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Since you guys flagged the comment @Point7C made- let me just paste his comment here again (before this comment also inadvertently gets flagged)-
"Hi, are you aware that your governor @BiancaGadelha got 10k from Harmony to setup her DAO (https://talk.harmony.one/t/spectrumx-dao) and she was never heard again (well, she logged in to flag my messages but still)?

Do you know if she’s ok? Me and some other DAOs fans here are getting worried!"

Sure would love to hear some answers! Maybe even from @BiancaGadelha herself?

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I managed to read through the thread and the proposal ask. It actually looks reasonable.

I’d ask for the governors and people involved to be vetted. It also opens a more general discussion on how to do this in structured manner for other DAOs.


Hola a todos!!

Quisiera invitarlos a participar de nuestro primer Twitter Space en español el día martes 10 de mayo, 6:00pm EDT / UTC - 4

Estaremos tratando varios tópicos importantes de para el desarrollo de los DAOs para Harmony en distintos países de Latinoamerica.

También tendremos invitados especiales hablando acerca de varios proyectos como soluciones tecnológicas para la región sobre nuestra plataforma.

No se lo pierdan!!! :raised_hands:t3::one::blue_heart:


Hi can we get an update on the roadmap? @frwrdslosh I am wondering the progress for this DAO.

So a few questions regarding an update on the LATAM DAO:

  1. the node you said you would run?
  2. the mentorship program that does not require funding to implement? What happened to that?
  3. the low number of Twitter Space listeners and why when there’s 9 govs and only a handful of people showed up. Just 3-4 people showed up to the space.
  4. sponsorship plan and hackathons that you proposed? What is going on there.
  5. no updates on your insta yet… no posts
  6. no discord? It doesn’t cost anymore money to create one. I checked your linkedtree, and I did not see a discord link… Harmony LatamDAO | Linktree
  7. Your twitter handle has just 1 post per week on average. Can I ask why? Low-engagement is not a good way of scaling a DAO.

@Boris_Polania @frwrdslosh @GeorgeofEmmaInterest @Elmandarin @Jose_Ramon_Couto_Alb @Camila @BiancaGadelha @HoundOne_Validator @lij @Sam an d more…

Hi George, I’m glad you wrote to us.

So far we have been advancing in our activities as far as we have been able making use of our own economical and human resources. We still have not received the first disbursement from Harmony, however, LatamDAO’s team has not stopped working on its activities since December of last year until today. It’s been countless hours of work by the whole team that won’t be remunerated, but we keep working in what we can with great enthusiasm because we really like the project and we see great potential in it.

LatamDao has already begun to comply with some of the metrics presented in the proposal, but in my opinion, is even more important the bonds we have created with strategic partners (initially in Venezuela) such as the Metropolitan University, one of the best and most technologically advanced universities in the country, with whom we have had several meetings, not only with the purpose of hosting our main events and hackathons, but also to create links between the students of the university and ZKU.

We have also made alliances with technological platforms in Venezuela such as Pagos ChinChin, a company dedicated to the distribution of “points of sale with cryptocurrencies”, with them we have the vision of integrating $ONE as a payment method so that it can be used nationwide. We also have created links for projects that include development of a “Proof of Identity” protocol, in alliance with the Inter-American Development Bank, and NFTs projects, etc. We talked about all this in our first Twitter Space.

We are aware of the complaints that arose in harmony’s community due to the destination of grants to projects that were not related to the type of technology that can be developed on the platform, which is why we are determined to look for real technological solutions developed for the region, by people from the region, who are in touch with the current needs of the region (all developed on Harmony Protocol).

We have to remember that Latin America, especially Venezuela, are the areas with the highest adoption of Cryptocurrencies in the planet, but little is known about blockchain and its benefits. So that is our focus George, I mean, real, viable and tangible technological development for Latin America that will also generate massive economic value to the ecosystem, in my opinion this goes far beyond the metrics that we initially presented.

Regarding the Twitter Space, I was also impressed by the low number of attendees, although we were 6/9 governors participating in the space (3 of us were together hosting the space through LatamDAO’s twitter account). I think this has been partly because of the loss of credibility and discontent of the community in Harmony due to the lack of funding promised to many projects, coupled with a bear market and the controversy generated by the discontent of some of the biggest investors. I would be very pleased if you help us promote our next Twitter Space that we will be hosting next week. This time our talk will be focused on discussing about the issues of voting Apps and multisig wallets, and so, offering solutions and ideas for the efficient management of the DAO fundings… It’ll be a Space focused on people who are already managing DAOs with Harmony and are going through these type of problems just like all of us. If you are a governor in a DAO you will surely know what I am talking about, so I hope you can join us and share with us.

Regarding the Discord account, it has weeks working, although you are right, it is not included in the Linktree. We are going to include it, thank you for that.

I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate the whole team of LatamDAO, that since December of the last year has not stopped working, and has been putting their love and effort in this beautiful project, it has been and will continue to be a pleasure to work with all of you.

I send you a big greeting George and thank you for giving attention to our project. Do not hesitate to make any other observations, they are always welcome.


Were you able to go to the 1DAO Alliance meeting today?

Please visit this links @Boris_Polania @GeorgeofEmmaInterest @frwrdslosh @lij to take a look at some of the projects we are aiming to develop with LatamDAO :+1:t3::one:


Lol they just canceled it but forgot yours. What a bunch of clowns

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Lmao. I can’t be arsed to follow exactly what’s been up with this DAO in particular but if they want to have some credibility they really gotta address the elephant in the room lol

That grant was awarded to her as a personal project and it is not related in any way to LatamDAO, so please, if you have any concern about the progress of her project, please address it in it’s proper section.

@BiancaGadelha have done a great job participating in LatamDAO so far and she’s an excellent professional that has contributed with great ideas.

I cannot fail to stress that we all have been studying and working on this DAO for over 8 months and the first funding is still yet to arrive, so I’d like to thank you all for your interest and concerns.

Stop speaking for her. Let her write a reply herself.

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Associating with individuals with a negative rep will obviously get you a negative rep. This isn’t particularly hard to understand.

Until she clears the air around her project, this question will keep popping up.

It’s a question about one of your governors so this is absolutely a fine section to discuss this

That’s exactly what I did as you can check here. All I got from her was getting my messages flagged as spam and the promise to get the Discord server (and this is just one of -ridiculous- KPIs she proposed) online more than one month ago.

I’m glad that a person that got 10k for a project regarding Autism and didn’t deliver anything at all apart from a MacBook Pro and boasted it on Twitter is an excellent professional in your organisation. I personally have a higher bar in terms of work ethic for people I work with, but whatever floats your boat.

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The thread about her amazing project was closed and archived 30 minutes ago. Great timing indeed!

I guess she’ll have to explain it here if she wants. What’s your guess @01khz ?


Even if that person is part of the DAO, we must not forget that a DAO is made up of 9 people who have a voice and a vote, but a majority is needed to get things done. decisions or actions will go ahead. You have to know how to separate it. The great work that Latam DAO is doing and wants to achieve does not have to be judged ahead of time for that reason.

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@01khz Since I’m sure you’re in touch with @BiancaGadelha, just let her know that archiving her post and making her profile private isn’t gonna hide details about her project she swindled $10k from.

I have all of it archived lol. This is the internet.

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If you guys have this power and are led by pure love and goodwill, just use it. Thanks!

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