Harmony London International event

What a great idea. If you require any assistance let me know. I am London based.


Follow the UKDAO telegram say Hi and introduce yourself. DM me if you want.
It’s good to know who is interested and if people have skills.:pray:

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Hi Matty @Mattyontap

After a conversation with the UK DAO this event should not be part of the DAO and yes you are correct to suggest the UKDAO will be best to support this event. We have amended our proposal.

I am briefly looking the LDF event specs.

Without going into marketing details here is what they have:

  • Visitors form 75 countries 1.1 mil attendees of total 120K visitors to V&A museum

  • The total global outreach is 1.8 billion people via primary and secondary marketing channels influencers etc.

  • Focused articles on the various design and art magazines as well ad FT, The Independent and the Guardian, NY times, CNN, GQ, Le Monde The Times and many others

I am not selling you the event and of course a all the attendees will not be web3 demographic. However, because of the volume and the fact that there is a massive interest especially in the creative sectors regarding web3, NFTs and dApps, makes this a unique opportunity for Harmony.

Of course, this requires a lot of precise fine tuning and work to correctly identify how and where we will approach the wider community during the event and what formats we will be adopting.

I want to look every single aspect and details and discuss as well propose how to build this to maximise the benefits to Harmony. Also, to have meetings with various hosts and curators and see how at best this London wide, Harmony International event will have the max impact.

From the start in this proposal I am basing my faith on the success of 1wallet to be 100% functional and flawless so a 5yo can use it. A finished 1wallet will worth the investment for this event.

On another note today, the UK government Chancellor announced Stable coins to be used as legal tender in UK.

This is massive and I am working to find a Dev for Harmony Pay - Stage 2 Integrations & growth - #22 by drspinosa (the first DAO led Fintech !!!) so we can finish this app and have HRC20 stable coins to use for payment during the event.

Here is the official UK Gov announcement. I did write a strong recommendation directly to Mr Sunak a week ago maybe it worked :laughing: :laughing: :sunglasses: LOL!

As I mention this event will require a lot of detailed work. I have already sent @giv and @lij my application to focus and work in a detailed and professional manner with Harmony and included a recommendation on working on this event full time.

I suggest this to be run as a tech science and adventure project. Every information is analysed and decisions are made from that analysis. Then go expedition mode. We know where we are going we have all the tools let’s find gold and share it with the community!!

Also, we can work closely with the LDF team to create a bespoke partnership that will give Harmony a media spread across all media channels.

I am asking you to seriously consider this proposal and give me the opportunity to work on this starting with a feasibility and “how to operate for best results” initial study.



Yes please! Would love to attend. Can also link with pre-existing physical spaces e.g. Newspeak house - home for political technologists and event space

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Your space looks amazing and what you do is very interesting. I might come and visit you at one of your events or just to say “Hi”

I have penciled you in my list of "things to do and spaces to include " regarding this event proposal.

The vision is a multi spaces/ locations in London and multi disciplinary in delivery

Follow the UKDAO in telegram we chat of other things as well and your space can be useful for other work or events.


Hi all

LDF informed me of the deadlines for participation and partnerships:

Key dates for your calendar.
2nd May: Partner dashboard opens (this is when you can secure you package and start to upload your activity)
5th May: Kick Off Partner briefing. 5th May at 4pm via zoom.
30 June: Sign up deadline for Championed and Featured partners only
15 July: Sign up deadline & content deadline for all partners (Listed and Highlighted partners) - After this date no content changes can be made on print publications

As mentioned above all steps will require methodical research and study. I have already asked how can someone like Harmony will fit in LDF and benefit. I want to see their perception of Web3, NFTs blockchain, metaverse etc.

If for any reason the proposal is rejected outright I hope it was analysed carefully in detail and all aspects and forms that this opportunity offers. As I believe if just by thinking it is too big for Harmony it will be a miscalculation of potential growth and returns.

On another note, I just was informed that the first real bricks and mortar NFT art gallery opened in London. Seeking more information from a UKDAO member who contacted them.

London - Day ONE


  • On my last communication with LDF. they informed me they have Partnerships and Sponsorships- Headliner options and can be discussed and tailor fit Harmony.
    I have been asked to have an initial official meeting.

  • Active UK politician MP Matt Hancock in the news officially supporting relaxing regulations regarding Crypto and Blockchain technologies to give them a chance as he said so they can grow and bring innovation. He will be talking at WEB3 event same time as the LDF show

  • ArchiDAO is interested participating. Architecture, Design, Arts, and WEB3 Technology under one event a Harmony Event

Harmony London - DAY ONE

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In person conference really foster collaboration and innovation in the space (Speaking from NYC.NFT and ETH Denver experience). Great initiative. ArchiDAO would be happy to discuss and share the physical -digital and metaverse experiments. Happy to organize a panel discussion if that sounds of interest.



