Developer Captains' Weekly Update - 2

Developer Captains’ Weekly Update

Community Spotlights

Last Week’s Dev Captain’s Meeting Notes

  1. Integrate Github project management into workflows for updating Work in Progress
  2. Figuring out a process to do this
    1. Figuring out repos that need work
    2. Getting AC for deliverables
  3. Validator Documentation notes
    1. Add more details to documentations for enhanced structures, black belts
  4. Bounty guide discussion
    1. The technology used in the product built
    2. Frontend and backend tech stakes
      1. front
        1. Usually changes frequently
        2. It depends on the amount of work that can come in for the product (community size)
      2. back
        1. It needs to be consistent or have a large community to support the product
        2. Extremely necessary/beneficial to keep data congruent
  5. We talked about prioritizing in real-time
    1. Calibrating timelines from internal to external
    2. Reaching all the arms of the communities to update each place effectively
    3. Bridging gap between internal and external developers of all levels
      1. Core team
      2. Dev captains
      3. Community developers