Community DAO Council Q4 2022 Candidate: Matthew Barrett

My name is Matt Barrett, many of you may know me from Recovery One. I have been involved in Harmony since 2020 and have been active on Talk Harmony since 2021. I am 1 of the 5 steering members at Recovery One Foundation. I am super intrigued by what blockchain technology 1.) can do and 2.) what it will do in the near future.

A little bit of my background: I’ve spent the last 7 years working as a multi-state, multi-channel new market business development manager at Nutrimana, Tesla, and Posigen. Growing teams from 0-20 people and markets from $0-$25 million annual revenue.

While at, Posigen I helped build their mobile sales app. (We had a documentation issue and basically conceptualize a new process to input all data into salesforce in a sales team-facing mobile app). Years prior, I worked at Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor and left to build (article- Online platform PremierSports connects athletes and coaches - It was an online athletic marketplace that connected coaches with parents to purchase lessons. The primary idea was an open ledger that could track an athlete’s growth and then be used for college scholarships. We received 50k from angel circuit but I got caught up with a 3 million letter of intent and ran out of operating capital. We recruited 3,000 coaches to the platform before we sold it. Back in college, i built (wayback machine- #1 Trafficked Coach Rating Website - Rate The Coach - It had 100,000s of ratings. It was the ratemyprofessor of sports.

I want to continue to help the Harmony ecosystem/community in as many ways as I can. Personally, I am a work in progress and so is the Harmony ecosystem. I am super bullish on Harmony and I believe Harmony has a bright future.

  • I can commit 10hr/week.
  • My peers on Linkedin said my skills are Leadership, Training, Coaching, Start-up, Recruiting, entrepreneurship, Team Building, and a few more. They should have added Creativity and Collaboration, as I think they are my greatest skills.
  • I am in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.

I look forward to helping as much as I can. Yes, there should be some overlap with Recovery One efforts.


Glad to see you put your hat in the ring and you have my support


Cool, thank you James.


Thanks for volunteering Matt!!! Stoked for this next quarter :fire: The fire mean I support you!!

It will be fun. We will create a new chapter for the Harmony story. There is some great narratives/stories that will come from these tough times.

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I support you, would be good to work together if we are both appointed this term


thank you, Chad. I appreciate your support.

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What the Harmony Community DAO means to you.

The Community DAO is a CORE Harmony ecosystem DAO and should act like it. Every organization needs a clear purpose and mission so they set a vision and with laser-like focus achieve SMART goals. The Harmony DAO needs to crystalize the sentence above and I would like to help.

The DAO concept- I see it as a concept for future collaboration. It is a concept still being tweaked, is growing and finding its purpose and identity and that goes for the Harmony blockchain and Harmony ecosystem.

What should the Community DAO do?

Create value and find ways to be self-sufficient.

What shouldn’t the Community DAO do?

Be dependent on other groups and continuously seek funding.

Why vote for me?

As a Harmony CDAO governor, I would be 1.) sharing my experience and collaborative skillset, and 2.) be focused on creating value for the Community DAO. I am dialed into two ideas to create value for CDAO. The first idea is to solidify the “Harmony Core DAO” identity, and the second to explore the idea of integrity. In 2021-2022, Harmony lost some integrity and I know the CDAO can build valuable products, solutions, and services by restoring integrity at Harmony. Also, CDAO and R1 collaboration would be valuable too.

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I support mBarret’s candidacy

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You have my support.

And mine axe.

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