Candidate for Incubator DAO Governor: Jovian Browne

I’m Jovian,

On my journey

I’ve been a leader & activator inside & outside of tech. The constant is creating nourishing and safe environments, where people from different backgrounds can come together, express themselves fully, and enjoy a feeling of trust & safety. I’ve founded home shares, arts organizations, & professional consulting firms. Since I fell down the DAO rabbit hole in 2020, I’ve designed systems for DAOs to incite positive behaviors, at dOrg, Panvala, and Aragon. As a DAO subject matter expert, I co-founded Diamond DAO to build the most insightful analytics tools on community health on earth. :earth_asia:

On blockchain

I am excited for the potential of decentralized societies to evolve in ways that are regenerative rather than extractive. I think this shift will happen as DAOs evolve to govern tech. For the first time the same people are stakeholders on both sides of the technology, as contributors and users, circulating in a system where they make contributions & experience benefits.

On diversity

Women make up 51% of the population, but current reports show that they make up somewhere between 3 and 7% of DAOs. Invisible gender bias is extremely influential in the wide open web 3, making it both less appealing to women contributors, or shutting them out when they do come knocking. We need more women and other underrepresented groups on the new frontier. Here’s a deck describing a project to take on the problem.

I’m excited at the momentous opportunity to be a founding member of the Harmony Incubator DAO because -

  • We share a mission to improve for diversity & inclusion in Web 3
  • I feel like I can make a difference
  • I feel like I belong

Thank you for the opportunity to apply to be a Governor!

Jovian Browne
Twitter @JovianNetwork
Telegram @Jovian_Browne


Hello @Jovian! So excited to see you here!

For the community, Jovian is building some amazing things over at Panvala, DiamondDAO and other places. When we started chatting I knew she would bring some very important attributes to the DAO. So excited to bring her in!

@Jovian one of things I hope to get from joining is learning from other subject matter experts. Specially around DAOs! :slight_smile:

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