HER DAO: Women Developer DAO

Well wold you look at us. Great to see the HER DAO Again!!!

I want to work with you as much as possible!


Nice to see HER DAO in Barcelona, you are everywhere!


Thank you. We will reach out :smile:

Hey everyone!

Updating on our Q1 Deliverables -

We had an amazing first quarter, completing all of them with great success!

Please see the table below:

Looking forward to updating you all on what we’ve been doing in the last month! :smile:

*Initially we were aiming to bring 50 womxn to ETH Barcelona, but the date changes, so we’re bringing 50 womxn to ETH Amsterdam in April instead :pray:

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Hey Robin, WOW. Very excited about the work you’re doing at Do Dao. Would love to chat on some of the progress we’ve been making at H.E.R. DAO. What’s the best way to follow up with you?

We want to do a massive push with Harmony and get our devs hacking in partnership with Harmony

We’ve had some great success with winning prizes in ETH DENVER and at AVALANCHE SUMMIT - we’re coming to take AMSTERDAM too!

We want to make a splash with 10 teams entering the ETH AMSTERDAM HACKATHON - all using Harmony Chain in their submissions

We are requesting scholarships be allocated by Harmony to fund hackers

We are hoping to support a minimum of 50 women in total

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End of Q1 update

We’ve had a full packed first 3 months!

Latest updates:

  • Some of H.E.R. community went to the first ‘the DAOist Mexico’ - they gave talks about projects & H.E.R. DAO - this was a great introduction for H.E.R. into LATAM.

  • We had a HackerHouse in Rio for ETHRio. We were privileged to be able to help some womxn set up their first wallet and introduce them into web 3.

  • It was a successful time at the Avalanche Summit Barcelona! We were able to sponsor 25 scholars to attend. At the hackathon, our hacking team MatchMe.Nft won TWO prizes/bounties!!

  • Our community Telegram has over 600 members - it’s fantastic to see our community growing.

  • ZK One University - Harmony help students to learn and earn! We saw this as a great opportunity to get womxn involved. So with Harmony’s help we have teamed up with The Phoenix Guild and The Bigger Pie. We’ll be supporting a cohort of the community to be prepared for ZK One Uni - this is a brilliant opportunity.

  • We celebrated the last day of women’s history month by kicking off our collaborated H.E.R. x Minority Programmers Live Mint NYC NFT drop (sponsored by Bubble Dao). It was also our inaugural H.E.R NYC meetup - we received so much support. Minting is LIVE!

  • We had our first meeting with our new governors - the focus is on organising things for ETH Amsterdam.

  • We started our Monthly newsletter! - here’s an excerpt:

'We came, we saw, we conquered

Hello from Miami,

While some of our community members are celebrating ETH Rio, we cannot forgot to share how massively successful ETH Denver was for the creation of this organization. It took many of us a few weeks to recover, but the experience will live happily in our hearts forever. The H.E.R. DAO Hacker House attracted dozens of new women to the Ethereum ecosystem, and left an impression on the thousands of builders who traveled to the Mile High City last month.

:clinking_glasses:Congratulations to our Developer-in-Residence Doris Hernandez for winning ApeWorX bounty for Dippii, a one-step NFT app for non-technical creators.

:clinking_glasses:Congratulations to Sianoi Kimari, lead data scientist for her team’s Do or DAO

Monthly newsletter of H.E.R.DAO | Revue (getrevue.co)

Q2 Milestones

  1. Support 50 womxn to ETH AMSTERDAM

We have branded our internal program H.E.R. CON which we are really excited about.

  1. Media plans to get to 100k:

Amsterdam: H.E.R. DAO TV published on YouTube - roving reports and fun content

EDU SERIES: containing beginner developer series on RUST, GOLANG and JavaScript

  1. 10k on twitter:

Our twitter has been phenomenal with very little marketing. Attending conferences and media coverage from established outlets such as Coindesk has aided us

At the end of Q2 we will start ‘whitelisting’ for our DAO Token Sale which should easily get us to our target


Very grateful for H.E.R. DAO for bringing me to two conferences already and giving me the chance to join hackathons as well as getting me amazing teammates with important and great ideas that made it possible for me two win every time so far. (ProofOfMeditation, MatchMe.Nft)
Also I feel like everything I give into the community I get back. Tracey already introduced me to several people who will support me to organise events to create a local community.


To contextualise what the award [Funding for womxn builders to attend Dev Connect] would mean for the scholars and for the Harmony ecosystem we have created some impact KPIs to demonstrate the value of the funding and to measure our effectiveness in attaining these milestones.

We’re excited to partner with Harmony on their aim to create 10,000 DAOs and their journey towards a zero knowledge future!


