Creative DAO Council Candidate: Rokett

Hello Harmonauts! I’m Rokett, and I would LOVE to kickstart the Creative DAO with you!

You may recognize some of my creative work from the twitterverse. I’ve done Harmony team profiles, celebration graphics, and comparison graphics. I’ll post some images below. And recently I updated Harmony’s Discord artwork.

I’m a community manager with ViperSwap, where I support the community across all of our social channels. I launched the VenomDAO YouTube channel, and create all the content for it.

In recent weeks, I’ve been particularly active in kickstarting this DAO, in this thread and the Discord #creative-dao-chat. I’ve also been discussing this DAO with other members of the Harmony community - hopefully you will see their nominations here soon.

Let’s go!!!


Twitter: @rocketcrazyone
Telegram: @Rokett_One
Reddit: Rocket-ONE
Medium: @rokettvenomdao
Discord: Rokett#4962


Hello – Thanks for posting your candidacy! This is great. I look forward to working with you to set up the Creative DAO.

Let’s get a call together later this week or next to discuss next steps on launching this DAO!


I can and do only speak for my experience working with Rockett on a few cross platform projects but they have always been happy to help, communicate well and extremely skilled at both messaging and marketing work.

I fully support and look forward to working with both Rockett and other DAO’s to kickstart the production of amazing content for the entire Harmony community.

Let us know how we can help!