SpectrumX DAO

I know Harmony is restructuring the DAO program with potentially DAO Pivot and 1DAO so I don’t want to kick a dead horse here.

Just wanted to know how could this be approved when it has no quantitative metrics?
Looks Like Boris approved on site at an event.
ONE wallet completely emptied once the funds were transferred. Like you guys called it yesterday…
Zombie DAO lol well it’s not funny but a little funny.

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Well this could be made into a South Park episode, “supplies that I’m missing to start creating the NFT art that I want to launch”, i am pretty sure this could be done with basic PC and internet connection. Did anybody asked how much she needs to live off in her country or what supplies she was lacking ? lol


Disgusting. And Harmony will tell you, you just don’t understand how DAO are the future of humanity, read a book. By now I expect not the freeloaders but Harmony team to respond to investors.

Why does it matter if they met someone during ETH Denver? Basically, it’s “oh, did you meet Boris at the party? Here’s 10k, buy yourself something shiny.” Boris, WTF, answer how do you approve this shit? Answer.

I know, in the AMA they said “only” $4 mil was handed out. This can be “only” 10k, but WHY? Actual ruggers are working harder to scam and extract value than these DAOs. PR disaster.

I want to be clear, the 300M ecosystem fund was something great, but it’s not Harmony’s funds they’re handing out, it’s the investors’ money. You, me and anyone else who came in from another chain or bought ONE with fiat gave value to ONE. Harmony, what are you doing with it?


Didn’t know the Harmony Team was doing donations.

BTW I am planning to release an NFT collection on Harmony soon but I need to clear my housing loan first, I hope the Team can assist me with that

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After EthDenver we got involved on a lot of different projects like LatamDAO and Brasil DAO, I’m actively working with both of them and with other communities at the same time. The SpectrumX DAO it is still a work in progress. Building DAOs is a long and complex process and we need to figure out many things and organize ourselves before we could move to the next stages. The Discord for SpectrumX was created like it was on the deliverable. We got connections with people who want to be part of the project and want to get in as mentors. I’m working on the NFT art on the side of it. We are getting together to make it happen and deliver more updates on it.

Another topic that was mentioned was that after receiving the funds I took it out from the wallet, I did it because it was on the Harmony extension that was no longer supported by harmony, so I didn’t want to keep it in there so I just transferred it to another wallet.

I am in regular communication with some of the members of the Harmony, and they would both guide and advise when needed. I will keep adding regular updates here and in discord so the community is more aware of our progress.

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What’s the discord link?

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Back in ethDenver we wanted to invest in people that wanted to jump into Web3 with Harmony. I personally talked with hundreds of people during those two weeks and focused my grants in people coming from Latin America. I can say today that the great majority of them—including Bianca—have not disappointed. They have been working intensively with the Spanish and Portuguese speaking community, increasing awareness with clear results. In a few months many local events with builders and developers have been organized, NFTs collections deployed and some of those projects have been featured in multiple publications, including Forbes.

We appreciate the community engaging and expressing their concerns, we are improving our communication channels, working day-to-day with our grantees and revamping our grant programs, so you have more understanding and visibility about what we are trying to achieve.

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Appreciate the response @Boris_Polania. To clear the air a bit further would you be able to provide sources to back some of these claims? Would certainly help restore the community’s faith in projects like these and I understand transparency and communication is certainly something the Harmony Team is looking at when it comes to DAOs.

Could you share with us where, and what NFTs were launched? Which ones got featured on Forbes? Would be very encouraging to see some good marketing


we are working on having the discord live, I will post it here soon

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Boris, you can’t be serious. This person asked for money and got it with an absurd proposal without any reliable kpi and spent the money right away in nothing related to the development of the DAO, just because she was lucky enough to travel from Brazil to Denver (typical of anyone that needs a donation to buy a new computer) to attend a weekly conference and meet you.

This is not a matter of improving your communication channel. Someone got money to deliver this:

Metrics for success


  • Getting mentors
  • Boost the SpectrumX DAO discord server
  • Website platform for SpectrumX DAO


  • Establishing partnerships
  • Connect with Harmony (maybe this was accomplished with her new Mac)
  • Marketing on twitter and social media

And nothing was done, but you are justifying 10k with her “work” for other DAOs where she’s milking even more money. Once called out, she started to flag and hide all the messages in this conversation pointing these facts. Does it seems like someone acting in good faith?

She’s also lying about the founds. The day after the grant all the founds were moved to a hot wallet and most likely sold:


I just checked explorer…
She dumped her $10,400 worth of ONE 6 hours later to Binance’s hot wallet.

I am not going to get personal with Boris as I have not met him yet for discussion.
Hopefully I will have that opportunity.

To be frank, this might be one of the worst metrics to be funded to date.

Also wanted to put something into perspective here as I have family & friends spread out all over Brazil.
$10,400 USD equals roughly 52,000 Reais…
This is equivalent an Accountants salary in Rio De Janeiro for 2.5 years!


Sure, take your time

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@Boris_Polania can you confirm or deny if you are in fact part of Harmony team? All other members of Harmony core have little check mark or shield next to their names, while your profile does not. For what I know you might be just a random person going around saying “approved” since anyone can register on this forum with username of their choice.

Beside what already was mentioned in previous posts, I also want to stress:

  • Usually, the grantee is presented with milestones, where upon hitting them, agreed tranche is sent out. In this case the grant was given out on the basis of two paragraphs before any criteria were met
  • Grantee actually did write, they will use the money to live off of the funds in their proposal
  • The money was sent out to a wallet, not multisig address (which likely enabled moving it immediately to CEX hot wallet, as there’s no need for several signatures to approve)
  • Harmony core team member, not only approved it, but also confirms their intention

In conclusion, this does not look like a grant to a DAO, Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, this looks more like hand out to a single individual that a Harmony team member wanted to support, a “charity” if you will.

It doesn’t matter if it’s “only 10k”. It wouldn’t be okay if it’s 10 dollars either, if it’s given as part of official grant I believe. If someone wants to support single person, it’s great vice but this can be done out of personal, not company’s pocket, imo.

I question ethics of this situation. It seems like Harmony is not only enabling this behaviour but straight up participating in it. I hope Boris and the harmony ops team could explain it and clear their name.


Haha can’t believe we missed this when it was happening.


I don’t believe you. You said above, “The Discord was created as it was on the deliverable”. Then you’re asked for the link, and you respond that you’re working on getting it live…? I don’t blame you for accepting the grant money, but you have no credibility or basis to make promises here.


Honestly, im not surprised at this point, i dont think reading yuvak noah harari’s books on DAOs will help harmony remain in the top 100, this morning it was top 97 and now top 99 (using cg as reference)

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Jesus , @lij , how ?!

This got funded and they don’t even have a discord server 4 MONTHS after , funds got dumped 6 hours after funding , I don’t know what you saw on this proposal @Boris_Polania or what she did to you in return but damn I hoped you enjoyed as much as she did while buying a new Mac Pro without literally having done any single thing on this DAO , absurd , incredible.


Almost there for the Discord guys, good things take time!

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