Harmony South Asia DAO - Learn in Harmony & Work as ONE!

I can see there is a lot of hard work that has been put into this which shows the commitment and passion the team has…Really looking forward to exploring the kind of impact they can create. Should definitely be funded!

Blockchain is no doubt the most secure advancement in tech today, and little is being done for its promotion, especially in Pakistan. Really commend the efforts put into this vision to make it a reality! I think this is amongst the much needed initial steps the youth in Pakistan need, to be acclimatized with what Web 3.0 will be bringing forth.

Highly appreciate this ambitious project and the vision this impressive team has! Went over the breakdowns, which cements my stance on why this project deserves to be funded.

Bringing blockchain technology in the face of “Harmony” and creating a decentralised working environment for people is a great step. This will definitely boost the economy by providing more jobs to people, especially fresh graduates. Much needed, especially for the youth and employment in Pakistan.

Really looking forward to how this progresses in the near future! I’m glad someone has decided to take the initiative and hope you receive the deserved funding to help kickstart this project very soon.

Hey guys! MarsColony is finally on Mainent!

To celebrate it we would like to allocate a NFT piece of MarsColony to South Asia DAO, could you please provide us a public wallet and let me know if you would like to receive it :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the list for more details

Hello @shestov

This is a very well thought out business plan. I applaud your work!

I would like to encourage you to visit our DAO Funding Guidelines page and review how we evaluate and fund DAOs.

We break our DAO funding into - at minimum - three “tranches”; Bootstrap, Operational, Expansion. You can read more about it on the guidelines.

For the Bootstrap Grant, The minimal requirements for are:

  1. Mandates: 3 mandates. Specific. Precise. Each mandate to have two sub-clauses to provide further clarification on these mandates. All three mandates and their sub-clauses should fit within a tweet.

    1. EXAMPLES:

      Developer DAO:
      Support -
      Resolve daily issues on forums & channels, drive weekly meeting agenda
      Bounties - Prioritize bugs & features with task management & contributor retention
      Advocacy - Hold workshops & events, content marketing with talks & blogs

      Basic DAO:
      Timesheets -
      Help contributors track work hours & deliverables in public
      Payroll - Setup paid challenges, wallets, streaming payments & taxes
      Reviews - Follow up performance feedback for bonus or penalty, rage quits, or kicks.

  2. Deliverables: Looking forward for the next 3 months only, identify key deliverables directly tied to the mandates of your DAO that you will be focused on accomplishing. Be specific. Chart, in steps, how you will get from where you start to delivering your goal.

  3. Metrics: Quantifiable and verifiable. List the “stretch goal” metrics that you and your DAO will be using to measure your impact in furthering your mandate. Low bars of success indicate a certain level of disengagement, while high bars and stretch goals indicate confidence in yourself and your community to accomplish that about which you are passionate.

  4. Governors: List the 9 governors that will start your DAO. NOTE: As we have said in the DAO Funding Guidelines (Guidelines for Harmony Grants) being a governor is not about having a part-time job. Think about your three mandates and try to find passionate individuals that have the skillset and expertise to help you accomplish those goals.

  5. Gnosis Safe Multisig Wallet: Establish a multisig wallet that requires 5 out of the 9 governors to approve the disbursement of funds.

  6. Schedule the Next Election: DAOs are not kingdoms. The initial governors do not rule by divine right, nor are they supposed to be “Governors-for-Life”. DAOism is about community. About passionate participation in projects. It is vital that we have a regular rotation of community members experiencing the responsibility of managing the DAOs treasury.

I look forward to seeing where your project goes.


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It’s not my proposal, sir.

cc @batman.


Thanks for the correction, @shestov

@batman – any updates?

Hello, @batman @BM-SouthEast

Due to the lack of recent activity I am going close this thread and decline this proposal without prejudice. I encourage you and your team to review our DAO Funding Guidelines to get a deeper understanding of the criteria necessary to be approved and how our funding is structured.

Also, take a look at our Regional DAO Guidelines.

Please feel free to resubmit an updated proposal at your convenience.

Hi Mikey
Many thanks for your email. Where possible could you grant us two and half weeks extension until after Easter. As we are in the process of narrowing down the proposal.
Thank you in advance.
Kind regards

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Sure thing, friend! I will keep this thread open.

Thank you for your response! :blue_heart:

Hello, @BM-SouthEast !

I would like to deliver a brief update from Harmony.

All approvals and proposals for DAO Bootstrap Funding is still paused. This is a temporary measure. Please do not let this dissuade you and your team from building.

note: this comment is not an approval of this proposal

Thanks for the update. When you ready give me shout as I was thinking we can use this time to make proposal and funding protocols/criteria.
I am happy to help you out with that as has experience in that area.

I like how 80% of the comments that say how good and useful the project is comes from account with no more than ~5 min read time on the forums , botting your support on the forums as a way to make your proposal more attractive is lame and so is this all expenses travel the world using Harmony’s money budget is.


Hello @batman

The Harmony DAO Ops team has decided to decline this proposal.

We have found over the past year of DAO operations that the organizations that don’t start with a large, dedicated community and a goal to fund themselves tend to have very low success rates. They tend to have a hard time recruiting additional community support and tend to bring limited value to the overall Harmony ecosystem.

The bar to receive a DAO bootstrap grant is now higher than it has been historically. In order to receive a bootstrap grant going forward, DAOs will need to evidence a high level of transparent reporting, robust community involvement and a business plan that reflects a commitment to self-funding. Further guidelines are being finalized and should be released in the coming week.

I apologize that this process has been lengthy and drawn-out and I appreciate yours and the DAOs patience. Harmony and the DAO Ops team wanted to exhaust every option before responding with a declination.

Do not let this dissuade you or your DAOs passion to build on Harmony. Harmony is integrating new tools to help build a robust DAO ecosystem. I’m looking forward to your success.

This thread will be closed.

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