Harmony's Brand Refresh & DAO Campaign for ETH Denver

My immediate first thought of the current logo is calm, tranquility, harmony, the sea l, the sky, openness light, nature …

The proposed one the immediate thoughts are ETH. Or a sunset ot ETH.

The Memphis inspection kind of reminds me of a mix of Bauhaus mixed with Gustav Klimt then rounded.
Don’t get me wrong there is something there just at this point it feels disconnected

Possibly the curves at the logo might need readjusting but need to see it in close inspection on my pc tomorrow.

There is definitely a need for refresh but let’s think about it a bit more. It feels rushed.

However if you are going to use this only at ETH Denver it looks like ETH compatible and i think it will work there. So you are generally in tune for the event ONLY.

After the event i think you keep the original logo and rethink the branding.

There are some good points from the presentation but the overall result to me does not feel Harmony.

I’ll have another look/ think tomorrow


Logo: can’t see much difference - I like that it stays true to itself

Font Change: good, the new one is much cleaner and more professional.

The new (dark blue) Color is really boring compared to old ones.
It went from fun, young, modern entrepeneurs to 90s tax institute.

Currently, I don’t see the art reflecting harmony. But maybe that’s something that grows on you. But I’m not convinced yet.

Must aggree with @Harmoniouschanel, the socks are aweseome! :smiley:

Note: I see how those teenagers are dressing, maybe my modern isn’t up-to-date with the youth. xD

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This update is fantastic. I think the changes make the network look more professional and legitimate.

This is just a proposal and the engagement predates the creation of Creative DAO. It is shared here so everyone in the community has a chance to review and provide feedback. This naturally includes Creative DAO and the Harmony core team! I myself just saw this for the first time today.

Design DAO is a WIP. Its mandates are different to those of Creative DAO, but naturally will be complimentary. More details soon.


Blue is much more embraced as a color, it’s easier to present than a dark logo, or a green logo, blue represents open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity .

Thank you for the response Giv, I will share some feedback.

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I think overall the work completed looks positive, the changes to the logo make sense, I do however prefer the font style for the word ‘Harmony’ for the logo previous to the changes. I think the original font holds a lot of the Harmony identity within it.

Regarding the branding for ETH Denver, I like how much this scheme stands out, I’m not sure how this ties in with Harmony and what the blockchain sets out to achieve but could draw some attention. I’m questioning if this is something that should be used to show identity, as I’m not sure what identity it’s trying to portray. I guess it represents coming together, being different, but I’m wondering if this will make sense to the average person that sees this.

Overall, I believe the current Harmony font is part of our identity, the current Harmony blue to me should always be kept on our palette, but we certainly have fun along the way. I love the white-on-black logos, white-on-deep blue logos are incredible! We should have fun with branding and colors along with themes, however, I feel like the things that we incorporate should always represent what we do and strive to achieve.


I appreciate the intent here. The removal of the color gradient makes sense from a technical perspective and increases the viability of applications of the logo. The variety of colors is an improvement.

The downsides to me are glaring. All the life has been sucked out of the brand. It was a fun, crypto native vibe, and now it’s a soulless corporate shell.

Fixing the downsides while keeping the positive technical changes will make this significantly better.


Hello! I saw this on Twitter and with all due respect for the designers that put work into this “rebranding” this looks cheap and low effort. The whole talk about the feel that the font gives etc sounds like a bunch of bull to me… The current Harmony logo has that kick to it, the gradient is the best part about it. Moving to a monochromatic logo just takes the magic away from the logo. Please consider this as constructive feedback and just disregard this potential “rebranding” attempt. This looks like a downgrade. Also, the “y” in Harmony in the new font looks bad and botched…

If you want to make the brand more product/banner friendly, just change the color and adapt it to the background it needs to be on without chaning anything else. The logo is recognizable, the color scheme too.

And this is not a “New bad, old good” type of comment. If this rebranding attempt would have been genuinely good, I think everyone would have agreed with it.

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Hope this feedback finds you well.

I think the designers changes to the logo make sense, however I feel the colour selection could have been more eye catching.

