Community DAO Council Q3 2022 Candidate: Phranny

" Go with the choice that scares you the most because that’s the one that will help you grow".

Hey harmonauts,
I am Phranny & my daoing journey has been quite an experience.

As a signatory, it’s been a roller coaster ride.Nothing prepares you for this.

With team mate ; some will frustrate you, some will be indifferent while other’s encouragement will help bring out the best in you.

From fellow community members,you are likely to face accusations on issues that aren’t even within your control. Of course it takes 9 signatories to dao & whether you oppose an idea or not, majority carries the vote at the end of the day. Ignore then you are guilty, explain then you have provided holes that would be poked. Furnished with the knowledge that daoing is relatively new & still being figured out, you begin to grapple with why you decided to do this in the first place.

And there comes the memories ; of the good & fun times, the strangers turned friends, milestones reached as a team & the realisation that of course there’s bound to be misunderstanding in any form of human relationship which is totally normal.

Keeping an open mind, being forgiving, more tolerant & understanding, trying to find your balance, when & how to unburden will rejuvenate you as you also have your faults. You look at the person you were & who you have become then it all makes sense as every experience has contributed to your knowledge base & made you stronger.

So here I come again better equipped.

  1. Are there obstacles you see in being able to commit up to 10 hours/week as a DAO governor? This amount of time is not a requirement, but an inability to commit time by some members has been an obstacle for the current DAO council in progressing objectives.

Response : I see no obstacles that would prevent me from committing upto 10hrs/week as a Dao governor.

  1. What skills and/or abilities do you hope to bring that would be beneficial to the Community DAO?

Response: I can bring in my project management, innovative & critical thinking skills while contributing awesome ideas towards engagement,growth & diversity.

3.How long have you been in the Harmony community and why do you want to run for a position on the council?

Response: I have been in the community for almost a year now & want to run for a position in the council to continue contributing towards building the Dao structure & working on the mandate .

  1. What timezone do you live in for the purposes of potentially scheduling a 2nd AMA?

Response: My timezone is UTC +1.


I do concur with the skills you bring to the table. Wish you the best in your pursuit, Phranny.


Thanks so much dear.

Hey there phranny,
Glad to see your candidacy again, put the open mind again, commit more in contributing to grow this further. It’s noteworthy your commitment in the previous term, Keep it up.
Good luck to you!


You are really doing a good job with you so many people are now on this platform. You got my vote governor :+1:


Good to see Phranny! You have my support :blue_heart:

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Great piece here @Frances !!! You also have my support 100%

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Thank you so much Adam.

Thank you so much Tari.

Thank you so much Rob.

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Glad to see you running again Phranny. Wishing you all the best! :blue_heart: You have my support


Thanks Beeks now & always for being such an amazing person.

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You have my support @Frances
Good luck with your campaign.

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Thank you so much Ebuka.

Thank you so so much Daniel.:heartpulse:

Reminder to our candidates of the AMA taking place today on Twitter. To speak you must be on mobile. Also, there is a channel setup in our discord for you to introduce yourselves, campaign, and answer any questions. If you have not yet, we suggest joining our discord:

Please make a final check to see if you have fulfilled the candidacy requirements in the original eletion post: Community DAO Election for Term 4 Q3 2022