HER DAO: Women Developer DAO


There is an issue with the wallet.
All transactions have been signed, awaiting execution.

However executions are being held up because there is a prior transaction that hasn’t been signed - we didn’t realise this was holding up the transaction. This is waiting to be rejected (i.e cancelled). We need to have 5 rejections for this to happen - we are awaiting this. Once this has been done, we will be able to continue.

This is where we are at the moment. Further updates to come.

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Interested in connecting, the telegram link/@ doesn’t seem to be working?

Will try one of the governors on LinkedIn.

Awesome initiative!



To the Community of HER DAO:

I enjoyed meeting the new scholars in Amsterdam this past week and still hopeful for the future of this DAO. Sadly, I did not get to meet with Tracey or Shai, even though I was open to having tea in Amsterdam in a group chat. Thank you to @oyinadebayo , Thuy, Mabel, Shantelle, Becky and most importantly @sunny4earth for supporting me IRL. It is truly appreciated. We are all building in this space so to feel included is super important, especially if we know the odds are already against us.

Overall, there needs to be accountability and organization. A DAO is not a buzzword in Web3 to get funding, it’s about decentralized governance. As a community builder, welcoming women into the space does not mean giving them scholarships and then demanding they show up to events with no intention. As a political scientist, there is a big opportunity to prioritized decentralization. I was baffled to hear some of the DAO community say " it should be centralized first before decentralized." This is not true and I am strongly against this. What are we doing if we are repeating the mistakes of web2?


Thanks for the update! Do I need to reject (cancel) the transaction I made?

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It’s a terrific project. You girls are super! You are doing a very useful job for all the women in the world.


Sounds like you need Multisig DAO to help you guys out with efficient navigation through web3 multisig wallet. Multisig DAO has a mandate that will def come handy in your situation.

Check them out:

And don’t be afraid to reach out, we’ll very gladly help (also our telegram group has 4 members already, and we need 5 to fill our KPI so if you join our telegram we’ll be set for first month’s success metric) hurrah :blue_heart:


To the core team , Harmony’s money is not to be given away to charities , hopefully this is all I have to say.

Harmony’s money is to be spent funding things that will bring volume and TVL to the chain.

And to all of these money grabbers , do better.


H.E.R. DAO has been one of the most impressive groups I have encountered.

The amazing discussions and shared experiences with these highly successful scholars gave me pause. Real change is happening. This is what human choices look like. What do you want your life to look like? Who do you want around you? What give you the best experience, fulfillment and chance of success?

I highly encourage you to check out this segment with @maiazennie and the Chorus One representatives Jennifer and Semone. H.E.R. CON in Amsterdam. Thank you H.E.R. DAO and thank you to everyone involved. Do not get me started about Chorus One and how amazing Jen and Semone are!



The multi sig signee transition has been completed.

All first term governors have been paid.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the governors who waited patiently and generously offered to defer payment to help the DAO in this bear market - your commitment to serving the community is greatly appreciated.

TX IDs can be viewed here:

Governor Profiles can be viewed here:

Governor Meeting Minutes can be viewed here:

As mentioned in the governor’s chat on March 1st and again on April 11th a temporary route exists to deal with expedited payments efficiently whilst in DAO formation phase.

If any member is in need of an expedited payment please make a direct representation to our authorised agent - providing wallet address or bank account details and currency.

You can send direct representations here: her.dao1010@gmail.com

The authorised agent will then pay from private funds and take on the responsibility of justifying the payment to claim back from the DAO.

We kindly ask anyone who is in need of an urgent payment to follow these instructions to avoid delays.

The expedited pathway has been in place since the start of DAO formation and open to any member or governor. Several members & governors have benefited from this responsive facility.

This facility was set up to respond to member’s urgent needs as we take looking after our community very seriously.

Please always work with us and follow instructions to ensure matters are dealt with as quickly as possible.

We very much look forward to implementing an automated decentralised solution with our DAO partners STP & PRIME DAO in the coming months.



It was so lovely being able to meet some of you for the first time in Amsterdam at H.E.R. CON - we hope to meet more of you in Berlin this week :slight_smile:

We thank the community for all your continuing support! Many of you realise the extraordinary amount of work and commitment involved in building a DAO and it’s infrastructure, whilst constantly delivering the road map and supporting programs - and for that we are truly humbled.

Members of the community have been working largely in stealth mode on projects and products to launch via the DAO, including customised DAO tooling.

