NiajaDAO governor manifesto

Name of DAO


Proposal overview

[The usecase of blockchain technology continue to be essential and cornerstones to Bring revolutionary breakthrough in various sectors ranging from financial, agricultural, engineering and other indispensable desciplines. Nigerian with great population of over 200m growing further in an unprecedented rate, stand a good potential to awareness and knowledge of blockchain and it’s usecase, in particular, the tooling, infrastructure and endless possibilities under Harmony is indispensable to their awareness.
I feel passionate and energetic in great enthusiasm to actively contribute with my time, effort and skill to spread the message across this country and the world at large. Giving me derive to bake my manifesto for the position of DAOgovernor

Proposal ask

I have an experiencein the crypto space for the past 2015. I am once a community managers at Rebaked, Among the pioneers of Amara finance Africa, Gemyfi Africa, and once an ambassador in a number of preputable projects including openocean global, Rebaked , libra angels, invarch network, farswap ambassador, equilibrium, nepri, genshurio among others.

I am well experienced in management, engaging and moderating community on different crypto related social media, I am a key team player and can work alone and in team as well as excellent ability to multitask and facilitate growth and traction a project deserves. I I am passionate and enthusiast of HARMONY and IT products as well as its Growth and continuous traction.
I feel enthusiastic to put effort and hard-work as well as skills appropriate and render my contribution to the cause of it’s growth in my region and the world at large.
I Am requesting for a role to play in the Community management/moderator team of HARMONY community or it’s regional community.