Community DAO Council Q3 2022 Candidate: Will Salas


I have been a member of the Harmony community for almost two years. I’ve watched it grow and been apart of its growth. I have invested time and money into most of the projects on the network to support growth. I’ve ventured out to other networks (Fantom, Avalanche, and Polygon), utilizing the Harmony Bridges, in an effort to educate myself on the Harmony competitors. In truth, there isn’t another network as good as Harmony. We have the lowest gas fees and 2 second finality! In conjunction with my brother (twitter handle @OneSm0k1njo3) I’ve hosted twitter spaces to educate anyone who would listen on the importance of cross chain capability and to share my experience operating on other networks. We’ve dedicated our twitter accounts to advocating for Harmony to help build awareness and the reputation.

I am a perfect fit for this role because I not only have the time to dedicate, but I have the passion to see Harmony succeed. I have operated on the network long enough to understand areas where Harmony can improve. I bring years of experience in advertising. I understand my responsibilities may vary depending on the networks needs, however I would like to take on the challenge of making Harmony more well-known. From what I’ve heard, Harmony left a lasting impression at Eth Denver. However I do not see why networks like Avalanche are getting more shine, solely based on my experience operating on the network. I aim to change that.

If you vote for me you’ll be voting for a person who isn’t in it for the money, but to push the project forward. I also recommend you vote for my brother Joe McGrath. You can read his candidate submission, but I’ll just tell you, he’s a wealth of knowledge in the crypto space and been in crypto since the early bitcoin years (2012). Him and I have been a powerful duo since we were kids. Vote us in and let us get to work! Thank you for your time.


I am stoked to see you join the race!! Good luck my friend!:pray:

Reminder of the AMA taking place today on Twitter. You must be on mobile to speak on a twitter space. Also, there’s a channel setup in our discord for you to introduce yourselves, campaign, and answer any questions. If you have not yet, we suggest joining our discord:

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