Community DAO Council Q4 2022 Candidate: Kashish

My name is Kashish - I have been a long-time sleuth Harmony One investor since early 2019 & have lately been resurgent over the past few months within the community - to share constructive & critical feedback on all facets of the Harmony ecosystem.


I’ve been a long-term investor in some other protocols back since the early days of 2017 & quite familiar with their grassroots development phase, and was in constant touch with ex-Harmony core team members on areas of mutual improvement - around org processes & changes.

With prior experience as an IT advisory consultant at a Big 4 firm (engineer, MBA) in the consumer & IP sector for several years in different countries - I believe that I can lend a sobering voice within the Harmony One community in all its future efforts & form an effective conduit between the ecosystem, community, the core team to set basic working principles right.

While a full time commitment in running a family business takes most of my time, I do enjoy the usual escapades with non-fiction books, value investing in stocks & content media - music, games & digital content.


The core team’s vision for the Community DAO was to supplement their actions & growth enablement within the ecosystem - and I share the sentiment (without the bootstrap shackles).

Time & Task Commitment

  • As a signatory, I believe that a time commitment of 5hrs/per week on agenda driven, scheduled meetings can be useful as a realistic commitment.
  • Process ideation & execution due to experience with other ecosystems & better written communication across all omni-channel community platforms.


The key reason I am sponsoring my own nomination at this juncture is due to the fact that a working DAO council requires a quota of 9 working signatories & recent dysfunction resulted in governor capitulation from previous terms.

Realistically, we have a hard road ahead of us - and provided that transparent communication & engagement is effectively maintained, we’ll have a chance to rebuild & some probabilistic chance of success. We all are a work in progress in this journey, hope to be a part of it.


Thank you for putting your name in and stepping up Kashish!!! You have my full support :raised_hands:

Thanks for taking an interest and you have my support

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I support this candidacy for Kashish

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I support your candidacy

you have my support Kashish

I am hereby effectively rescinding my candidacy for the position of governor/signatory on the Harmony Community DAO because of the present & persistent challenges within the Harmony One ecosystem atm - in terms of transparent communication & effective transparency.

The emergence of the Harmony Community DAO as a critical-core DAO was meant to assist, represent & further values within the ecosystem projects themselves, as well as the core protocol, find it’s user growth, engagement & move in separate direction for a chain-agnostic future - as opposed to serving it’s subset function today only for the Harmony Community in terms of value (or governance - via ONE token).

Until the Harmony Core foundation opens active engagement around some facts & figures at a basic level:

  • Present Headcount (i.e. Change in Team Roles, SPOC’s)
  • Ecosystem Details (Project Retention, New Projects.)
  • Revised Critical Milestones (protocol, service & partner integrations, product initiatives).
  • Senior Leadership Responsibilities & Accomplishments;
  • Existing/New Communication Primitives;

I seriously believe that the future of the chain itself will always be in jeopardy in terms of instilling faith & quelling mistrust within the ecosystem & the DAO governors/signatories by association.

The issues transpiring within the H1 ecosystem is not a public secret within crypto community itself - social rebuke by ecosystem partners & projects received decent coverage by crypto publications as well.

While it doesn’t imply that the ecosystem is truly dead either - seeking an audience & answers to these questions is a foremost priority, as it impedes with the process of fair governance too.

As reference, Q4 2022 DAO elections require atleast 9 signatories to be on the bench but we still are 1 candidate short for the council post candidacy deadline.

Secondly, the component of 5 affirmations for the position of signatory should effectively maintain some level of independence (i.e. ~0 cross-voting for candidates/previous governors & more community input). The benchmark is “quite low”.

Considering the election process is proceeding consistent with the timelines & not the practicality of circumstances, a grassroots effort required to rebuild & re-educate the public about the benefit of a DAO is too tall order of a hill to climb, until these blockers are appropriately resolved.

Although I am open to reconsidering on this - it’s best that I share my reservations openly & rescind first instead of forcing bend to existing DAO processes that clearly need work.

Sorry to hear this! We, at CDAO, are simply following the charter as much as we can. I am honestly surprised and super happy we managed to get over 6 candidates, which is the minimum we need to sign on the multisig. I don’t think it’s fair to say election process was unfair, everyone who volunteered will be getting in. We did our best to put the message out there but only got more engagement when we actually talked to people on Twitter spaces.

The plan is to build with others and revamp the charter to meet the community’s needs better, so following this charter is not of utmost importance to me right now.

I understand you feel Harmony is likely to fail, but you will still gain experience and build relationships if you take on some of these challenges. It would be great if you could take the lead on one of your ideas :muscle: