Naija DAO council Q1 2022 candidate: Unyimeabasi Akpan

I am Unyimeabasi Akpan is a blockchain/crypto enthusiast. I studied geoinformatics and surveying in University of Uyo which was where I began my crypto journey in 2016. I started out by educating all of my colleagues back then in school before educating my entire department and Faculty on the adoption of blockchain as we had just a few persons back then who had a proper blockchain and crypto education. Held my first ever meet up in 2017 which I educated people on how to make use of steem blockchain as well as steemit to generate passive income for themselves. Let me share some of the links here. PROJECT20MILLIONNAIJA:A SEMINAR WITH OVER 300 STUDENTS — Steemit, A REACHOUT CAMPAIGN AND ENLIGHTENMENT SEMINAR FOR STUDENT ON HOW TO LIVE INDEPENDENT OF THEIR PARENTS FINANCIALLY — Steemit
Please kindly use this link to view my works back then :blush: Steemit

Ever since then, I’ve educating many Nigerians and Africans at large. This is what led to Empowered Blockchain Hub. I founded empowered blockchain Hub in 2020 when I noticed that I always had people coming to meet me for blockchain education. We started our first blockchain Firm and so far we’ve educated over 1000 Africans so far and still counting. We’ve held meet ups in several higher institutions lots of young people have been making progress and we monitor their progressive knowledge on blockchain.

I will love to be voted in as one of the HarmonyNaijaDAO @NaijaDAO governors as I’m very excited to reach out to many more Nigerians; helping them harness the fully potentials of I’m really enthusiastic to champion the new wave of community building in Nigeria as well as helping Nigerians through their blockchain journey. The rapid blockchain adoption in Nigeria was aided by some of us who even went as far as always running giveaways in meet ups back then just to ensure that we have people in attendance and once given the opportunity, I know I’ll do more.

Nigeria is ready, blockchain harvest is ready, we’ll harvest at least 60% of Nigerians into

Here is a link to my linkedln:

Thank you