Instagram influence

Influence on instagram

Application type: Grant

Proposal overview

Hello i had sent an email about a week ago ( i am interested in improving harmony’s instagram influence. I believe with the right budget, videos including reels we can improve the number of people reached. I am going to attach the people i was able to reach on one of my posts just for my two cats. The budget is not huge and i think with the right amount we can reach millions. I would propose every other day instagram posting, weekly or more frequent videos and also short fun reels that dont have much information, but include music that will attract a younger audience. I would also search instagram and follow people i think might be interested in crypto. I am not sure i placed this message in the correct place, but i was not sure where to go since my email has been unanswered.

Thank you!

Team: I would be the sole member of the team, but if it becomes too much too handle i have my brother who i can add on.

Proposal ask

I am unsure if the proposal i am making is going to be a dollar/hr job but in order to boost an instagram post for 5-10 days and reach roughly 100,000 people it costs $70 per post. So if we did that weekly for a year that would be about $3800. For myself, i think it would depend on if this would be a by the hour pay so i will hold on discussing that.

Metrics for success

I will attach one of my posts that i boosted on instagram to show how many people it reached

This was the original post:

@giv and @lij if you have a chance i am looking to improve harmony’s instagram presence please let me know if i posted in the correct place

@dpagan-harmony hello looking to get some exposure on my post i also had sent an email regarding this 2 weeks ago thank you

Hey @Papa8413, welcome! I am tagging @adrianrobison, our creative director and @Abhi, our social media/marketing director. Both can advise on open roles on their respective teams.

In the meantime, I invite you to check out the following links, which may turn into opportunities for you:

  1. Connecting with the DAOs in our ecosystem

We are working with various DAOs to post links to their open positions that you can apply for:

You can also reach our directly to various DAOs and projects throughout our forum.

  1. The Ambassador DAO is looking for additional ambassadors to assist with their efforts. You can apply here:
  1. We are currently drafting the proposal for BasicDAO, which will host our growing team of contributors. This is where we intend on scaling to 1000 asynchronous contributors. Keep an eye on our forum for the proposal. Once launched, BasicDAO will look to scale their operations quickly. We aim to have the launch in the beginning of Q2.

Sending you my best, and don’t hesitate to reach out anytime!