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Product Launch

Proposal Overview

Credlink is the home of digital credentials for Web3. Thanks to the fast, reliable, transparent, and decentralized nature of the web3 ecosystem, certificates or badges can be easily sent to addresses and verified with Credlink dApp. With its immutable nature, certificates cannot be exposed to malicious manipulations and remain permanently on the blockchain.

Why we need it on Web3?

It all comes from the soul of Web3. Fast, Reliable, Transparent, Secure, and Decentralized. The previous platform solutions have centralized structures that certifications can be manipulated, or vanished, hence it loses the meaning of “certificate”. Credlink allows anyone to instantly confirm that a certificate is valid and up to date.

Certificate means “a document that states that the information on it is true, and that is given to someone as proof that they are, have, or own something”. Well, as we can see, there must be a system that will prove its correctness, and can there be a better solution other than blockchain? With the proposed platform solution Credlink, allows anyone to instantly confirm that a certificate is valid and up to date so can be assured of its reliability and will not be subjected to malicious manipulations.

In addition, the Web3 ecosystem is growing rapidly and it is aimed to reach more audiences. Along with this, many courses and bootcamps are being created. After the completion of the course, there is a need for a platform that will create, and validate all certificate transactions in a simple and convenient way without leaving the Web3 ecosystem. This is where Credlink comes into play.

For example, let’s consider this scenario. Let’s imagine that the DAOs in the Harmony, or Harmony ecosystem itself, are organizing training courses (in fact, many Harmony DAOs have such activities and missions). Certificates can be easily sent to Web3 enthusiasts who have completed the courses, and simply verified, thanks to Credlink.

Why Harmony?

  • Harmony ecosystem has shown real support for such authentic, and original projects before, and this is one of the main motivations for us to use the Harmony ecosystem.

  • We’ve reviewed a number of projects in Harmony and must say we’re very interested in DAOs in the ecosystem. Many of them have a mission to make educational content and carrying out activities in this regard. It is a great opportunity for us to develop a platform where they will make and send the certificates to the recipients at the end of these educational contents in a simple interface while remaining in the Harmony ecosystem!

  • Harmony has very low gas fees compared to other chains so it is feasible to send multi transactions to the CredLink smart contacts without dealing with gas fees.

  • With Harmony being EVM compatible, our Solidity experienced software developers will not be unfamiliar with the ecosystem and we will develop the platform quickly.

  • Realizing that we will have a significant impact by providing other DAOs with a platform they can use, and hence this motivates us.


  • Certificates or badges will be stored in the IPFS system, thus establishing a permanent and decentralized structure.

  • Organizations (Issuers) will be able to easily create a certificate quickly with ready-to-use certificate templates.

  • After the recipient list is requested in CSV or form format, these certificates or badges will be minted to the account addresses of recipients. At the same time, recipients will be informed via e-mail.

  • All certificates sent to the same recipient account address will be listed when querying by the recipient’s account address.

  • The metadata of all certificates will be kept permanently on the Harmony network. Thanks to the transparent and reliable structure of Credlink, all certificates and badges will be verifiable, up-to-date, and publicly visible.

  • No user accounts, no logins, and no “claiming” are necessary for recipients to receive and engage with badges and certificates issued with Credlink. A wallet connection is only required if the recipient wants to edit her/his personal information (name etc.).

  • Certificates can be shared on social media accounts with one click, as well as downloadable and visible in different file formats.

Platform Structure

The platform consists of 4 main parts: Design, Groups, Credentials, and View. The details may change and are open to improvements.

In the design section, the organization (issuer) can design certificates or badges using the built-in editor. The Issuer can use previously defined, ready-to-use CredLink templates, and can change their properties or designs.

In the group section, the Issuer creates a certificate group. The certification group includes the identifier, the name of the certificate, certificate or badge designs that is designed before by the Issuer, a description, etc.

In the credentials section, the Issuer defines the recipients to whom it will send the certificate or badge. Here, the Issuer specifies the recipients’ name, the account address to which the certificate will be minted, the e-mail address, and the issue date. Then, with these defined credentials, the Issuer can mint the certificate at any time by selecting one of the previously defined certificate groups. Minted certificate metadata will be stored in Harmony network, and certificate assets (png image, etc.) will be stored in IPFS for decentralization purposes.

The above three sections are for the issuer, while the view section is for the recipient (or anybody). The Recipient can see this certificate minted in its own name and account address, change its own information by connecting to the Wallet, and verify it. It is also important to know that everyone, not just the recipient, can validate this certificate and be sure of its truthness. In addition, the recipient can view other certificates minted to his/her own account address, and inspect the Issuer.

Metrics for Success

  • Ability to successfully mint certificates to recipients’ account addresses.

  • Successfully storing the metadata of the certificates or badges in the Harmony blockchain and the assets in the IPFS file system and returning the results when they are queried.

  • Achieving a minimum of 15 Issuers, and 250 credentials within the first month after deploying Harmony Mainnet. Then making it grow by 20 percent every month.

  • After forming DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig and deploying the platform to the Harmony Mainnet, grow Twitter to +1000 followers and Discord page to 750+ followers in 3 months.

  • Integrate 10+ Harmony DAOs to the Credlink platform! Let DAOs send certificates or badges earned as a result of educational content or technical events to recipients.


H.S. - Frontend Developer

Front-End Developer with proven experience at Z. and M. in helping companies create and maintain a better code base for reusability. Passionate about learning and development with a desire to apply skills in dApps to enter the Web3 ecosystem. Loves cats!

