Designers.
In my notes to ad you as an exhibitor as well and will discuss further later if interested.

Looking forward seeing more of your work


Really appreciate your feedback and kind words @drspinosa.

@lij Would love to your feedback and thoughts if possible. Thanks


Hey great to hear your feedback! We did prototype a material passport plus supply chain smart contract as a proof of concept in the smart contracts for architectural design workshop in the eCAADe conference this past September. You can find the code here:

Happy to discuss collaboration further!


ArchiDAO is doing great in bringing AEC industry and Web3.0 together. All the members in the community try to share, learn, collaborate and develop together.

So much more to achieve and explore together!


Sounds cool I’ll have a look thanks

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ArchiDAO is going to bring a major change that was waiting to happen in aec industry. As a member Im thrilled at the experimentations happening in Archidao. The community of Architects and innovators is expanding. I love the collaborative approach of members within archidao.


ArchiDAO is an amazing community. The place to be for finding like minded people. Let’s change architecture practice together!


It is amazing, how the DAO came together just from a couple of people discussing crypto in architecture… AEC field would be probably adopting anything new quite slowly, but not with our enthusiasm. :smiley:


Hello, @arlav and thank you for this proposal!

In order to be approved for a DAO bootstrap grant a proposal must contain “The Mighty Six” criteria. They are as follows:

:white_check_mark: 1. Mandates: 3 mandates. Specific. Precise. Each mandate to have two sub-clauses to provide further clarification on these mandates. All three mandates and their sub-clauses should fit within a tweet.

:white_check_mark: . Deliverables: Looking forward for the next 3 months only, identify key deliverables directly tied to the mandates of your DAO that you will be focused on accomplishing. Be specific. Chart, in steps, how you will get from where you start to delivering your goal.

:white_check_mark: 3. Metrics: Quantifiable and verifiable. List the “stretch goal” metrics that you and your DAO will be using to measure your impact in furthering your mandate. Low bars of success indicate a certain level of disengagement, while high bars and stretch goals indicate confidence in yourself and your community to accomplish that about which you are passionate.

:white_check_mark: 4. Multisig Signers : List the 9 multisig signers that will start your DAO. NOTE: As we have said in the DAO Funding Guidelines (Guidelines for Harmony Grants) being a multisig signer is not about having a part-time job. Think about your three mandates and try to find passionate individuals that have the skillset and expertise to help you accomplish those goals. But please consider adding SM links to the signers bios (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

:x: 5. Gnosis Safe Multisig Wallet : Establish a multisig wallet that requires 5 out of the 9 governors to approve the disbursement of funds. THIS NEEDS TO BE A HARMONY MULTISIG

:x: 6. Schedule the Next Election : DAOs are not kingdoms. The initial governors do not rule by divine right, nor are they supposed to be “Governors-for-Life”. DAOism is about community. About passionate participation in projects. It is vital that we have a regular rotation of community members experiencing the responsibility of managing the DAOs treasury.

You have 4 of 6. Please consider setting up a multisig on Harmony as well as scheduling the second election. We recommend 3 month terms for the multisig signers. Looking forward to the updates!

Let me know if you have any questions! :blue_heart:


:clap: :clap: :clap: :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:

That’s how it starts!


hello, thanks a lot for your great feedback.
We will discuss and rework those two criteria we are currently missing.
I just wanted to clarify that governor voting mechanics. It means, that after governor rotation multisig needs to be updated with new wallets, right? How many people should roate each time? I would like to preserve some kind of consistency in DAOs goals. Therefore i can imagine each voting changes 3 people. Whatd do you think?
Have a great day! :slight_smile:


Thanks @frwrdslosh for the feedback. Can you please share the next steps once we fulfil all 6 criterias.

Hi there
Are yo not funded yet?! This is criminal :grin: :laughing:

ok in a serious note

I don’t know if you have seen this yet, Harmony has a Doc how to set up a Gnosis Multisig

see: Gnosis Safe - Harmony

I also wrote a hands on guide you might find useful: Gnosis Safe from Harmony One — A Hands on Overview & How to Guide | by Adam Spinos | Feb, 2022 | Medium

If you wish I can help you set up the Gnosis Multisig wallet. I need from you 9 participants with Metamask ONE wallet addresses. Have you set up Metamask with Harmony Mainnet?
Let me know and I can guide you if you have not.

From those 9 participants 5 will be required to sign a transaction.

Regards to Gov elections they are doing my’ eding as well LOL
You will need from your community that you all are part to place a voting and elect 9 people.

I would have loved to participate but so much to do atm. But I can help anyway I can.
I assume someone else can give you better info regards to elections.

On another note I would love if you want to participate in person at this event Harmony London International event - Events - Harmony Community Forum
Proposal stage atm and more info will keep coming.

Hope this helps


Please fulfill the 6 criteria necessary to be approved for a bootstrap grant. Upon completion the Harmony DAO Ops team has voted to approve your proposal.

Please review the updated DAO Funding Guidelines :blue_heart:

Pay special attention to the Minimum Viable DAO section as it pertains to how the DAO bootstrap grant is paid out.

Looking forward to the updates!

Thank you for this question!

Yes, Harmony encourages 3 month elections to rotate the signatories. It’s all about “shared responsibility”. I don’t have a crystal ball so I can not say for sure how many initial signatories will be re-elected. What I do know, however, is that if an initial Signatory of the multisig isn’t reelected it does not mean they are no longer a part of the DAO and can’t continue work.

Personally, for a DAO, I believe in onboarding like-minded individuals quickly and responsibly. A great way to do that is involve the entirety of the DAO the ability to be a signatory of the DAO multisig. Elections also encourage participation.

Just my thoughts! Looking forward to seeing the updates!

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