Harmony UAE DAO Formation – Harmonizing the power of a crypto hub!

Harmony UAE DAO Formation – Harmonizing the power of a crypto hub!

Regional DAO

Proposal overview


“The future belongs to those who design it. Through the virtual asset law, we aspire to participate in shaping the future of this ever-evolving sector." – His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Minister of Defence of UAE, as well as the Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai

With a vision to make Dubai the number one crypto hub and destination in the world, UAE has recently announced ‘The Dubai Virtual Asset Regulation Law’. This law is aimed at presenting an advanced legal framework to protect investors and promote responsible business growth within a virtual asset (VA) Industry governance that implements the highest international standards.

Keeping this in mind it would be safe to say that the adoption of cryptocurrency in the UAE will take place at an astounding rate. Hence, it is absolutely important that we take advantage of the governance environment that is conducive to the growth of the crypto community in the UAE and we are able to present Harmony UAE DAO as a major force that can help UAE’s crypto community in the early adoption of Harmony Protocol and its ecosystem.

With this, we take pleasure in announcing the formation of a Harmony UAE DAO!


The primary vision of Harmony UAE DAO is to introduce Harmony ecosystem to the crypto community in UAE with a specific focus on making new users aware regarding the salient features of the ecosystem.

Considering the fact that UAE is destined to become the number one crypto destination in the world, it would serve as a leg up to have an established Harmony community that is focused on spreading awareness regarding not just Harmony Protocol, but what it can bring to the world of Web3, NFT, DeFI and the gem called Play-to-earn.

We would focus on onboarding new users to the ecosystem by taking the following steps:

• Creation of social media accounts like Twitter, Telegram, Instagram as well as establish a YouTube channel

• Post infographic content on the social media handling describing an overview and advancements the Harmony ecosystem is bringing to the crypto world and how it would support building a sustainable and scalable future

• Design Standard Operating Procedures for efficient functioning of Harmony UAE DAO

• Creation of a Facebook page in order to ensure deeper penetration in mainstream social media and optimize the reach of Harmony UAE DAO

• Host virtual as well as in person meet-ups for the Harmony Community at appropriate venues and raise awareness. The meetups would also serve as a platform for onboarding new developers and users to the Harmony ecosystem.


  1. Younus Saeed (Lead Governor)
  2. Abdul Qadir (Community Engagement)
  3. Tayyab Khan Mohammed (Content Wizard & Community Moderation)
  4. Hussain Mohammed Ali Echleh (Technical Guru & Support Guide)
  5. Mohammed Sirajuddin Junaidi (Community Development)
  6. Laila Lalani (Content & design aesthetics)
  7. Gaurav Sharma (Operational Excellence)
  8. Mir Shaeque Ali Razvi (Community Engagement)
  9. Waleed Mohammed - (Operational Support)

[YOUNUS SAEED](https://www.linkedin.com/in/younus-saeed-72b150169/)
Consummate businessman with a penchant for crypto and Blockchain technology, Younus has proven himself over and over again in the corporate arena and the shrewd business field. Younus has extremely strong social connections in the Emirati community and would be helpful in laying the foundation for a strong and fledgling community. Younus is an experienced crypto trader who has made his name in the trading arena by sharing common knowledge and spreading crypto awareness in the community he hangs with.

[ABDUL QADIR](https://www.linkedin.com/in/abdul-qadir-043989179/)
An extremely successful crypto trader whose efforts have been noticed in the various crypto groups and communities he has participated in. Abdul has not only been active in trading, but he has also been nominated as a growth hacker and ambassador for various prestigious crypto projects like Near Protocol, Quickswap, WazirX, etc.

[TAYYAB KHAN MOHAMMED](https://www.linkedin.com/in/tayyab-khan-mohammed-7302923a/)
A dynamic individual with experience in arenas of learning and performance management, risk management, anti-money laundering and terrorism financing, content creation and leadership amongst others, Tayyab has garnered over 15 years of experience across industries and has developed his collaborative skills by working directly with senior management positions. He presently handles the Risk Management and Fraud Prevention for a well-known financial organization. Tayyab is presently associated with prestigious crypto projects like Harmony, EOS, etc.

HUSSAIN MOHAMMED ALI ECHLEH(https://www.linkedin.com/in/ali-hussain-mohammed-echleh-2a378a234/)
Ali Hussain is an Emirati National who has been enthusiastic about technological advancements since his early days. Having worked in the IT industry since his college days, he has made his way to being the Head of Spatial Data at the Directorate of Sharjah Town Planning and Survey, a prestigious Government of Sharjah enterprise. Ali has proven himself as a strong social engineer who can connect like-minded people very easily. Ali is a well-experienced crypto trader with a special affinity towards platform based coins.

An absolutely fabulous trainer and engagement artist, Siraj has proven himself in training rooms in UAE as well as India. Catering to crowds of up to 300 in one go, Siraj has demonstrated an innate ability the engage the attendees as well as educate them regarding the topics being discussed. Siraj’s core area of expertise is Anti-money laundering and terrorism financing as well as corporate behavior. With a deep knowledge of the crypto industry, Siraj aims at becoming an expert in the cryptocurrency industry.

