Creative DAO Council Candidate / HODLenCaulfield

Hi Harmony family :wave:

I would love to be of service to you as a member of the creative DAO council. I am passionate about Harmony Protocol, NFTs, and the organization of DAOs. I feel a deep connection to the Harmony community, especially NFT collectors. I have a ridiculous amount of HRC721 tokens from different collections and have even launched my own collection (shameless plug in 3, 2, 1…) which has given me an insight into being a creator on Harmony and the potential of DAOs. There is presently a tremendous opportunity to communicate the benefits of Harmony Protocol to new users.

In my professional life I am currently a hospitality manager with a business degree from California State Polytechnic University. I manage more than 200 team members at one of the busiest restaurants in southern California. In my spare time, all of it: I research, invest in, and build on Harmony. I am getting close to the tipping point where I may have to step away from managing the restaurant to focus on building with Harmony.

My preferred social media platforms are Twitter and Discord. I am an experienced community builder/manager. I currently manage a Discord community of NFT collectors with around 300 members and previously managed a Discord community of Pokémon players with over 1,000 members at its peak. I have a modest following on Twitter of about 700 which is just enough to host Twitter Spaces in which I enjoy discussing Harmony and NFTs.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me as a candidate for the creative DAO. I look forward to seeing great things from Harmony and everyone who is here early building. I am honored to be able to be considered alongside some of these amazing people :raised_hands:


So we hodl and cuddle? Lol. You got it! Vote yes.

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