We look forward to sharing these developments and working with the wider community.



Our road to full decentralisation has been well thought out and considered. We have to create solutions which protect the space and voices of womxn. Researching, building and implementing these systems will take time.

We are building a sustainable community and we will give this phase the time and attention it needs.

Within the next few weeks we will have published our impact report for our radical inclusion event in ETH DENVER, published interim accounts and confirmed dates and method of our next governor election.

There are some very big things on the horizon for H.E.R. DAO - and we encourage all positive, energetic people to work with us to co create a decentralised equitable future for all!

Please join our Telegram (Telegram: Contact @herdao) and Discord (H.E.R. DAO's server) and complete a contributors form (https://forms.gle/U4Tq1MAd6LQ3wwE29)

Keep checking on our bounty board to see ways in which you can engage and be rewarded! H.E.R. DAO | Dework

Our next COMMUNITY CALL is on Wednesday 11th May (https://twitter.com/_HerDAO/status/1523730757247971328?s=20&t=zDGf2JZvbhyxEUDkmoKrgw) before our FIRST VC twitter spaces with huge VC firms such as TRGC, Shima Capitol & Bblos https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lPKqmkgeMdKb

@lij @Sam @frwrdslosh


Hey everyone, here is an AMAZING testimonial from our recent time at Dev Connect Amsterdam 2022!

We’ll be sharing more throughout the week - highlighting our fantastic scholars and their experiences.

Check out the H.E.R. DAO Dev Connect Scholars after event Project Presentation below


Another great testimonial!

Thank you to our great scholars


Some more brilliant testimonials from our H.E.R. DAO scholars!


Hey evryone, posting some more great testimonials :star_struck:


Meet The Scholars and Governors from our HUGELY Successful DevConnect Amsterdam HackerHouse!

View Our Brochure Below :point_down:

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We are so proud of all of our scholars!

These incredible womxn made history at Activate.Miami :star_struck: :trophy:

Taking home over $35,000 in Bounties & Prizes!

EVERY SINGLE team won! :rocket::fire:


Here is our ETH Denver Impact Report - Many Thanks to Harmony for your support!

Please click below to open

@lij @frwrdslosh @Sam


Community Onboarding Calls

We have started community onboarding calls for H.E.R. DAO - Our first onboarding call is today!

We want our members to feel welcome and completely involved in what we are doing.

Our onboarding call will include individuals that have shown interest in contributing to the DAO via the Contributors Form.

If you want to join please fill in the form. You will then be contacted with details for the next onboarding call :rocket:

We will be holding these onboarding calls bi-monthly.

May Update

Scholars Social Token Program

As a Womxn Focused Developer DAO, we always look for innovative ways to support our scholars. We recently announced our Social Token Scholar Program.

We’ll be helping our scholars to create their own social tokens on the Harmony Network. This will be rolled out to all of our cohorts. We aim to support 100+ ONE social tokens before the end of 2022. This will bring value to the harmony protocol space and help our scholars gain personal funding to their projects.

Miami Activate Hackathon

Our inaugural partnership hackathon as supporting organisers with Activate and Dora Hacks

H.E.R. DAO acted as Diversity & Inclusion consultants helping Activate create a modern hackathon experience responsive to the changing landscape of web3.

ZK One University x H.E.R. DAO

We have partnered with The Phoenix Guild to bring womxn from our community to the Zero Knowledge ONE Uni Course for developers and to increase the number of womxn building in the Zero Knowledge Proof.

Our aim was to support those wishing to take the course to remove barriers and to provide a way for womxn to Learn to Earn!

We have offered pre-training and help to complete the background assignment. We created a 4 day session to aid completion of this, which is available to watch back for future students.

Every week the current cohort has the opportunity to join weekly assignment help sessions which are published in our dedicated telegram group.

H.E.R. DAO scholars were a part of hackathon winning projects at the ETH GLOBAL Hackathon Dev Connect Amsterdam.

The winning project was ZK Maia. This is a great example of H.E.R. DAO developers / hackers using ZK technology in their solutions and winning prizes!

Project link: zk-maia · ETHGlobal Showcase

  • Prizes
  • :rocket: Optimism — Just Deploy!
  • :3rd_place_medal: Connext — Best xApp
  • :man_swimming: SKALE — Pool Prize
  • :3rd_place_medal: AAVE Grants DAO — Best Use
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