Creative DAO Council Candidate: Bricktop_One

I have waited for a long time for the Harmony Protocol Creative DAO to be formalized. I’m extremely passionate about Harmony Protocol and its community, but something I have specialized in through my career is the creative side of working. I was previously responsible for the distribution of products internationally, coming up with marketing campaign ideas for multiple brands, centered and focused on a wide variety of demographics. I believe my strong point is brainstorming fast and relevant ideas that can spark the minds of the people around me.

I believe I can come up with creative ideas to help spark the minds of our community also to help us achieve our goals without excessive spending so the multi-sig funds can be focussed where they’re needed the most.

I believe my strong point if I were to be elected onto the Creative DAO is my ability to task manage and to help keep things on track for the team, I believe I have what it takes to help people work smarter and faster. With my previous experience on the Harmony Community DAO, I believe I can help the DAO formalize quickly so we can get organized and on task. Going through the process of the creation of a DAO will teach you many things that cannot be taught by a third party.

One of the first times many of you had seen me was when I created the Harmony community-made video that focussed on the general Culture and Values of Harmony. With this particular project I solely focussed on this, I wanted the video to be for everyone, with a brief explanation of what blockchain can achieve, I steered aware from fundamentals to reach a wider demographic. Personally, I was pretty excited about this, the guy that did the voiceover usually does Google ads, and I thought it was so cool getting him on a Harmony video.

You can watch the video here:
My apologies regarding the quality, the video was 4K but Twitter doesn’t like that smoke.

In my spare time, I have recently been working on Harmony One Radio Sessions which I think you might like, its a mix of music, crypto talk, and interviews. This has been non-billable and extremely enjoyable. By no means am I a professional radio host but it might be good enough to listen to on the way to work. When I have finished this project, you will be the first to know about it. P.s @Sam Harrison. Yes this is a thing I need to interview you next.

I guess that’s my strong point, finding a gap in which we can improve and work towards the completion of something we need. I’m creative, and if I don’t have a channel to show my creativity, then I will create a path of my own to show you what I can do, however, I would much prefer to be given the correct tools to work with like-minded people to achieve this.

In all honesty, I’m not an Infographics guy, and that’s fine because the Creative DAO will have that, and that goes with video creation and editing, someone on the team would be better than me at this also, and that’s okay too. I play my strong points, I don’t swim against the tide. I can tell you this with 100% conviction though, I’m a great all-rounder, master of none. I get my head down and I get the job done. And sometimes, a team needs someone just like that.


Twitter: @Bricktop_One
Discord: Bricktop_One#7404
Telegram: @Yoshitoyotomoto
Reddit: Bricktop_One