An established fashion designer who has shown a strong affinity towards the Blockchain industry as well as the crypto industry. Laila has established and developed her own line of clothing under the brand name “La-ila: Poetry in Design” and has catered to some of the most exclusive clientele in UAE, USA as well as India. Her digital marketing and social engineering skills would serve as the push needed for the establishment of Harmony UAE DAO’s social media community. Presently Laila is working towards obtaining more experience in the crypto industry and wants to contribute extensively towards awareness and education about Blockchain technology.

Gaurav is a technology savant who has established himself as a business man in a competitive market like UAE and is a well-known figure in the technology world in Dubai. Gaurav’s acumen for relationship building and connecting communities has proven him to be a force to be reckoned with. Gaurav will add valuable help in growing the Harmony UAE Community and popularizing it among the early adopters of Blockchain technology.

Having worked in the Compliance & AML industry for about 15 years, Mir would act as the guiding force for all things ethical and he would be instrumental in developing a framework that would be helpful for ethical and legal functioning of Harmony UAE DAO. Mir has extremely good collaborative skills that will prove instrumental in onboarding new users to the Harmony community.

Waleed is a dynamic Accounts Receivables specialist with insightful work experience in delivering strong business performance through development of long/short term strategies in synergy with organizational requirements on Accounts receivables and Accounting plans.

Waleed is an experienced crypto trader with an innate understanding of blockchain technology, NFT and metaverse. Waleed has been associated with getting his organization onboard with Ripple and developing a sustained payments strategy!


  • Key Growth Factors: Creation of logos for the Harmony UAE DAO. Onboarding of users, engaging them and providing awareness regarding the ecosystem and the gains they can get out of it while supporting sustainable growth.

  • Excellence through Engagement: Clearly defined growth roadmap in line with Harmony Protocol growth roadmap. Establishing product campaigns and raising awareness through online events

  • Inclusivity for all: Implementation of the maker, checker and verifier concept leading to transparent work ethics. The same will be presented in front of the community and regular votes would be obtained to check for course corrections and community involvement.

Proposal ask


(i) First Month

  • Establishment of Twitter handle and Telegram groups. The target is to achieve 200 organic followers for Twitter and 200 organic followers for Telegram group with an engagement percentage of up to 70%

  • Content Translation to Arabic. Start the translation of “open.harmony.one 13”, examination and checking of the governors.

  • Engaging the community with the concepts of incentive based learning

  • Establishment of Content Marketing

  • Provide Moderation Support on both Platform (Telegram and Twitter)

  • Governors’ meetings with moderators to control the requirements

(ii) Second Month

  • Gathering 1000 followers for the Twitter handle of Harmony UAE DAO and 1000 Members for Telegram group with 70% engagement

  • Content Translation to Arabic in Telegram and Twitter.

  • Continuation of incentive programs for the community

  • Creation of social media accounts like Instagram & Reddit.

  • Provide Moderation Support on both Platform (Telegram and Twitter)

  • Harmony Community Meet-ups (Held at hotels/conference rooms.

(iii) Third Month

  • Continuation of incentive programs for the community

  • Facilitating a hackathon sponsored by Harmony Protocol

  • Start Content work on Reddit and Instagram and focus on Engagement mainly.

  • Content Translation to Arabic in Telegram and Twitter.

  • Provide Moderation Support on both Platform (Telegram and Twitter)

  • Harmony Community Meet-ups (Held at hotels/conference rooms)


A long-term working partnership of up to 2 years is what we aim for. However, in the interest of good governance practices, we request the funding to be provided for a period of 3 months. Upon expiry of the 3 month period and a separate work plan as well as funding request would be placed subject to re-election of Governors.

  1. Gathering a follower base of 1000 on Twitter & Telegram → $10,000
  2. Translation of Harmony.one → $10,000
  3. Moderation support on Twitter & Telegram → $3,000
    (2 persons for 3 months - $500 per month)
  4. Hackathon → $10,000
  5. Meet-up → $10,000
  6. Community incentives/Marketing Program → $18,000
    ($6,000 per month)
  7. Sourcing 5 projects → $10,000

Subtotal → $71,000
Safety Net (Due to volatility - 10%) → $7,100
Overall Total Amount → $78,100

Harmony UAE DAO Requesting the $41000.00 amount to start the work

  • $10000 for translation
  • $10000 for 1000 Active member
  • $18000 for community Incentives program
  • $3000 for moderation
    Total = $41000.00

Metrics for success

  1. Start Managing Telegram and Twitter, Aiming for 1000 Followers for Twitter and 1000 Members for Telegram.
  2. Completion of translation of “open.harmony.one”, verification and review by appointed governors.
  3. Development of community based incentive programs
  4. Continued moderation on Twitter and Telegram channels
  5. Sponsoring of hackathon and ensuring high visibility of Harmony Protocol on social media including digital and print media
  6. Organizing a community meet-up in Dubai with a minimum of 50 attendees
  7. Onboarding up to 5 projects on Harmony Protocol
  8. Governors’ meetings with moderators to control the requirements

