eVerse: The Future of Social Entertainment is on the Blockchain

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The eVerse web3 platform will create opportunities for multimedia content applications to be built for many atomic networks/audiences. The eVerse team believes that, in order for web3/crypto to gain widespread adoption, consumer-facing applications need to give participants the benefits of blockchain technology without such consumers needing to understand the underlying details or architecture. We believe our protocols can enable a wide range of these applications. Our first reference application — everse.tv — is a landscape video social application and a first use case of how the platform can be used. We are building for the long term, with elements of our development roadmap looking out for years to come.

Proposal Overview

The eVerse media and commerce infrastructure is designed to enable anyone who has or can reach an atomic network to create multimedia-based applications and/or websites with native web3/crypto. The eVerse protocols create a framework to allow future social-media and commerce applications, embodying creator-to-platform agreements, transparent smart contract payouts, and multiple monetization pathways. They also offer community members incentives to participate in the establishment and enforcement of community standards, including voting rights to evolve such community standards over time. Creators will be rewarded for publishing popular creative works, while retaining provenance and ownership. The protocols provide a framework for content distribution and monetization via the eVerse token, which manifests as a vehicle for a robust economy for creators, advertisers, licensees, and fans. The token economy offers incentives to all parties to participate and earn on the platform.

The protocols will also provide a framework for content distribution via vibrant user interfaces comprising multiple forms of media and monetization via an embedded marketplace, all empowered by the eVerse token — a currency for intellectual property holders, advertisers and users/fans. Lastly, the token economy, as currently contemplated, will offer incentives to all parties to participate and earn tokens on eVerse and other eVerse powered platforms for value-added activities such as content moderation, community engagement, and revenue generation (e.g., advertising revenue, donations, subscriptions, merchandise sales). The everse.tv network, which is being built upon these protocols, is a first proof point, and represents a short-form video platform to demonstrate the power and efficacy of the protocols.

The everse.tv Reference Application

The first application built on top of the platform and protocols –- the everse.tv network – is a short-form video platform, appealing to the immense gamer community, and designed to help usher in a new era of creator asset ownership, platform transparency, brand building, and monetization. Combining a range of powerful web3 protocols with a dynamic web2 user interface, the everse.tv application addresses many of the problems and inherent limitations encountered by creators and users on existing social media and commerce platforms.

Requested Amount — $550,000 + support from Harmony

The eVerse team is seeking a strategic investment with Harmony that provides capital, expertise, collaboration, engineering, and marketing support, in addition to opportunities to partner with other Harmony blockchain projects.


Q3 2022

  • 2,000 creators onboarded within the 10,000-user capped TestFlight environment
  • everse.tv feature expansion (sharing, notifications, and search)
  • Expansion of engineering team

Q4 2022

  • Launch of token
  • everse.tv feature expansion
  • Open beta release (by invite only)

Metrics for Success

  • Public token offering
  • Stretch Goal: Meaningful wait list on App Store upon public release

Leadership Team Overview

The leadership of this project brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and industry connections to execute on the vision and beyond! They all share the same passion, vision, and commitment to bring digital ownership and control to the creators and community.

Benji Freedman, Founder — Benji is a former professional gamer, having become one of the top-200 Fortnite players in the US while still in high school. Throughout his professional gaming career, he saw firsthand the challenges faced by the creator community which drove his vision for a new solution, eVerse. He is the visionary and chief architect of the product and business model.

David Wertheimer, CEO - David has been a groundbreaking entrepreneur and industry leader in streaming and digital media. He most recently served as President of Fox Digital, which he oversaw more than 40 apps, and a social footprint of over 350 million users. Before joining Fox, he served as the first President of Paramount Digital. Prior to that, he worked under Steve Jobs at NeXT and at Oracle.

Joel Freedman, Founder — Joel is an entrepreneur who has launched several successful startup companies; most recently a hospital business which he built from a startup to more than $1 billion in net revenue in less than ten years. He has served on several Boards, including at Harvard Medical School and USC; served as Chairman of Harvard’s Healthcare Markets and Regularity Lab; and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Congressional Black Caucus and National Minority Quality Forum for his work on healthcare disparities.

Felix Baum, Engineering — Felix has extensive experience building blockchain, social media and streaming technology companies, including an Ethereum backed, investor management and fundraising platform (acquired in 2021). He helped develop the E language and a social network featuring a token economy and smart contracts. He subsequently joined Knowledge Networks, where his analytics technologies were featured in NBC’s “The West Wing” and NYT Magazine. His work at MobiTV as a principal engineer helped launch the streaming media industry and garnered an Emmy Engineering Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development. He spent a decade at Adobe Inc. across numerous roles as a senior engineer.

Kyle Schmidt, Strategy — Kyle’s career has focused on M&A, finance, and capital structuring, in addition to operational and strategic roles, including turn around and growth experience across industries and company stages. Kyle has spent over five years working directly for Joel across multiple business ventures. Prior to that, he held finance, operational, and business development roles at privately held businesses, including startups. Lastly, as a Consultant at L.E.K., Kyle worked on entertainment and media strategy for clients across the content delivery and production spectrum.

Mike Mayer, Product — Mike is an experienced product leader with strong operational, engineering and team leadership experience, serving in various roles such as Chief Product Officer and Head of Product. Passionate about leading early-stage startups to product/market fit, he leverages deep expertise developed from working in both consumer and B2B verticals. He has been in numerous product roles and has realized two exits and several advanced venture rounds. Most recently he has served as Head of Product, leading his team to a series A and triple digit revenue growth. He started his career in management consulting and corporate M&A before pivoting to building startups.

Dan Mayernick, Finance & Operations — Dan has broad experience in his career spanning from private equity, operating and raising capital at start-ups, as well as finance and operational roles. He has worked with Joel and Kyle directly for multiple years prior to working on eVerse. Dan brings a wealth of operational, financial, and transactional expertise to the Company.

In addition to the core team listed above we have a growing team of blockchain engineers, full stack engineers, product specialists, and more.

We’re hiring! Email us to learn more.

External Links

To get on the waitlist for the everse.tv product please visit our website everse.tv and submit your email, we’ll add you as the first in line when we exit our closed beta release!


I’m very excited and thrilled to say welcome.

This project is receiving a $550K investment from Harmony through our Project-X initiative. It was a pleasure to meet you folks at ETH Denver, you have a rock star team, and I can’t wait to see how the team continues to build on eVerse platform.


That’s awesome. Thanks so much @dpagan-harmony and Harmony team!

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I echo @dpagan-harmony’s sentiments. Happy to approve this along with him.

Congratulations and welcome, eVerse team!
The transfer of funds is complete in two separate transactions:

We’re looking forward to working together and seeing your vision come to fruition.

Daniel Pagan

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Thanks again! So excited to get this going!

Do you have a Discord server?