Creative DAO Council Candidate : buythefndip

GM ONE Fam, buythefndip here (aka Jacob), announcing my candidacy for the Creative DAO.

I do not have a fancy degree, nor do i work for any Harmony related companies, but I am a trusted member of this community with a lot of experience in graphic arts. While i do make Harmony info graphics from time to time, i would like to add some fun to this DAO and the Harmony Marketing strategy.

I firmly believe that memes are the most effective marketing tool in this space. I believe the best way to onboard new members to this ecosystem is to show them how much fun we are having, and if elected this is what I intend to do.

I created CFB NFT series, a meme NFT with the purpose of raising awareness for a community validator. It has been a pretty big success, selling almost 200 copies and counting, with all profits going towards supporting Farmony ONE. This is the type of marketing I intend to bring to the table. I believe Harmony is the future of finance, and if we can make learning about the benefits of using Harmony fun and easy to understand, there will be no ceiling for this protocol.

Thank you all, and please consider voting for me, unless you hate Waffles.

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Creativity and comedy :performing_arts: go hand and hand, the fellow Harmonaut has my vote :ballot_box: with a passion to entertain. I believe comedy is good for the soul, consider buythefndip for council!


About time you got involved :grin:




The council needs someone who understands the power of memes

You and @bigwhle together will be an unstoppable force of nature