The Idea for an International Harmony event that will build bridges is gaining traction
The Original idea is bridges for tradfi <-> defi web3<->web2 on many levels also bring Harmony to the design community in UK

  • Two London Crypto groups are very interested and willing to collaborate. I will be having a meeting with one of them next week.

  • In communication with Zebu Live Web3 event that I believe will have a parliament politician presenting the opportunity of crypto tech.

  • The interest is so high that a new telegram group about this Harmony event spontaneously created (and it was not me that instigated it), like big bang in the last 48h. I will update here next week

  • Onboarding Web2 devs also high in the agenda

  • 1wallet is a must have during this event and I believe can focus all teams to a specific date to deliver all systems functioning.

  • I also believe this event will help withe marketing that the community keeps writing about. However please don’t link this event with a marketing/ PR company to take the lead. I will explain further in my email.

  • Apart from the usual Harmony Web3 projects compiling a list or really interesting collaborations, speakers and “strange projects” We are web3 explorers aren’t we?

  • The operations and deliver are to run it as a Apollo style mission. We use all the tech the aim it to land where no one has gone before and failure is not an option.

  • I will send you a detailed email next week for all core team to read. I would like some feedback on my email.

Marketing, NFT tradfi <-> defi web3<->web2, 1wallet, teams’ targets, Design community and V&A. Multi-site, experimental DAO operations and much much more.

Harmony London - Day ONE

Let me know if this event goes ahead, I will attend

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I am working to make this very good for Harmony. I hope we are approved for the project planning stages. It will be nice if you visit.
I would like to see how your training program could potentially fit in this event. :blue_heart:

A bit out of topic but very relevant

When I first discovered theses sounds many years ago and playing them on my handmade FM valve radio station the soundscapes still sound relevant and fresh today

Klaus Schulze one of the main composers that is responsible of frying my brain with high doses of electrons and digital Information during an analogue to become digital age.

This is how I see this London event, a symphony of colours and sounds orchestrating a harmonious tune.
Sounds, Developers Business, Art, Design, NFTs, Hackathons, Teaching, Engaging, and more all pulsating together.

Thanks Klaus rip :frowning:

Hello all

Today I received cake :birthday: :cake: 1y old on Harmony Talk and next month 2ys on Harmony WoW!!

What best time to release a little teaser I made for the proposed International multi disciplinary LDF sponsoring event in London.

I’m not a pro so I hope you like and used some footage from other Harmony events as well as the music. So tag yourselves whoever you have created a great content

But tick tock tick tock :hourglass_flowing_sand: time is passing fast and we need time for great things to happen.

Do you know what they say: To have success 50% is making a decisive bold decision at the right time and the other 50% is hard work.

Let’s dive in roll our sleeves up and to so work. September is only around the corner

Lets Surprise everyone - Harmony London - Day ONE

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Hello Lovely people

The Harmony Core team is very busy building and has paused any funding at the moment.

However, in this bear/ down turn market, we must go the extra mile. This is the time when creativity flourishes and things happen. I strongly believe if we let this opportunity passes we will have to work much harder and will cost even more to have a better position in the market.

In London, you may not hear about it, but there are continuously weekly meetups and events, including NFT and Dev meetings. NFTUK had a large display taking over a high street building and last week had an NFT expo.

AAVE continuously has meetups and events some are private some are open to the public. One exclusive event is happening in June

There is a lot of creative energy but Harmony needs to be there and capitalise and think entrepreneurial and piece the fragmented London/ UK crypto market together to maximize the benefit to Harmony.

Unfortunately, there is one common theme from all those events and meetings, Harmony is missing not a single mention, people are aware of Harmony but not taking it into serious consideration.

Right now, people discussing and planning for ETH London summer 2023. Harmony is missing from those discussions.

I strongly believe that by being now present in London Harmony will be planting seeds strategically and we can rip mass benefits in 2023.

I have spent 4 months researching and contacting people in London and have made a lot of notes. I even contacted Crypto. Com marketing department. Long shot I know but one has to try.

So, what I am suggesting. Let’s forget Core funding. Who is in so many projects got funded I think it is time to spend a little bit. Investors- Who is interested. People with management, presentation and marketing professional skills come forward.

I suggest focusing all our energy on the week commencing 19th of September and being part of the London Design Festival - LDF. LDF can give us a unique launch pad to the whole of London and massive exposure to millions of people and high profile publications.

I have spent time creating a relationship with LDF and attended a couple of meetings. They are looking for a theme and Web3/ Blochian, NFT, banking the unbanked, new economies emerging etc are music to their ears and are very interested.

There are packets to work with them from as little as £500 however spending of £5000 – £20K can offer strategic marketing exposure for Harmony.

I found a couple of locations that can be Harmony HQ and be an LDF destination. The cost of such a location can be free if work collaboratively with the owners.

There are deadlines to be part of the LDF depending on the level of participation and content we wish to share. June is most important.

