Creative DAO Council Q2 2022 Candidate: Nwaobi Daniel

Hi Everyone, my name is Nwaobi Daniel and I go by the alter-ego ‘CrazyChickenDev’. I am running for the position of Governor of the Creative DAO. I’m a Computer Engineer/Software developer and a Cybersecurity researcher. An open-source enthusiast with an interest in front-end web development.

I have a profound passion for programming, graphics designing, security research, robotics, IoT and hardware. I enjoy creating things that live both on the internet and in reality, whether that be websites, applications, scripts, embedded systems or anything in between.

  1. What is the role of the Creative DAO in the Harmony community and how do you plan to advance its mission?

The goal of the Creative DAO in the Harmony community is to increase Harmony branding awareness with uniform content across the Harmony ecosystem and I plan to advance this mission by tirelessly working and bringing new ideas that only aim at pivoting the DAO to greater heights. I will make sure that nothing slips through the cracks because of busy schedules and I would also bring my strong eye for detail to the team.

  1. How do you organize, plan, and prioritize your work?

Well, I like getting things done as fast as possible, I usually start by making a to-do list then I head off to rank the to-do list and immediately get to work executing each of the tasks I’ve got. I try to avoid excuses for not getting things done but rather put in every effort and commitment I can garner into making it a success.

  1. Tell us about a suggestion you’ve made that has benefitted an organization you’ve worked for.

At my previous work, I had the idea to dedicate a few hours on Fridays to reviewing our efficiency. Our workload was lighter on Fridays anyway, so we were able to spend some time improving our work. We were also fond of making changes in an effort to improve the quality of the service we provided, but it didn’t seem like the changes stuck around for very long and there was no follow up. Employees would just revert back to doing things how they originally were then my suggestion was to implement a change binder to keep track of these plans, which would make it easy to check on which ones worked and which didn’t, and help ensure the changes were implemented each week. With the binder, the results were clearer, and the more successful adjustments became standard policies that all employees followed. I am very interested in improving accountability.

  1. Why are you the best person for a role on the Creative DAO council?

I’m more of a talk-less, act-more person and I believe execution is what matters most in the DAO. Exactly, we can’t refute the fact that things get to move faster in any setting so far the executions are precisely done and on time, ah yes I’m that person.

  1. Fast forward 3 months - what will a successful term have looked like?

3months from now I’d love to see Creative DAO being at the forefront of helping Harmony gain open governance and vibrant participation in its ecosystem. There’s so much that can be done and I can already see so much more that can be achieved in the Harmony ecosystem 3 months from now with a successful tenure.

Also, as a pioneer Governor of the Harmony NaijaDAO (Nigeria), I have been actively involved in community growth, onboarding new members, driving engagement education, and helpful conversations. In the last couple of months, I, along with my fellow governors, have grown our Naija DAO by about 812%, and skyrocketing engagements across all our Social Media.

My roles and achievements in the DAO spanned the following below:

  • Worked with my fellow governors to build the official Harmony Naija DAO website -, which is translated into 4 local languages.
  • Creating every design asset for the Harmony NaijaDAO
  • Worked with my team to draft the initial proposal with a funding of $50,000 from Harmony.
  • Designed marketing, branding and media assets
  • Technical Training organisation and onboarding of future blockchain builders
  • Offline advocacy and outreach
  • Strategy and brand growth.
  • Designed and actively led strategies promoting community growth.
  • Onboarding new members onto the DAO.
  • Initiated rapid education drive and helpful conversations around blockchain, Defi and NFTs.
  • A poll taken in the community showed that 25% of people got their first cryptocurrency ($ONE) or digital asset via the DAO outreaches.
  • Facilitated the DAO’s first Meet-up in Nigeria on February 19 2022, with over 100 people in attendance and currently facilitating the second meetup in Lagos Nigeria to hold on April 2, 2022 (Today)

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @CrazyChickenDev