HER DAO: Women Developer DAO

Glad to say that the Africa DAO and HER DAO have started talks to see how we can collaborate. The possibilities are endless :slight_smile:


Indeed! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:



Hi everyone!

Just catching our breath on this whirlwind since our #herdao proposal was approved. It’s been just over 2 weeks since we’ve launched and we’ve set up: 4 working groups, 2 solid strategic partnerships and launched a campaign - phew! Lots of building and planning has commenced - details shared below


  • Layer3 dedicated travel scholarship campaign commenced

  • Partnership with Africa DAO on upcoming meet ups and Hackathon Q1/Q2 2022 - Joint meet up confirmed for January with Africa DAO

  • Partnership with ‘Mums who code’ Nigeria who will help form the first regional HER DAO in Nigeria

  • Meetings with other women focused groups such as ‘The Bigger Pie’ to form strategic partnerships

  • In talks with OCEAN to partner on a DAO focused on supporting women

  • Sourcing PR firms to assist with DAO branding including Yapglobal

  • First payout from the HER DAO HARMONY travel scholarships to ETH Denver - around 50 women confirmed so far (approx $50k gifted from Harmony Travel Scholarship Fund) - with an aim of 50% target (75 women) fulfilled by end of year

  • Created 4 working groups to assist with DAO decision making and mangement

  • Created public facing Notion page focusing on Community Participation

Next activities:

• Set up Community Participation Framework
• Set up DAO tooling
• Set up Discord
• Organising for Africa meet-up and ETH DENVER preparations
• Supporting first project to launch at ETH DENVER

There was an issue with the wallet (RPC error) - so receipt of first tranche of funds was put on hold until the issue was resolved. We will now complete the transfer of funds within the next few days.

Thankyou all for the support!

Have a fantastic weekend and winter holiday everyone :evergreen_tree: :gift:

Tracey :orange_heart:


Fantastic! I love the innovation.

Embracing diversity in this space will lead to greater success of the project and equity for all.

Well done :clap::clap:


Great news, so much evolvement in just two weeks is amazing.
Thanks for the update!


I would just like to add an additional comment: I would love to connect with you all at EthDenver and learn how to get involved & support H.E.R DAO! I think it is an admirable milestone that Harmony aims to get 150 women to ETH Denver.

I look forward to meeting you ladies and encouraging diversity in this space. I am here to help and support this DAO and would love to learn about any opportunities should they arise :+1:

Thank you for doing this.

-Rachel :blue_heart:



Hi everyone!
Hope 2022 is off to a good start for you all!

We have been super busy finalising ETHDENVER preparations and partnering with amazing groups and DAOs.


• We have given out H.E.R. DAO HARMONY travel scholarships for ETH Denver - All scholarships confirmed. ETH Denver is just around the corner!
• Amazingly, HARMONY have given H.E.R. DAO scholars free accommodation for their entire ETH Denver stay :exploding_head::pray::star_struck:
• Joint Gender meet up with Africa DAO was a huge success in Nairobi on the 14th January 2022 - watch here :raised_hands: Gender Meet-up Agenda - January 14, 2022 - YouTube
• DAO branding is taking place, aiming to develop stand out branding that will make H.E.R. DAO recognisable for all.
• We just had a community Merch H.E.R. DAO competition for ETH Denver, using some logo concepts. Winners to be announced shortly.
• We are creating POAPs / NFTs collectibles that can be redeemed for H.E.R. DAO events and in the future can be collected for a bonus, which could be worked into an Airdrop.
• Created Discord channel. Getting a lot of support from amazing people as DAO contributors.
• In partnership with SURGE to join forces to educate womxn and provide support.
• Twitter following is now 500+, meaning we are getting a lot of support.
• The H.E.R. DAO Telegram group is now over 260 members, the community is growing!
• We have a lot of preparations for ETH Denver such as: #BUIDLweek after events - dinners with Surge, joint party with Hummingbot, holistic program for the hacker house and venture lab and product lab lunch session to name a few.


⁃ Token engineering (customisable index tokens)
⁃ We are setting up a monthly newsletter - to report on H.E.R. DAO updates and events.
⁃ A dedicated website for H.E.R. DAO is coming.
⁃ We are setting up bounties for community participation - POAPs / NFTs will be used as rewards.


RPC issues seem to have been sorted now. We have just submitted the grant funding form.

Thank you all for the support!

Have a fantastic week!




the first tranche has been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer


This is a fantastic proposal that seeks to take effective action on solving this long standing issue of not enough female representation. Great work!


H.E.R. DAO update

We had a very successful ETH DENVER with H.E.R. DAO hacking teams winning prizes and gaining investment.

We are just putting together a comprehensive report to follow shortly.

Also governor rotations are happening soon. We are utilising the consensus of the group and forwarding candidates who have contributed the most to H.E.R. DAO, and who are best placed to help the DAO transition into a fully decentralised sustainable community.



it was a VERY SUCCESSFUL ETH Denver indeed!

Thanks for all your hard work H.E.R DAO :blue_heart:


A request has been made to Harmony to repurpose some refunded scholarships from people who couldn’t attend ETH DENVER. We have requested to use 5 scholarships to send 5 H.E.R. DAO Ambassadors to ETH RIO to connect with and onboard womxn in Brazil & LATAM


we support this request to channel the funds into onboarding womxn in brazil and latam, thank you.


Hi! Where can we find the new governor candidates?

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All new governors are being onboarded as we speak!
It’s a busy time as they are hitting the ground running.

As you know we are at capacity with two hacker houses back to back and will get them to introduce themselves here when they have a moment :slight_smile:


Wow! This project is Awesome.

At https://www.dodao.io/ we write about DAO and would love to write about your progress and the impact.

We have also just started a youtube channel and just finished two recordings. Need to post them on youtube yet :-).

Let me know if you would be interested in doing a youtube video explaining how to work collaboratively and about the work you are doing.

Another this we we are having an onboarding platform DoDao. Its in private testing phase, but we would love to write onboarding guides for you.

This proposal explains in detail about DoDAO Request for Grant - DoDAO.io


I can totally get down with these concepts! I ALSO caught The FemDao panel @ETHDenver and it was amazing! And a man can totally get in touch with his femine side. :innocent::raised_hands::100::partying_face::dart:


Wow HER IS HERE TO STAY!!! MIC DROP!! :microphone: :studio_microphone: :microphone:


I hope all of you get the required funding to make this possible!

If any of you will be in Miami for BTC Miami week, we would love one of you as a speaker for YCC: Youth Crypto Conference!

Hope to collab! Good luck!


@DougHype → Great person to collab with I believe.