I offered to be a full-time project manager (since I have a lot of experience on similar and LDF events and I project manage regeneration and construction projects) and there will be a need for 1-2 more people to be on board for at least 7h-10h per week and almost full time during the event week.

I have a recommendation of someone that might be interested and are super active in the London crypto/ NFT scene. They bring people together naturally and will be a great asset to the team.

If someone thinks they have better stronger skills that me please come forward I can step aside and be happy to work for free remote only and max 2-3h a week. Anyway, I am negotiating 3 project management roles so it will be first come first serve when booking a project. I need to work like everyone else. I would prefer o do this project if the payment is correct (apologies I can work for free unless as suggested above)

Anyway, I got shed loads to share to help this becoming a success. Happy to share all my work if this runs professionally and serious by someone else.
Anyone with financial freedom and professional skills please come forward happy to share my work.

So basically, I am asking to come together and create crowdfunding to reach £100-£150K to cover all aspects of the project and maximize the benefit to Harmony without any core funding.

Something can be achieved for as little as £25K however cheap does not mean saving money and there is a very likely chance to have a negative effect of making Harmony look cheap and unprofessional and it could be a waste of £25k.

Ther is a multi-sig wallet I have set up however I would like and is the correct thing to do to have 2 extra cosignatories.

We need to work fast to meet LDF deadlines and also link up with the international WEB3 summit that will be happening at the same time. UK politicians will be there including the “Treasury man” who supports crypto and already suggested supporting new tech companies in the sector in the UK.

We can go solo but we will be missing a large exposure opportunity, though still something independently can be done during the 19th of Sept week.

In these difficult times, once we are established in London/ UK we will be in a very good position for faster exponential growth. There is a massive and I mean seriously big potential for large non-crypto people adoption this year.

The main key points to having very good success are

1wallet ready and working flawlessly and intuitive.

Cohesive branding from the core team and easy to navigate landing page.

At least one NFT platform suitable for “Dummies”

At least one Gamefi/DeFi platform suitable for “Dummies”

And ideally, Cross shard comms and RPC flawless operations for snug free “Jo Public” adoption and usage.

Let’s do this fam and bring yourselves forward we got 3-5 weeks max to bring this together. Get your superhero capes on. It is not difficult just needs work and goodwill.

Let’s Surprise everyone - Harmony London - Day ONE

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There are 28 Events in London and this is only the beginning Degen Events | degen.events. I hear there are shed loads more coming from the groups I chat with. There are also weekly meetings mainly NFT and some dApp development. There is only one common theme Harmony is missing from all of them.:cry:

I, unfortunately, don’t have the financial freedom jet setting to London every week. Does anyone in London that can be there and have some spare time to attend some and give some feedback? :blue_heart:
DM me, write on the UKDAO Telegram or comment below.

In this London wide event, I am proposing to get early and build Harmony UK in a multifaceted way. We need to be bold and brave at this point. We are at the point where an F1 car has entered the corner. An intuitive thing to do is to slam the brakes, however, the experienced driver will trust the tech and nature’s downforce and accelerates!

Forcing a regional DAO to happen is one way, being on the grounds attending every event, project and bringing people under one Harmonious roof I believe has more potential and a greater chance for success. Continual bitesize projects leading toward a collective event and continues with more growth afterwards.

Let’s Surprise everyone - Harmony London - Day ONE

Hi, the UK DAO does not exist on Harmony as far as I am aware. The UK DAO Telegram etc may be there but this DAO is not recognised or funded by Harmony.

The existence of the UK DAO in this state is not helping to create an actual Harmony funded British or UK DAO imo.

This event is independent of The UK DAO
It is a marketing proposal based on my extensive UK contact network and knowledge of the UK economy in terms of business, calture.studies, art colaborations, events and city regeneration work as well as running a pre DAO DAO type of organisations that I starte from ground 0 fspent my oun almost £100k over 10ys. Please read all information on all chanels and posts I have been working on for the last 1.5ys for Harmony.

On another note please comment on the UK DAO proposal regarding UKDAO operations.
I would like this chat to be creative and up beat for the benefit of Harmony.
DAOs don’t have to be Funded By Harmony to offer anything to the ecosystem. Harmony is a permisnless ecosystem and we are allowed to operate independently and experiment. Not all feet fit in one size shoes.

I hope I offered enough information to help you reserch Harmony in more depth and understand the greater visionary consepts that we all are exploring.

You mention the UK DAO telegram and it is my right to note that the UK DAO is not yet funded by Harmony so that people do not think it is.

I do not appreciate your tone here or your words. Anyone can reply to this thread and kindly do not reply to me in this manner again.

This looks great idea and well organized! :+1:

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Hi it is not a tone this thread is sent to professional and potential investors who they like to see a continuous flow of creative information. The Telegram for the UKDAO is live you and anyone are welcome to write questions and chat there as well as on the UKDAO proposal.
I like to keep this thread professional and createtive.

Please add create ideas here and if you can help as to how this can happen even without core Harmony funding. Thanks