I think that the logo could have been modernized and I also believe that there are a number of the community that could have been engaged who have great experience in branding.

The proposal I had in mind is different. Posted it here – Proposal for Creative DAO to manage Metaprints, a creative guild

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone! This was was a quick (4 week) branding study and website refresh to clean up and address some consistent content issues on on the current website (it’s difficult to find the information you need, and understand how to join a DAO). We wanted to try some new design strategies to communicate the brand, and always envisioned this to be an iterative process. We’ll take the findings from this beta at ETH Denver and determine the best way forward from there. Cheers!..DesignDAO

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(1/3) Hey everyone! There’s a lot of placeholder content on the current site, so the look and feel will evolve when you see the next iteration.

We’ve been working with two great illustrators to communicate the Harmony brand. Here are a couple of examples…

Scalable, Secured and Decentralized…

By Martin Nicolaussen - https://www.martinnicolausson.com/

(2/3) Here’s an abstracted map of Denver, with the Harmony events highlighted -

Illustrator: Hanna Moe

2-second Finality -

Illustrator: Martin Nicollaussen

We’ll be holding a community zoom call to hear your feedback. Date/time to follow shortly!

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I don’t mind the minor tweaks to the logo shape or the Harmony font. I think they’re wholly unnecessary, but they don’t really change much (which is precisely why they’re unnecessary)

However, the introduction of black and grays? No thanks!! It looks corporate, soulless, sterile

I don’t mind the change to a solid color for the logo, either. It makes sense if you want to print it on merchandise and promotional material. But I prefer it be solid ~turquoise, the current color. Turquoise is Harmony. Plain blue could be anybody. And, again, black/gray is a no go for me even if it’s not the primary template

I’d honestly be perfectly happy with no change at all. I like the current logo and font

As for ETH Denver, I don’t see how the art style connects to Harmony. But I get the idea behind the cerebrums, and if it’s just a one-off marketing strategy for a single event, I don’t care too much either way


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Hey everyone! Harmony launched the new site refresh just in time for ETH-Denver and you can go on ahead and see it live in person — you can find out how to explore our DAOs, what makes Harmony special, and even where to find us here in Denver!


And stay tuned for more amazing updates coming down the pipeline :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:


I took another look at the new website, which has this 2s finality asset as well as a graphic representing the bridges. This also applies to the Scalable, Secured, and Decentralized graphic, the ZK Wizard graphic and, to a lesser degree, the ETHDenver brains concept.

I took a moment to reflect on what exactly I felt was not “right”. I quickly referenced the Solana, Polygon, Ethereum, Fantom, Avalanche, and Luna websites. The easiest explanation I can think of is this:

People generally think of blockchains and web3 as the frontier. Embracing technology and innovation; advancing into the future. To that end, most of these projects, in one way or another, present an aesthetic that feels “futuristic” or “modern” (not “modern art”).

These new Harmony graphics do not do that. When I see those 2 dogs running, I don’t think “2s finality”. When I see the man in chains, I don’t think at all about crypto, blockchain, or web3. When I see the roads & bridges graphic, I think we are going back in time to the past, not moving toward the future.

Harmony doesn’t need to be completely cookie-cutter with other top blockchain projects, but this aesthetic is so far away, and not in a good way. To me, it doesn’t evoke the things that I’d want such graphics to evoke when people are on the Harmony site - feelings of awe and inspiration; a belief that Harmony might actually be able to connect billions in the future. I don’t think it can do so with an aesthetic from the past (imo). Just as a quick example (and I’m not implying they’d be good, but I hope it can at least demonstrate my point): what if the man in chains was an astronaut and instead of a mountain he’s holding a planet? what if the wizard were a scientist? what if the dogs were robots? what if the roads and bridges were instead a space station in space with connecting bridges?

Overall, I think perhaps embracing a more futuristic aesthetic might feel more like a step in the right direction.

Well said @Candor Just exactly what I taught

Apparently at least one Harmony team member dislikes the website design? “Way below expectations”

Harmony spent all this money on a design firm and the Harmony team and community don’t even like the finished product?