T. Y. - Backend Developer

Backend Engineer with more than 3 years of experience. He was working mainly on e-commerce projects. Experienced at writing codes using server-side languages and serverless architectures. Fall in love with AWS. Irish beer is his passion!

M.K - Solidity Developer

She designed the security and architecture of smart contracts at a company for 2 years, during which he took an active role in the development of a lot of dApps. She aims to write a DEX contract which is a very exciting topic for her these days. She loves surfing and trekking and wants to get a captain’s license soon.

P.K. - Designer

Experienced UI designer with 3 years of experience. She had designed all the screens through which a user will move, and created many visual elements in a harmony. Loves working with Tailwind.

A.M. - Social Media Specialist

She had responsible for creating and publishing content on all social media platforms, including Twitter and Discord. Moderated a few discord channels with a high level of moderation. Interested in NFT marketing and wants to catch opportunities in the Web3 ecosystem. Loves to dive into a new era of social media marketing approaches.

Proposal Ask

Based on the Harmony Grant Launch Program,

  • $10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet,
  • $10K after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with our DAOs,
  • $10K after launching on our mainnet with audit,
  • $10K after 1K daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion),
  • $10K after 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process).



Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:


Thank you @Mattyontap and we look forward to your reply! If you have any questions about the platform, we are here to answer them with impatience :blue_heart:

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Hi Harmony DAOs,
Please share your thoughts about Credlink with us!

Credlink can be used in,

And many more! Thank you all :blue_heart:


Great idea to create a certificate platform on Harmony. This would be useful to understand who has taken the training courses that we would require to operate the expensive projectors in the DAO.


Glad you liked it! :blue_heart: We are very happy that the DAOs in Harmony will benefit from the Credlink!

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Wow! Very detailed and explanatory proposal.

I needed something like this recently. I teach Solidity lang at my university (as a student) and there is no Web3 platform where I can simply create and distribute certificates that I can give to my peers who successfully complete the tasks after the completion of the course. There are platforms such as as Web2 solutions, but they are proprietary, paid, and centralized. It’s great that Credlink has found a solution to this problem in Web3!


The team seems very experienced and can successfully handle this application. You seem to have described the schema and structure of the application in detail, which is a big plus for the review.

I fully support you Credlink team!


Thank you all, for your nice comments.

There are platforms such as as Web2 solutions, but they are proprietary, paid, and centralized. It’s great that Credlink has found a solution to this problem in Web3!

Yes! We want to present Credlink to the Harmony platform. Apart from the transaction fees, as the Credlink team, we do not intend to receive any fees or membership-based fees from our users. Our team’s biggest mission is to provide a free and reliable platform!

We realized that DAO communities are mostly in the Harmony ecosystem, and we want to support them with this platform.

You seem to have described the schema and structure of the application in detail, which is a big plus for the review.

Yep! As a team, we created the software schema, and determined the technology stack we are going to use. We will have new missions in the future as the community embraces Credlink, and we are thinking of adding new faces to our team. Everything is ready to start!

Looking forward to Harmony’s review! :blue_heart: @giv @Jacksteroo

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@credlink will take an eye on your project.
Nice view on how Credlink can be integrated.

Best of luck on forwarding on H-ONE!

If any help with advertising and influencers will be needed, we will cover you. :sunglasses:


Hi @EdgarTheONE,

I am one of the developer of Credlink and very glad that you like it. We are in the development process of Credlink right now. However, if you can help us to promote our project in the future, we will be extremely pleased. :blue_heart:

I understand that you are planning to promote 5 projects at the beginning. Do you mind if we reserve a spot? :slight_smile:


I think this is a really great idea. We have been working on something similar on @Archidao and we think this deserves to be funded as it would unlock a lot of opportunities for many DAOs. It would be good also to discuss the possibility of collaboration!


Glad you liked it! :blue_heart: We would love for you to try the platform after releasing the testnet in the development process. We are working hard to make Credlink a platform that DAOs can use in a simple way. Thank you for your valuable thoughts and we look forward to future collaborations.

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Fantastic, always have a spot!


this has been reassigned to @cheualx

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Quick question, what is the difference between your certificates and an NFT that the client (in this case) could produce on their own? What are some current use cases that you could use to illustrate the need for certificates, specifically on the Harmony chain?


@credlink, we are reviewing your proposal and will provide decision after polling.


You are absolutely right! In fact, a client can also create this process on its own with these steps:

  1. Creates certificate design

  2. Adds each recipient’s name and ONE address to this design one by one and creates assets as much as the number of recipients.

  3. Manually uploads these assets to IPFS system

  4. Mint these assets on the blockchain.

  5. Sends assets to the recipients.

With this steps, a client can send certificates to recipients this way, right? Of course he can, but let’s look at the shortcomings of this process:

  • The process is very laborious

  • Certificates are not organized and presented in a listed format.

  • There is no system that can automatically verify certificates, it requires manual verification.

  • Spreading the process to many different manual steps slows down the process.

Credlink finds solutions to all of these. To give a use-case example, many DAOs on the Harmony platform state that they will offer educational and technical courses or trainings. Certificates of completion can be sent to users who complete the training quickly and simply via Credlink. It’s just one of the use-cases!

In addition, we are currently constructing a tokeneconomics model for Credlink. We will share the developments soon. Thank you for your constructive question.


Looking forward to it! :blue_heart:


Hi @credlink,

Thank you for applying. Unfortunately, we will have to decline your proposal given polling results.

Best of luck in the future and, as always, you are welcome to build on Harmony permissionlessly without a grant. We encourage to reapply after launch on Testnet with 10k active users.


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