// On-board 50 builders to the harmony ecosystem

// On-board 20 people to ZK ONE University

// 3 tailored face to face sessions for pre-training for ZK ONE University

// 10 teams hacking using Harmony chain

// Creation of 5 new DAOs to be onboarded to the Harmony Eco System

// Release of 5 social tokens

// 1 Funding Impact film for media distribution with interviews of scholars on their experience hacking with Harmony; and interviews with Harmony Europe team.


// Display of Harmony logo in the hacker house

// Harmony logo on co branded T-shirt


A report will be created and published within 2 weeks of the event describing all activities in detail.

We’re finally ready to start publishing our report of ETH Denver. We achieved so much, and made such a life changing impact to womxn’s lives. As this is an enormous amount of information for one report, we’re creating a series of mini reports detailing our experiment in Radical Inclusion.

We explain our rationale with adopting this approach and synthesise the raw data to demonstrate how we have met our KPI’s for our DAO roadmap.

Thank you for bearing with us as we constantly deliver for our community and achieve huge success.

We will leave you with audio visual confirmation of the impact ETH Denver had on our community.

Screenshot (3)

Testimonial repository:

Some takeaways from the testimonials:

  • Our cohort came from over 15 countries including;


  • Over 10% of those that fed back gained new employment because of our intervention.
  • Over 97% of people surveyed gained new skills.
  • 1 in 3 of the cohort formed new projects.

We look forward to starting our series after our next deliverable ETH Amsterdam.

Thanks to the Harmony community for all of your support :orange_heart:

could you post the videos into your youtube channel and a playlist?

What an amazing group and mission. I love seeing such targeted and solid goals. We at Island17 would love to partner with you around youth-driven SDG5: Gender Equality and SDG10: Reduced Inequalities Initiatives and hackathons!!


Hi H.E.R. DAO Community! I would like to get paid for creating & writing the newsletter, branding work, and community management on Twitter from December 2021 to March 2022. Over the last two weeks, I’ve asked previous governors to sign multiple times and only 2 wallets have signed so far. There’s been a lot of arguments on the back channels and this is not right. I shouldn’t have to beg to be paid for my work that has enhanced the profile of HER DAO. As women we are often left to the bottom of the totem poll and unfairly paid. As a Black woman in the space, I am baffled at the unorganized leadership and centralized communication. As of now, a few of us have yet to be compensated and I don’t have enough signers to sign my own transaction. I’ve messaged Tracey and some of the core members numerous of times and people have been ignoring me. This is not how a DAO that is female powered should operate. This has been an extremely disheartening process. Moreover, I’ve been positively promoting HARMONY & HER DAO for months. I want to get paid ASAP. Here is the multisig transaction. Harmony Multisig Wallet Here is my timesheet: H.E.R. DAO Timesheets Governors/ Melissa Henderson - Google Sheets

Previous governors, Please vote. @frwrdslosh @Kryptoma @Sherbetdlc @shandizzle4real @ElixirofLife @lij @Abraham @koriiDAO


@violetsummerzine this is ridiculous… Can’t believe they cut you off cold turkey, it really shows their ethics. Left their group chat. Hope they resolve this issue ASAP.


I hope to see this community compensate your work ASAP. It’s upsetting to see a DAO which preaches equity and inclusion cutting off a fantastic black woman creative who has contributed so much. HER DAO, please right this wrong.

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Hi All

We advised Melissa Henderson from ApeWorX to post her grievance here so we could answer in the public forum.

They threatened us with ‘going public’ however we are happy to discuss their view of events in the public forum.

These are the facts.

The consensus was to time payments, to save treasury and to stay on budget.

We agreed to release all funds at 0.17 cent to save the budget otherwise continually spending in deficit would mean we may run out of funds before this period, meaning ALL future governors wages would be affected.

The price hit 0.17 cent last week.

However, Melissa did not submit a new payment request at that price point as agreed.

All governors were instructed to submit their time sheets monthly.

No Governor submitted any timesheet until the end of rotation.

We can only pay when time sheets have been submitted and reviewed.

New governors are being rotated onto multi sig this week and a new payment is coming in which means we can pay the previous governor who is in distress.

We thank all our governors and community for being so supportive and understanding the complex choices DAOs make in terms of treasury management.

@frwrdslosh @Kryptoma @shandizzle4real @ElixirofLife @lij @Abraham @koriiDAO


Decentralization presents several issues in terms of structure, communication, and so on. As a web 3 community, we should consider long-term solutions that will help not only H.E.R DAO but also other DAOs.

One possible approach is to set the hour price in ones. 1 hour equals 200 ONEs. In this method, we avoid allowing the market price to affect when and how a contributor/governor is paid.

Let’s propose solutions to make the space better.



Thank you for the support! :slight_smile:


The token was at .17 for two hours and I missed it since I was traveling. Let me know what I need to for you to approve my transaction payment. @Sherbetdlc

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