Multisig address:
ONE : one1w88vr3wq8dfq4e6uxf0prhux3kf7ytenu2jmzv
ETH : 0x71Cec1c5C03b520ae75C325e11dF868D93E22f33

  1. Ali Hussain Mohammed: one1nllzwmdpz52q47hfdd7ne8zhs5vs8z827y2p72
  2. Abdul - one1rndj7kqdyu4a6vcdvg2cd3y0dlfz6c444qezjf
  3. Laila lalani - one1vujfj8tp6allzwpgfufgu6ylj3wz049acmxdsf
  4. younus- one13pzz5pa7jqqq9vyzjh6ssd9kf77lgyfrrnfd7s
  5. Tayyab: one14rx2ca2nekw6vrwss57sgfme9ggr5d4qkxzusn
  6. Mir Shaeque Ali Razvi :one146rmg3ugyjtpetdvnr8mqk4yply2e9mja49qye
  7. Gaurav: one14exhkvfqd6q2t9plncsjn966kgyjar4d3c7dwg
  8. Waleed Mohammed: one1enfrek6r25cyaf5u9c8m3xdrfrqqma9ydftxz9
  9. Mohammed Sirajuddin Junaidi : one1gflux2qvpga6snrcq0f6qudlcv7zejmdlwwdsl

Next 3 Month Election Term will count from the first funding date.

External links

Currently we do not have any external links, however we have created the logo of the proposed DAO.


@lij @frwrdslosh

Due to the restriction of new users not being allowed to post more than 4 links, we haven’t been able to share the LinkedIn profiles of the remaining 5 governors. We can share it as needed. Thank you


Hello @Younus

Thank you for submitting your proposal for a DAO grant.

I wanted to reach out and let you know that we are reviewing your proposal.

Our review process is fairly straight-forward. All grants come into our pipeline as Uncategorized. Once we have established what sort of grant they are (i.e. Launch Grant, Partnership, DAO, etc) we move them to the In Review stage.

The following stage is Need Info and this is where the community and the Funding Team and/or DAO Operations team asks for further information and makes sure that the proposal is in the proper format. This is usually the stage that takes the longest so, if you are looking to accelerate your grant process, ensuring that your request is in the proper format is the best advice we can give.

Once the proper information is gathered, the proposal moves into the To Approve category where the Funding Team and/or DAO Operations team gathers three "Strong Yes"s for approval.

Once those votes of confidence have been gathered, we announce the approval and request that the grantee fills out the Grant Funding form.

Currently, @Younus , your proposal has been moved from Uncategorized to In Review and @frwrdslosh is assigned to your particular project.

My thanks!

Sam Harrison


Looks like a great proposal with a clearly broken-down mandate set. This would help in reaching the assigned milestones. A Harmony DAO for UAE has been long awaited. I would love to be associated with it!!


Dubai is the crypto Hub nowdays, its good to see the dao formation.


Good to see the UAE DAO about to create. It will be great start to expand the Harmony community network in Arab Countries.


The proposal looks like it is well-thought of and checks all the right boxes. The UAE DAO Logo is Awesome. Best of luck UAE DAO !!!


The team has worked hard on the proposal and have ensured to cover all the important aspects. The team aims to work collaboratively with the community!


Harmony aims to connect the world of blockchains, it is nice to see people from all over the world joining the great Harmony initiative. I am excited to see Harmony UAE DAO live, a well explained proposal with a clear mandate also the team looks strong.


A very nice proposal. I am already learning a lot by being a part of the team.

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Thank you for your comment Khalid. Keep an eye out… We would love to work together with the community!

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Totally agreed @AzeemKh41706575 we have to ensure that we are able to capitalize on the good steps taken by the Dubai government for creating an crypto-friendly environment!

Thanks @UmAhmad the Logo indeed looks good. It’s exciting to hear positive feedback from the community! Cheers!

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Good proposal. Good to see a DAO specifically for UAE.


Thanks @Murtuza_Rangwala we are looking forward to see active interaction from you and the community in the near future. Cheers!

Great proposal team. UAE crypto community can finally familiarize itself with the Harmony ecosystem and earn from community incentive programs! Thanks, Harmony.


Thank you Ms. Hannan. We look forward towards building abgreat community driven incentive programs to increase enthusiasm and engagement! Would love your participation as well! Cheers


Harmony DAO هذا اقتراح رائع للإمارات العربية المتحدة.
سيضمن لهذه المنطقة أن يكون لدينا الكثير من المشاركة والجلسات. أنا Crypto متحمس لمشاركة رؤية صاحب السمو والتزامه تجاه

This is a great proposal for the UAE . Harmony DAO for this region will ensure that we have lots of engagement and sessions. I’am excited to share His Highness’s vision and commitment for Crypto.

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Thank you so much Bayan. I really appreciate the support you have shown towards the DAO proposal. We look forward to a continued relationship with you! Cheers!

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Expats and locals in UAE have been extremely excited towards learning new things regarding the crypto industry. Formation of a UAE DAO would help in Harmony to take the front running position in the crypto community in UAE

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